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March 26, 2023

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Applaws cat food is favorite of many cat owners, and for a good reason. They source only high-quality and human-grade ingredients and proteins which sets them apart from the competition. They do not add artificial flavors, additives and ingredients which may not provide complete nutrition such as omega-3 fatty acids. Hence, you can couple it with other foods to provide a balanced nutrition to your cat.

Key  Features:

  • The Applaws cat food includes human-grade meat without any by-products
  • The cat food is free from any additives and artificial ingredients
  • Most of their food is a limited-ingredient diet that prevents the cat from food sensitivity
  • They offer a variety of wet and dry food to choose



When Applaws first debuted in 2006, it was primarily found in pet-specific shops in the United Kingdom. Later, the name began to appear in Australia, North America, and western Europe. Applaws is marketed by its holding company as "high quality, 100% pure, premium pet food for adult cats and kittens.

Whether you plan to feed your feline buddy Applaws wet cat food or Applaws dry cat food, I feel you should do your research. To help you in make up your mind, in this article, we'll examine some crucial details regarding this company that you should be aware of. 

We have also compiled Applaws cat food reviews, particularly in light of the different types of customer feedback received.

So let's get to it. 

About Applaws

applaws cat food reviews

You can enjoy your time with your feline friend since this bundle of joy brings all the happiness in the world.

But sometimes, your little buddies need more attention as these picky eaters will not eat what you feed them. Also, they need variation in diet to live a healthy life. In fact, these furry friends need a significant part of protein in their food to satisfy their innate needs.

That's the reason we are discussing Applaws cat food. Since the brand is renowned for its top-notch pet food so thought to discuss all the pros and cons of Applaws pet food.

Both dry and moist cat food options are available from Applaws.

There are five different types of Applaws dry food. These recipes use branded proteins and uphold the brand's claim that they include no artificial colouring, flavouring, or preservatives. They have been fortified to satisfy the nutritional needs with a comprehensive and balanced diet.

They have some of the finest wet recipes available. Applaws wet food is produced without chemicals, such as extra vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, in contrast to avoiding animal by-products and synthetic components.

Although Applaws wet food is preferable when combined with other foods, Applaws dry food is suitable for providing your cat's primary source of nutrition.

Applaws History

In 2006, two friends named Roger and John were not satisfied with pet food quality that laid the grounds for the Applaws pet food. They established the brand with the sole vision of providing top-quality pet food with no hidden and nasty ingredients.

While the Applaws launched in 2006, the Applaws wet range was created in collaboration with veterinarians and breeders within the same year. In 2009, they introduced high meat-content, grain-free cat food from Applaws dry range.

Moreover, in 2010, Applaws introduced the first transparent pouch that vouched for their quality products. Later in 2012, Applaws was introduced in Australia and China as well.

In 2014, Applaws received the first of several Sunday Times International Fast Track honors. The Applaws brand is not very old, but they have been progressively spreading quality pet food across 50 countries.

How and Where is Applaws Cat Food Made?

As per the Applaws website, while the company's wet products are produced in Thailand, Applaws' dry cat food is prepared in the United States.

Moreover, regarding the ingredients, they source them from different countries across the globe. But to ensure they make high-quality food, they set a requisite for suppliers to abide by appropriate international safety and animal welfare standards.

Moreover, the suppliers to Applaws must be a part of either the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), Earth Island Institute, Marine Stewardship Council, or Thai Tuna Industry Association (TTIA).

Despite not disclosing the origin of its components, the firm has earned accreditation from the Ethical Company Organization, showing that they are committed to sustainable ingredient sourcing.

Exclusively grain-free formulas are used to create Applaws Cat Food, and each formula contains at least 80% chicken to provide the high-quality protein source that cats need. They only employ natural components when creating their products and refrain from using artificial additives.

Applaws Cat Food Lines

cat eating kibble and enjoying

Cats are the primary market for Applaws' products. Its meal is primarily for adult cats without particular dietary allergies or health problems. While there are several places where Applaws cat food may be improved, some individuals contend that it is more species-appropriate than many currently available products.

Applaws only uses the premium animal parts that have been shown to have the most significant protein and vitamins, avoiding animal by-products and artificial components. It does not include extra vitamins, minerals, or amino acids, which could be seen beneficial for your cat but make for needless and synthetic substances to the food's composition.

Most of the materials included in the company's meals would be essential for a cat's wellness. Nevertheless, Applaws needs to add a thickening in some of the wet food.

A few products use rice as the thickener, which contributes significant amounts of carbohydrates that a cat doesn't need. It also uses locust bean gum and carrageenan as thickening agents. However, testing indicates that locust bean gum is entirely safe for cats.

Carrageenan has an extensive record and bad notoriety for causing or escalating inflammation.

But the best thing is in all of its meal options, Applaws makes an effort to employ a limited number of ingredients. By doing this, they are kept safe for a cat's system. Many of the elements that may lead to weight gain problems are absent.

For cats with sensitivities, foods with limited ingredients function better. Fewer ingredients mean the dish just calls for what they require, keeping harmful components out of their diet.

