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I'm Sara

I am a marketer and a content creator on cat nutrition and diet. I created DailyCatFood to help cat lovers understand the importance of cat nutrition and well being. I love cats and am a vegan. I'm one of those people who will give love and care to their cats and consider them as family members. 

I believe cats are the best animals ever and I will try to convince you of that too. 🙂

I have a passion for writing about cat facts and knowledge. I am also an expert in animal nutrition. I love sharing and learning about all things cats! 

When my cat Zeena started having multiple food allergies, I decided to dive deep into her nutrition to understand how I could help my best friend.

That’s when I realised the wide range of food quality on the market.

From excellent “human grade” food to things you wouldn’t ever wish to feed your cat.

I read a lot of articles, ebooks, saw videos online to understand the nitty gritty of cat nutrition and health. During my research, I realised how cat owners like you were struggling with issues on cat nutrition and most of the information that you may find online is not scientifically proven. 

I don't call myself a qualified vet and may not be able to give you factual information on cat diet, however I have learned a lot and built great relationships with some of the well known vets to share quality advice on nutrition and cat food. 

I am trying my best to succeed in my pursuit to share with you some world class information on cat nutrition. I hope I am able to justify and give my best shot as I understand how important is a pet to any cat lover.

What's next?

If you have reached this far, I am confident that you're looking to improve your cat's nutrition and make your best friend happier. 

I have prepared some interesting info to help you achieve your goals and you may either:

I hope you enjoy my writing style as I have literally worked hard to put together all this great content. In case you have any suggestions, do drop a message via my contact page here.

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