Best Cat Food for Ferals in 2023

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January 1, 2023

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Choosing food might be difficult, whether trying to feed a few feral cats in your garden or a large colony of wild cats in your street. Even so, the cat food you select for your little pet may not be the same as the food you should choose for the neighbourhood stray cats. 

Feral cats frequently have different dietary needs and palates compared to domesticated cats. Finding food can be challenging because most cat feeds are for domestic house cats.

In addition, the cost of food is another important factor for feral cats. You will certainly not need anything pricey if you feed several stray cats!

But don't worry. With our guide, you can easily find the best cat food for ferals in 2023. So let's get to it: 

Our Best Cat Food For Feral Cats

Top Best Cat Food For Ferals in 2023

We reviewed the top cat foods on the market right now for feral cats. Here, you ought to be able to find enough food to feed your wild companions.

natural balance cat food for ferals

The Natural Balance was founded in 1989, and since then, they have strived to provide top-notch cat food. They started off 30 years back with the commitment to give pets and their parents quality products and trusted nutrition.

They leverage scientific research and best practices to make food for your furry friends. Moreover, they incorporate only healthy ingredient that provides balanced nutrition to your pets. Combining wholesome ingredients, rigorous research, safety testing, and veterinary expertise for the little pets.

Where is Natural Balance Produced?

Their food is produced in the US by several factories, one of which is owned by the corporation and located in Topeka, Kansas. Natural Balance is fairly open about its production technologies, even though they don't go into great depth about where their ingredients come from.

Why Should You Get Natural Balance Cat Food?

This grain-free cat food is a great option if you're looking for other ingredients for the feral cat because it's made with a small amount of premium protein and carbohydrate sources. By providing adult cats with comprehensive, balanced nutrition, this LID. Limited Ingredient Diets Duck & Green Pea dry cat food is made to assist digestive health and preserves skin and coat health.

And best of all, this cat food's premium ingredients do not come at a premium price. You can get healthy food for the ferals for a minimum cost. Moreover, this natural balance cat food is reliable and trusted by numerous customers with positive reviews.

Best Budget Food: Blue Buffalo Blue Tastefuls Natural Adult Gravy


  • All ingredients are healthy and reliably sourced
  • Support healthy skin and fur thanks to the quality of ingredients
  • Made with duck meat and peas
  • Provide good value for the money


  • It contains too much sugar
  • It contains peas


On the whole, Natural Balance cat food is reliable, trusted brand. Established in 1989, they are mindful of producing well-balanced cat food recipes with sustainably sourced ingredients. Moreover, they keep their product at a reasonable price so anyone can buy it easily. The elements included in this particular natural balance product are best suited for ferals. However, some individuals might think that the price range is a bit high, but at the end of the day, you will be providing the best cat food for the feral.

The Blue Buffalo was founded in 2003 when their dog name Blue inspired them to start providing healthy food for all pets. And the best thing about Blue Buffalo is they don't compromise on healthy products. They ensure to include real meat ingredients, no poultry by-products or other stuff. In addition, they also refrain from using corn, wheat, or soy in their products. What's more? They perform rigorous six-point quality checks to ensure all Blue Buffalo products are safe.

Where is Blue Buffalo Produced?

They have two cutting-edge production plants, one in Richmond, Indiana, and the other in Joplin, Missouri. All products go through a rigorous formulation, production, and testing procedure to ensure they're secure, efficient, and follow all of the nutritional standards established by AAFCO and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association's (WSAVA) Global Nutrition Committee.

Even though ingredients are subjected to rigorous testing before they reach their facilities, they regularly conduct in-process quality control checks to guarantee the finest products.

Why Should You Get Blue Buffalo Cat Food?

If you want to feed the feral cat delicious proteins like real chicken meat, fish, or tuna, then the Blue buffalo is the way to go. Their first ingredient is protein-rich chicken. The ingredient in the product provides muscle support and bone health.

Moreover, the wet cat food makes it easy for your feline to chew and gulp food. While providing essential nutrients, the moisture in the food also maintains the water levels of the feral felines. And like mentioned earlier, the Blue Buffalo uses only major meat cuts. The fat content in this blue buffalo product is also good providing adequate fatty acids. They do not add poultry by-products, corn, soy, or artificial flavoring. And the best of all they provide great value for the money as their products are very reasonable.

Best Wet Food: Purina Friskies Shreds Wet Cat Food


  • No meat by-products, only high-quality ingredients
  • Support the feline muscles due to quality nutrition
  • Free from additional and artificial flavors
  • Through testing of the product to ensure amazing quality


  • Some customers complaint that feral cats do not like the flavor


Blue buffalo brand was established in 2003, and since then, they have made a decent place among feline parents. They do not use any by-products of the poultry or other thickening agents such as wheat or soy in the product. Moreover, they also perform rigorous checking on every product to ensure they have an organic and safe end product.

purina best cat food for ferals

One of the first pet food manufacturers in the US is Purina, which makes cat food and dog food as well. This 1894-founded cat food company conducts cutting-edge investigations to offer the finest cat food recipes high in protein content and fat levels to help your cat's growth.

