7 Best Dry Cat Food | The Ultimate Guide for Your Feline Friend In 2023

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May 30, 2023

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The best dry cat foods offer convenience and affordability while ensuring your feline friend’s diet requirements are well taken care of for fit and healthy companions. Dry cat foods are less messy, have a longer shelf life, and allow an easier-to-serve form than wet cat food making them convenient for most cat owners.

Anyone can easily scoop, and serve the preferred number of kibbles and go on with their work with minimum mess.

The solid different-sized forms are also ideal for loading into feeding toys and automatic feeders. The main disadvantage is they do not provide extra hydration and you will need adequate water to keep your fur buddy hydrated as compared to wet foods. The convenience and affordability offered by dry cat foods make it a market favorite and different brands offer dry cat food solutions for your cat.

The numerous cat food brands can be exhausting to go through as finding the perfect one for your cat is specific dietary requirements and your preferences and options. Factors such as pet budget, preferred diet nutrient needs, digestive system care, age, life stage, ingredients list, activity level,  taste and preferences of your cat will determine your dry cat food plan.

Visiting your pet gives you an insight into the best options for dry cat food specific to your furry friends, but these general directions open you up to many different brand solutions that can be costly to try out without a guide. Our experts review how different brand products perform based on customer reviews, testing, ingredient list, and nutritional review to provide a guide on brands you should consider for the best dry cat food.

7 Must-Try Best Dry Cat Foods for Happy and Healthy Cats

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The following is a list of our top picks of the best dry cat foods for different categories to guide you to convenient and affordable dry cat food fitting your purpose.

pro plan adult cat food

The Pro Plan Adult Complete Essentials Chicken & Rice Formula offers a well-balanced dry cat food with extra care for health making it our overall best pick. This dry food is produced to meet your cat’s diet needs and is packed with probiotics to boost your furry buddy’s digestion.

Purina Pro Plan Adult Complete Essentials is fortified with Vitamin A and taurine that support the development of healthy vision. The omega-6 fatty acids also promote a smooth and shiny coat of your cat, maintaining its healthier appearance. This dry cat food is also made up of a blend of natural prebiotic fibres by nourishing digestive gut bacteria.

The appetizing Purina Pro Plan Adult Complete Essentials with chicken and rice as the key ingredient will offer an adequate protein supply to meet the nutritional needs of your cat. The highly digestible formula ensures your cat obtains optimum nutrients.

Where is Purina Pro Plan Adult Complete Essentials Produced?

The tasty and crunchy Purina Pro Plan Adult Complete Essentials is produced by Ralston Purina Company located in St. Louis, Missouri. The American brand specializes in quality wide pet feed and is well known for its quality feed varieties. Its merger with Nestlé's Friskies to form Nestlé Purina PetCare Company has developed its research and production capability to become a renowned pet brand internationally.

Why Choose Purina Pro Plan Adult Complete Essentials?

From a brand with over 90 years in the industry, the Purina Pro Plan Adult Complete Essentials is a product of extensive research from pet experts ideal for your cat’s health. Their drive towards pet health and welfare stamps their dedication to quality products ensuring your furry buddy gets tasty treats with optimum nutrient balance. 


  • Has probiotics promoting healthy food digestion
  • Packed with omega-6 fatty acids for a shiny and soft cat coat
  • An expert blend of prebiotic fibers for gut health protection
  • Protein-packed offering essential body maintenance nutrients


  • Contains carbs that can lead to obesity in excess servings


The Purina Pro Plan Adult Complete Essentials Chicken & Rice Formula is our top pick for offering a balanced meal as dry cat food. Produced with a focus on healthy digestion and the nutrient needs of cats, the product lives up to the expectations of dry cat food requirements with a tasty flavor that your cat will find appetizing.

royal canin regular fit food

The ROYAL CANIN® Fit 32 is our runners-up option, ideal for adult cats aged 1-7 years old specially developed to provide balanced nutrient requirements in support and maintenance of healthy cats.