The following wide variety of products are offered by Applaws. 

our Pick
applaws gravy pots image

Applaws gravy pots and flakes are the best way to meet your cat's hydration needs and nutrient supply. The Applaws gravy pots are free from additives and contain real human-grade meat as the primary ingredient. You can choose from five different meat flavors coupled with savoury gravy.

applaws mousse cans

If you want to top up your cat's dry food with any wet food option, then Applaws mousse cans are the best shot. Made with Organic Materials, without synthetic flavors, colors, or preservatives, it is the best alternative pet food to provide a complete and balanced diet.

applaws in broth

Applaws also offer broth pouches for your feline buddies. These pouches are available as a single-serve and variety packs as well. Moreover, they emboss savoury broth with accurate meat cuts. You can fulfil your cat's daily hydration needs with these convenient packs.

our Pick
Applaws in gravy pouches

Applaws gravy pouches comprise natural ingredients and are entirely grain free. Moreover, they offer six different protein combs with extra nutrients in savory gravy.

Applaws in broth cans

Applaws broth cans are another option to fulfil your cat's innate nutrient needs. This cat food is packed with lean proteins and natural ingredients. Moreover, it also meets the water needs of your cats.

applaws broth pots

If you want a quick and convenient way to feed your cat, look no further than Applaws cat pots. These easy-peel pots are jam-packed with nutrients and the natural protein of chicken breast or fish fillet.

our Pick
Applaws kitten food

Applaws kitten food Applaws is formulated to fulfil the unique requirements of young felines. The kitten broth tins and dry food is filled with protein and other essential nutrients to meet the unique needs of kittens.

applaws dry food

Applaws dry food is equally nutritious as the wet food line and is free from unnecessary carbohydrates like potatoes and grains. Moreover, this cat food line also comprises natural ingredients.

applaws treats

If you want to offer your cat something extra than daily food, we recommend checking Applaws treats. Comprised of real meat without sugar, you can hand feed them to your cats.

Product Summary

Applaws Tuna fillet in broth score 3.5 out of 5. This cat food is perfect for your cat since it contains Tuna with broth. This cat food is free from any additives as the rest of the company's food, but it contains rice starch which might make your cat obese.


This is a wet cat food that is comprised of real Tuna. It has rice starch to provide this food a texture. Moreover, this cat food is free from artificial ingredients and additives and gives a protein-rich diet to your cat.


This cat food of Applaws comprises high protein content and low fat. So if you want to feed your cat a limited-ingredient diet that contains just three primary constituents, this cat food is best.

Value for Money

Applaws cat food is expensive, but it is also worth the price owing to its fantastic taste and nutrient-rich formula.

Why do you need to buy Applaws Tuna Fillet in Broth?

Applaws Tuna Fillet Canned Food is the perfect addition to your feline buddy's preferred dish. The three natural ingredients in this cat supplement, lean wild Tuna, have been responsibly obtained.

Moreover, this recipe is free of the additives, artificial tastes, and preservatives you want your cat to avoid while still being packed with essential vitamins and deliciousness.

While the primary sources of protein in this wet cat food seems to be Tuna and chicken, this product also includes Tuna with rice and broth. Although, the recipe appears to be centered around meat and is grain-free food the pinnacle of a feline-friendly diet at first appearance, the third and last ingredient has a significant impact.

This food's carbohydrate content seems to be roughly 14% on a dry matter basis. The overall nutritional profile of this dish is rich in protein, low in fat, and moderate in carbohydrates, which makes this food perfect for cats with food sensitivities. There are no additional additives, oils, or flavors in the dish.

Why should you not buy Applaws Tuna Fillet in Broth?

Although, this is a limited ingredient cat food the addition of rice feels out of place for a dish that only calls for three ingredients and prides itself on being straightforward. This food may not be suitable for your feline friend since it contains too much carbohydrates.

Positive Reviews: Applaws Cat Food Reviews

Customer review of applaws cat food reviews
Customer review of applaws cat food review
review of applaws cat food reviews
Customer review of applaws cat food

Negative Reviews

Customer negative review of applaws cat food review
Customer negative review of applaws cat food
Customer negative review of applaws cat food review

What's inside Applaws Tuna Fillet in Broth Cat food?


Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein
Crude Fat
Crude Fiber

Dry Matter Basis:


Caloric Weight Basis:


Product Summary

Applaws Tuna and Sardine Mousse Cat Food scores 4.5 out of 5 based on its dietary and ingredient parameters.


This is a dry cat food that is grain free and is comprised of real Tuna or chickens. The best natural ingredients, enriched with vitamins and minerals, are used to make all Applaws canned cat foods. Moreover, this food is among the best on the limited-ingredient food list.


This high-protein cat chow contains a high level of lean protein and only the best natural ingredients enriched with vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it is designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of adult cat food.

Value for Money

While the Applaws mousse cat food is expensive, this one justifies the price considering the recipe's nutrients and ingredients of the formula.

Why do you need to buy Applaws Tuna and Sardine Mousse Cat Food?