Purina offers numerous cat food, but their Friskies have the edge over the others. You will find pate, wet food, and much more for the cats. In addition, they also provide cat food according to their age and nutritional needs. Moreover, you will get great value for the money if you buy food in bulk.

Where are Purina Friskies Produced?

One of the prime pet food producers in the world, Nestle Purina Petcare, is the maker of Purina Friskies. Furthermore, its production facilities are located in Saint Louis, Missouri. Products from Purina Friskies are available around the US.

Why Should You Purina Friskies Cat Food?

Given its nutritious, science-backed formulations stuffed with a diverse range of proteins, Purina Friskies is one of the most popular pet food companies in the US.

Proteins are obtained by this company from premium products like fish, chicken, and animal liver. Taurine, an important amino acid that supports the heart and eyes of your cat, is also abundant in their recipes. Chicken is the main component in Purina Friskies.

Purina Friskies Cat Food also contains questionable additives such as flour, wheat, soy, and other artificial ingredients that may harm your cat's digestive system. In addition, they make plenty of gravy in their wet food, which is very digestible and keeps your cat well-hydrated.


  • Purina sources high-quality ingredients
  • They are open about the animal by-products usage in the product
  • The Friskies contains Taurine, which helps the feline health
  • No artificial flavors are added to the product


  • Contains chicken by-products


High-quality nutrients in Purina Friskies cat food help your cat's immunity, digestive health, muscle growth, and eye health. This cat food company has a long history of developing dependable cat food recipes and sources all of its components from the US. Even though Purina Friskies utilizes a few ingredients that can cause allergies, such as soy, their cat food compositions are nutritious and tailored to your cat's needs.

Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food

The Meow Mix company has spent more than 45 years trying to comprehend your furry family members. They are dedicated to providing cats with the nourishment they require and the mouthwatering tastes that will have them begging for more.

Their food products give healthier cats in different life stages a well-rounded and nutritious diet. They prioritize the safety and superiority of their products, which are created and labeled in conformity with all relevant rules and laws.

Where is Meow Mix Original Choice Produced?

The Meow Mix Company produces Meow Mix products from a 200,000 square foot (19,000 square meters) facility in Decatur, Alabama. Products from Meow Mix are available all across the US.

Why Should You Buy Meow Mix Original Choice Cat Food?

The Meow Mix's original choice of cat food is dry cat food. You can easily feed them to your feral in the backward. Moreover, it comes in a very reasonable price range, making it a good food for your stray cats.

This Meow mix food's ingredients might raise eyebrows as it contains poultry by-products. But you can also consider it a good statue of the company is open about the ingredients. In addition, they also have whole ground corn and soybean in the product, providing Meow Mix Original choice the texture. If you want something good to feed your stray cats, this food can serve for that; however, refrain from offering it to your domestic cats.


  • Made in the USA
  • They adhere to the rules and regulations
  • Provide great value for the money
  • Balanced nutrition for the ferals


  • It contains chicken by-products and corn


All in all, the Meow Mix Orignal Choice is a good option to feed your feral cats. Although it misses most of the nutrition a feline will need, it best serves stray cats considering its prices. Moreover, the brand has also performed for the past 45 years and has good knowledge of feeding pets. You can trust them to feed the ferals.

Nulo adult cat food for ferals

The Nulo company started in 2009 after Micheal realized that high glycemic content in pet food is leading pets to diabetes increasingly. So, he started out with a few buddies and has become the largest pet food company in California. The recipes provided by Nulo are ideal for animals.

They employ low-glycemic components, many animal-based proteins, and few carbohydrates to support steady energy levels and a healthy body. Additionally, Nulo has a proprietary probiotic to help with digestion that endures cooking and storage and is effective in your pet's digestion. The ingredients were all carefully chosen with a goal in mind. They are useful, delectable, and nourishing.

Where is Nulo Adult & Kitten Dry Cat Food Produced?

The Nulo Adult cat and Kitten dry food are located in Austin, Texas, where they are committed to making high-quality and protein-rich food for pets. The Nulo comprises a team of well-regarded animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and food formulators.

Why Should You Buy Nulo Adult & Kitten Dry Cat Food?

The main ingredients in this Nulo Freestyle recipe are deboned chicken and chicken meal, plus turkey meal serving as an additional protein source from poultry. As a different type of animal-sourced protein, deboned cod is also included. The food contains 80% meat protein content, which is a result of these nutrients.

Like many others from Nulo, this product offers grain-free food, which comprises whole peas and lentils, which were probably included to give the kibble texture and a higher protein value.

The important part of fatty acids in the diet is chicken fat. Other ingredients include fiber from peas and ground flaxseed and prebiotic fiber from dry chicory roots.

The "natural flavor" component is included to provide cats with a rich amount of their favorite meaty flavor. Usually, it is produced using hydrolyzed animal tissue.