Royal Canin FHN Feline Health Nutrition Fit 32 presents a balance of minerals and nutrients for adult cats promoting fit and active cat lifestyles. This cat food offers balanced nutrition with ratioed calorie content for optimum weight results for adult cats that have limited exercise. The product has antioxidants the products ensure your cat has a boost in its immune system functions by removal of free radicals.

The blended mix of quality dietary fibers such as psyllium reduces the risks of ingested hair and fur build up reducing occurrences of hairballs. In addition, the urinary and gut health of your cat is protected by ROYAL CANIN® Fit 32 as its formula offers healthy digestion care. This reduces the risks of your furry buddy suffering from digestion issues improving their nutrient uptake, appetite, and general health.

Where is Royal Canin FHN Feline Health Nutrition Fit 32 Produced?

The Royal Canin FHN Feline Health Nutrition Fit 32 is a pet product of the Royal Canin brand, an internationally recognized brand from France. Operating as a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated, Royal Canin has established its leadership in pet solutions for over fifty years from its team of experienced experts in the pet industry.

Why Choose Royal Canin FHN Feline Health Nutrition Fit 32?

The Royal Canin FHN Feline Health Nutrition Fit 32 is your best expert-formulated dry food that cares for the gut and urinary systems of your adult cat with fitness at its core. It is produced for pet parents who struggle with cats that are moderately active and at risk of obesity. The product offers a well-balanced and health-oriented solution for adult cats developed by a leading team of experts from Royal Canin.


  • Has dietary fibres that promote hairball control
  • Packed with antioxidants to reduce the radical buildup
  • Urinary and gut health protection
  • Balanced calories for fit cats


  • Has grains that can cause sensitivities in allergic cats


ROYAL CANIN® Fit 32 is our runners-up for offering a health-based approach for adult cats by protecting them from digestive and urinary system compilations. The calorie-balanced formula of the product offers a fitness-oriented solution to cats that are moderately active in their adult life minimizing obesity risks for your cat.

IAMS healthy adult cat food

The IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Adult Food suits your ageing feline friend with a completely balanced diet for a healthy body and playing energy. This tasty treat is made up of real chicken as the primary ingredient and is a suitable source of high-quality protein content for both indoor and outdoor cats.

The perfectly sized dry kibble is easy to chew and digest and reduces teeth plaque buildup. Packed with an Optimal Omega 6 ratio, this dry cat food is ideal for soft and shiny coats that help your cat maintain its cute look. The expertly balanced amounts of potassium, calcium, and other essential nutrient protect your furry buddy from heart complications.

The well-researched blend of prebiotics and beet pulp promotes a healthy digestive system health which is crucial for ageing cats with sensitive stomachs. The special fibres health formula in IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Adult Food further aids in proper and smooth digestion allowing your cat to obtain nutrients from this flavorful treat.

Where is IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Adult Food Produced?

IAMS is located in America and has grown its brand image as a pet food production brand by offering quality-approved products. Its variety of products is under strict USDA and Food and Drug Administration Standards, ensuring your cat gets quality food with their development and health a priority as guided by top veterinarians.

Why Choose IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Adult Food?

The IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Adult is a product of refined research and extensive quality control of used ingredients aimed at promoting the adult cat’s health. The dedication to research and development over the years of its formula to suit your adult cat promotes healthy ageing for an active and fit cat.


  • Tasty protein-packed meal from real chicken
  • Crunchy kibbles promoting healthy plaque-free teeth
  • Skin coat care for a soft and shiny cat
  • Expertly balanced prebiotics and fiber blend for healthy digestion and hairball control


  • Developed food for adult cats


Our best pick for your adult cat is IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Adult Food as it offers the best diet care for adults designed to cater for moderately active adult cats with low energy requirements. This food product also offers heart and gut complication protection formulas which is a crucial aspect in adult cats that are susceptible to such issues.

best dry cat food from Hills Science

The Hill's Science Diet Kitten dry food is our best pick food for kittens expertly formulated to cater for the development and high energy needs of your kittens and their dental health. The tasty protein-packed meal promotes the development of lean muscles for a fit and active cat into adulthood with no artificial flavours for optimum digestive health.