This cat food excels in the limited ingredient category, among other things. The best part about this alternative is that it is completely safe and nutritious for your cat because it does not include synthetic colors, preservatives, or flavors.

The primary source of protein in this wet cat food seems to be Tuna. Tuna purée is the significant component of this mousse-like dish. Sardines are likewise broken down into "visible flecks," as described by Applaws, combined with the Tuna.

Its absence of grains is another noteworthy feature. Cats are obligate carnivores, so grains are not necessary for their diet. Even picky cats will enjoy this recipe because of its mousse-like consistency. Generally, this dry meal is substantial in protein, low in fat, and has a moderate amount of carbohydrates.

Why should you not buy Applaws Tuna and Sardine Mousse Cat Food?

A mixture of carrageenan and locust bean gum holds everything together. These two gums, which support food stabilization and thickening, are derived from plants.

While carrageenan has a lengthy history of being associated with inflammation, locust bean gum seems to be harmless. Although it may not necessarily be hazardous, we'd prefer to prevent using it because of that possibility.

Remember that this is not a nutritionally complete diet, like other Applaws items. Even if it were, the usage of carrageenan and the low-fat level of this cuisine would discourage some consumers.

Positive Reviews:

customer review of applaws cat food
customer review of applaws cat food reviews
positive customer review of applaws cat food

Negative Reviews:

negative customer review of applaws cat food
negative customer review of applaws cat food reviews
negative customer review of applaws cat food
negative customer review of applaws cat food

What's inside Applaws Tuna and Sardine Mousse Cat Food?

Fish Broth, Tuna Fillet, Sardine, Carrageenan, Locust Bean Gum

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein
Crude Fat
Crude Fiber

Dry Matter Basis:


Caloric Weight Basis:


Has Applaws Cat Food ever been recalled?

In June 2021, Fold Hill products produced in the UK were recalled after they may have caused pancytopenia, a disorder of the bone marrow in cats. The Royal Veterinary College is looking into the incident, which was a requested recall. 

How Much Does Applaws Cat Food Cost?

Although, Applaws wet food isn't as expensive as their dry food—pet owners spend approximately $0.50 daily to nurture a 10-lb cat—their dry food does.

Applaws is double as costly as an equivalent food from Tiki Cat, Blue wilderness or Weruva, two of the most premium brands available, at about $0.78 per ounce.

If you think that's expensive, remember that Applaws food doesn't provide a balanced meal. You are spending specialized pet rates for something that is no more specie-appropriate than an 80-cent can of Tuna from the supermarket.

Overall - Our Verdict

This is another interesting food choice for your cat.

In contrast to a limited selection of dry foods, Applaws offers a wide range of wet foods with delicious flavors and textures for cats. Although, Applaws wet foods make delicious, cat-approved indulgences or once-weekly dinners, they are too pricey and too nutritionally deficient to be a practical choice for long-term feeding.

How about their dry foods? 

Although Applaws dry food isn't particularly noteworthy compared to other products in the same area, it may be an excellent choice for some cats. Although it doesn't come with a warm endorsement, Applaws dry food is worth trying if you enjoy kibble. Pet retailers in the United States, England, Italy, France, Spain, and Australia offer Applaws cat food.

To recap, this food has 70% protein, 30% fat, and 10% carbohydrates on a dry matter basis. The company's mean protein level is 60 percent, average fat content is 30 percent, and moderate carb content is 10 percent.

Our overall assessment for this brand is 4.5 stars since the meat comes in front, there are hardly any fillers, and the macronutrient composition is excellent.

Applaws Cat Food Reviews FAQs:

Q.1 Is Applaws cat food worth it?

Ans. Applaws Cat Food is indeed worthwhile. Applaws is priced similarly to other premium feeds with few ingredients, like Purina, Tiki Cat, and Royal Canin. This indicates that while its components are pricey, they are also healthy and nourishing.

However, they have a benefit over many of their rivals in the same price range because they may not contain human-grade substances. Applaws is also explicit about its goal to minimize its environmental impact and takes appropriate measures to guarantee the components they purchase do not originate from slave labor.

Q.2 What are the feeding directions for Applaws Cat Food?

Ans. As a general rule, they advise serving your cat a bowl of whole dry cat food twice daily and an additional wet meal, like Applaws Cat Tins.

Q. 3 Is Applaws cat food a reputable brand?

Ans. Yes, cats benefit from eating Applaws cat food. They only ever utilize natural ingredients and never include wheat in their meals. To guarantee an ideal quantity of high-quality nutrients, the company concentrates on high-protein diets and only provides a small number of ingredients.

Q.4 Is Applaws cat food made in the USA?

Ans. The highest food industry standards for ingredients, safety, and quality are used to make Applaws. Their dry cat and dog food are produced in the USA utilising, whenever feasible, regional products.

Q.5 Is Applaws ethical?

Ans. Since Applaws has earned accreditation from the Ethical Company Organization, you can rest assured that they take great care in selecting and treating their ingredients. To ensure that Applaws is produced following the highest standards of food production, they adhere to strict regulations of practice.

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