This kibble is primarily made of meat and has high protein, medium fat, and carbs.


  • High protein profile
  • Provide perfect nourishment to the cats
  • No meat by-products
  • Organic and hygienic products


  • Plant-based ingredients are relatively higher


Nulo is a relatively new cat food brand, but it has already made its name in the market due to its high-quality products. The Nulo dry food comes with 80% proteins from the main meats(no by-products). In addition, they also incorporate numerous healthy ingredients that uplift feline health.

IAMS cat food for ferals

Paul Iams, an Ohio native and self-taught animal dietitian founded Iams in 1946. Iams used to produce and market dog food heavy in fat and protein. Iams created the first dry dog food based on animal protein in 1950. Later, the company flourished into cat food.

Iams claims that its system for ensuring food safety is among the tightest in the industry and exceeds FDA and USDA requirements. The business also mentions that the American Institute of Baking, an accredited certifying body for the human food industry, has given them top marks.

Where is Iams Proactive Health Dry Cat Food Produced?

The majority of Iams pet food is produced here. North Carolina, Nebraska, and Ohio are the three states where Iams has manufacturing operations. In the Dutch province of Drenthe's city of Coevorden, the company's European division operates a manufacturing facility.

Why Should You Buy Nulo Adult & Kitten Dry Cat Food?

The major protein elements in this Iams Proactive dry cat food seem to be chicken and chicken by-product meal.

The main two things in this adult care diet are chicken and chicken by-product meals, which are accompanied by several types of grain. Grits made from maize, corn gluten meal, and crushed whole grain corn are all forms of corn and its derivatives.

The usage of animal fats in this food is one of its advantages. It includes both fish oil and chicken fat. According to Iams, the food's omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio is ideal, fostering good skin and a glossy coat.

Generally, the food's macronutrient composition is high in carbohydrates, low to moderate in fat, and intermediate in proteins. 


  • Balanced nutrition
  • Help with healthy skin and fur
  • Supports metabolism
  • Reasonably priced


  • High carb profile


Iams has been in the pet food business for a long time. They know what they make and ensure your pet gets the best. Although their products are reasonably priced, they use poultry by-products in their goods. But they are transparent about it, and it's a good thing. Moreover, they leverage healthy fats in pet food that provide good cat nutrition. All in all, Iams is a good brand for your feral cat food.

Points to Ponder When Buying the Best Cat Food for Ferals

cat food for feral

If you intend to feed feral cats, there seem to be two main issues that you need to be mindful about. Typically, you need something which is reasonably nutritious but yet affordable. And besides, it can grow costly to feed so many cats!

Fortunately, we have already done the research. In this area, we provide guidance on how to select a cat food specifically for feral cats.

Food Prices

It depends on you how much you care about money. Even so, if you're serving an entire colony, you should not pick anything expensive. If you feed several cats, the cost of cat food might easily reach hundreds every week.

Luckily, there are a lot of affordable solutions on the market. But practically all food is inexpensive for a reason. Most businesses employ low-quality products to reduce expenses, making choosing which food to purchase much trickier.

You can likely be able to buy one feral cat more costly and nutritious food if you do so. Nevertheless, you don't want to invest much money in a tiny container if you're supplying an entire colony.

Ingredients in cat food

Look for a food with protein as the primary ingredient, regardless of whether you attempt to pay as few dollars as possible. It doesn't matter what the meat element is, but by-products should be avoided since they are of lesser quality.

Choose a food primarily made of animal protein, like meats and eggs. Nevertheless, this isn't always feasible if you're also working with a tight budget. Pick a product that has as much protein as you can buy.

Avoid purchasing items with pricey, poor-quality ingredients. More protein is not necessarily included just because it costs more.

Food Macronutrients for Cats

Macronutrient composition is a vital element. Cats benefit from a diet rich in lipids and proteins, often obtained from animal products. However, certain plants also have a lot of protein. However, compared to protein derived from meat, plant-based proteins are frequently of lower quality.

All the amino acids cats require to survive are present in meat protein, which is complete in nature. A cat may experience nutritional deficits if they don't consume enough meat since plant-based protein does not always include all the amino acids that kitties require.

When choosing a meal to feed wild cats, try to find one that contains as much protein as possible.

The Takeaway?

We heartily endorse Diamond Naturals Active Chicken Meal & Rice Formula for most feral cats. Although it is not pricey, the components are of great quality. Taurine is just two of the many other nutrients it contains.

But if money is tight, you might want to think about the Cat Chow Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet. It has beef protein as its initial ingredient and is rather inexpensive. Omega fatty acids are also included, enhancing the coat and skin health.

Consider Blue Buffalo Blue Tastefuls Natural Adult Gravy if you are not in any way on a budget. It contains lots of omega fatty acids, Taurine, and antioxidants. Additionally, it has premium ingredients, including deboned turkey and eggs.

We believe our reviews, guides and articles might assist you in selecting the best alternative for your feral cats. 

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