The Hill’s Science Diet Kitten product is packed with DHA for healthy eyes and brain development for your kitten. The rich blend of probiotics promotes healthy digestion for your kitten. This ensures the maximum uptake of nutrients for optimum growth rates with minimal digestive complication risks.

Balanced with essential minerals for strong bones & teeth, the Hill's Science Diet Kitten dry food ensures your kitten grows up with the right posture, movement, and eating capabilities. The addition of Vitamin E and Omega-6s in its formula further ensures a healthy coat and skin for your kittens for a fresh look.

Where is Hill's Science Diet Kitten Dry Food Produced?

Hill's Science Diet Kitten Dry dry cat food is produced in the United States by Hills. The product is made from high-quality natural ingredients sourced from North America, Europe and New Zealand. The modern facilities ensure strict quality standards are observed with purity and natural nutrient content a key aspect of the inspection process before and after production.

Why Choose Hill's Science Diet Kitten Dry Food?

The tasty Hill's Science Diet Kitten Dry is our best kitten dry cat food pick as it offers development and growth nutrient needs to your kitten to grow healthy into adulthood. Produced with natural with well-balanced natural ingredients, Hill's Science Diet is the best fit for kitten nutrition that they will need for an active and healthy growth phase. needs for lifelong health and happiness.


  • Packed with DHA for healthy brain & eye development
  • Has plenty of protein to promote the buildup of lean muscles
  • Has a blend of prebiotics with no artificial flavors that promote healthy digestion
  • Well-balanced source of minerals for strong bones & teeth
  • Packed with Vitamin E and Omega-6s for healthy skin and coat


  • Extra care to provide sufficient water for kitten hydration required


The is Hill's Science Diet Kitten Dry food is a top pick for your kittens considering its special formula for the age and drive towards healthy development. Kittens are generally playful and require energy to grow up healthy with concerns on nutrient support for the growth and development of body organs an aspect that the project covers expertly.

Royal canin digestive dry cat food

If your cat experiences digestive complications like sensitive stomachs, regurgitation, food allergies and poor stool quality, the Royal Canin Digestive Care Dry Cat Food is an ideal option for cats to check out. This kibble food is produced with vet consultation on digestive system health-boosting components to lower digestion complications.

The digestive care formula is designed to be providing a highly digestible protein to promote easy uptake of the nutrients by your cat. The components include a mix of prebiotics and fibres with no artificial preservatives that promote healthy intestinal flora and the digestive system. This promotes overall stool quality and supports smooth digestion reducing the chances of a sensitive stomach.

The Royal Canin Digestive Care Dry Cat Food offers expertly designed ring-shaped kibbles that promote slowed chewing. This ensures your cat thoroughly breaks down the food and its easy-to-chew form makes this dry cat food highly digestible for eased absorption. The balanced essential vitamins and mineral fosters a healthy urinary system for your cat allowing them to remain healthy and fit with minimal complications.

Where is Royal Canin Digestive Care Dry Cat Food Produced?

The Royal Canin Digestive Care Dry Cat Food is a product of Royal Canin, an established French. Operating for over fifty years, the Royal Canin has built its reputation as a pet food producer under the Mars incorporated. The French brand is a top producer of pet food supplies with over 50 years in the industry.

Why Choose Royal Canin Digestive Care Dry Cat Food?

The Royal Canin Digestive Care Dry Cat Food is a top dry digestive healthcare food produced to cater for cats with high risks of digestive complications. It is produced to offer cat parents struggling with allergies or sensitivity to normal dry foods a minimised risk of creating digestion compilations making it a good choice under digestive care.


  • Highly digestible cat kibble for maximum nutrient absorption with no artificial flavours
  • A special blend of prebiotic fibre for smooth digestion
  • Balanced mineral content for urinary tract protection
  • Easy to chew and ringed kibbles promoting thorough breakdown for smooth digestion


  • Relatively costly


The Royal Canin Digestive Care Dry Cat Food provides the best digestive care as a dry type of food that will help your cat avoid digestive complications. The formula ensures that ingredients used pose less risk of causing sensitivity or allergies making it a top pick for pet parents with cats that have digestive issues.

wellness complete health cat food

Pet owners with limited budgets will find Wellness® Complete Health™ with Wholesome Grains Deboned Chicken & Rice Recipe a dry food of choice. This poultry-flavoured dry kibble is set to be your cat’s favourite with its tasty chicken taste promoting appetite in your cat alongside its health benefits.

The full-balanced dry cat food is made from deboned chicken and rice to give your cat an adequate source of proteins and fats at an affordable price. With a complete nutrition protein formula, these proteins are set to give your cat lean muscle and physique. The flaxseed provides omega fatty acids and added Vitamin E part of Wellness® Complete Health™ ensures your cat has an attractive smooth, shiny, and healthy coat.

Whether an indoor or outdoor cat, your buddy will get a wholesome grain and taurine-balanced meal that will support heart health from this flavorful diet with no harmful chemical preservatives. The fortification of this dry food with essential minerals and vitamins strengthens the immunity system for a fit and active cat.

Where is Wellness® Complete Health™ with Wholesome Grains Cat food Produced?

The Wellness Pet Company is a renowned pet food brand with a range of products that provide groundbreaking solutions in pet nutrition. The Wellness Core research and production facilities are in North America and adhere to internationally recognized standards set for quality and hygienic pet food production.

Why Choose is Wellness Core Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Produced?

The Wellness® Complete Health™ with Wholesome Grains is made in modern production facilities and offers well-balanced nutrients at an affordable price. The Wellness® Complete Health™ with Wholesome Grains is good if you are on a budget and need an option that assures a healthy and active cat.


  • Flaxseed omega fatty acids and vitamin E for smooth and shiny coast
  • Balanced animal protein source for lean and fit cat muscles for healthy weight
  • Wholesome grain and taurine component to promote heart health
  • Has omega fatty acids that promote a shiny smooth coat health


  • Has grains that can cause allergies to sensitive to picky eaters


The Wellness® Complete Health™ with Wholesome Grains Is our best pick for affordability as a cat kibble as it offers functionality at a lower price. The well-balanced Wellness® Complete Health™ with Wholesome Grains ensures your cat does not miss out on essential nutrients through its expertly balanced formula at a pocket-friendly price.

Purina one tender select

The Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend is our top premium choice offering a tasty formula that will match the value of your extra budget. The vet-recommended cat food is balanced to provide essential nutrients from high-quality whole prey ingredients for your cat.

The human-grade chicken as its key ingredient provides a rich balance of protein. The crunchy tasty bites of this premium food will be your cat’s favourite meal promoting the appetite for a fit and active cat. The well-rationed blend of vitamins and mineral composition ensures you at has a healthy heart, strong bones and muscles for a well-built fit cat.

The Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend offers an easily digestible diet plan for your cat from its special microbiome-balanced formula for easy nutrient uptake. The vet-researched blend of prebiotic fibre supports the development of the immune system and promotes a healthy gut in your cat. 

Where is Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend Produced?

Ralston Purina Company produces Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend in its facilities located in St. Louis, Missouri. The American-based rand has dealt with varieties of pet food solutions over the years and merged with Nestlé's Friskies division to make the Nestlé Purina PetCare Company which has grown to be a recognized brand internationally.

Why Choose Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend?

Purina Cat Food has been at the forefront of pet research for over 90 years and The Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend is a product of expertly designed dry cat food solution. Let your cat benefit from extensive research and modern facility productions of the unique SmartBlend® formula offering a high-quality source of nutrition to your furry friend.


  • Natural with added vitamins, minerals & nutrients
  • Produced with an excellent source of proteins of real chicken
  • Has easily digestible microbiome balance for maximum nutrient uptake
  • Offers vet-approved prebiotic natural fibres blend for gut health & immune support
  • Promotes strong muscles and a healthy heart


  • Relatively costly


The Purina ONE® Tender Selects Blend is a premium option with high-value nutrient returns for your cat if you have an extra budget. The unique SmartBlend® formula offers high-quality ingredients that include natural prebiotic fibres designed to promote a healthy digestive microbiome and body health offering the highest value for your money.

To pick out the best dry food for your feline companion, you will need to consider the nutrient requirements, health status, activeness, budget, cat food companies and life quality that you are aiming for in your furry buddy’s life. Key aspects to consider also include your cat’s food allergies, preferences, tastes, flavour, digestibility, weight control, primary ingredient and convenience in access to the dry food options.

Consult your vet to match your cat’s diet with the life-stage appropriate diets according to feline nutrition. For example, your kittens will have different nutritional needs and digestive tracts throughout their growth and development compared to active adult or senior ageing years. Identifying the right flavor and preference for your cat is essential to being their appetite up for healthy feeding behaviors.

As you select the best diet food for cats, go through the sources of the essential nutrients for your cat to stay healthy and fit from different cat food manufacturers. Ensure your food choice offers plenty of protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals content for proper growth and development through different stages. Avoid allergic and sensitivity-causing ingredients that can harm your cat to ensure they can obtain nutritional benefits that are required for their normal health without digestive health risks.

Are you Interested in More Reviews and Insights on Cat diet plans? Our team of experts offer insightful reviews on cat food products to guide you through the selection process. With reviews on the appropriate food for different ages, nutritional requirements, product value, company focus on pet health and client reviews, our reviews recommend brands that can offer value to the market.

Browse through our reviews of cat food and be informed on the best deals cat parents who are informed on the best pet foods are on the lookout for an informed choice on their next meal plan. Get insights on the ingredients, quality approvals and general guidelines that will help you and on select the appropriate food for cats for the perfect diet plan for your furry buddy today!

Common Questions Pertaining to Dry Cat Food:

Q.1 What portion of dry cat food should a cat feed on?

Always consult your vet or the packaging guidelines regarding the amount of food to offer your cat. Consider aspects such as your cat's weight, sensitivity, age, health, body condition, and vet advice for an idea for the portion to offer your cat.

Q.2 What aspect do you look for in selecting dry cat food?

Ans. When making a dry cat food diet choice, it is crucial to consider the essential nutrient requirements so f your cats. Consider the digestion, muscle function, growth, development, and immunity-promoting ingredients for a fit and healthy cat.

Q.3 Can dry cat food go bad/stale?

Ans. Although dry cat foods have a relatively long lifespan, proper handling and storage are key to their shelf life. Ensuring your cat food remains in its original packaging and stored safely is key to prolonging the life of your cat food to its due date once opened.

Q.4 Are all dry food good for your cat?

Ans. The natural cat food diet is high in protein compared to carbohydrates. Most dry cat foods have plant-based carbohydrates as key ingredients with limited animal-based protein further down the sources. To ensure your cat has the right diet read the ingredient list to make sure that meat-based proteins are the key ingredients for a healthier and active cat.

Q.5 Do you need special care to feed cats with dry food?

Ans. For normal shedding, your feline pal will need foods rich in minerals, nutrients, and omega-3s. This protects your cat's hair from shedding excessively and gives it a smoother appearance. Cats don't shed hair at the root, but only shed dead hair from their skin during grooming.

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