Best Cat Food For Bad Teeth in 2023

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January 1, 2023

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Being a cat parent is charming, soothing and adorable yet it comes with few responsibilities. Oral hygiene is very significant to the general health of your cute little fur babies, or do you think you are the only one entitled to clean, healthy and shiny teeth? Let us look at the best cat food for bad teeth in this year.

When your cat develops a gum disease or teeth problem, the first thing that comes to mind is, am I feeding it wrong? Or what should I feed her? Gum disease or oral health concerns are more seen in senior cats. However, it can occur at any age and requires proper attention.

The crucial cause of bad teeth in cats is the deficiency of calcium which can be followed by improper chewing of food leading to teeth loss.

The current era of modernisation, has its own perks of product variety and range, yet it is difficult to make a choice. However, I will try my best to assist in deciding what is best for your cat.

The detailed review led me to choose the best overall product Smalls Fresh Cat Food, for pets with the poor dental condition. Let's see the facts of how Smalls beat the rest of the product and a comparison of product competition in different categories to avoid bad teeth in cats.

6 Best Cat Food to Reduce Bad Teeth in Cats

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According to studies, 50% to 80% of felines older than 4 years have dental disorders. Fortunately, the most frequent types of these diseases may be mostly avoided or treated with the correct precautionary dental maintenance and care. Here are my top 6 best cat food for bad teeth.

Regarding your cat's health, vitamins and minerals are equally crucial along with proteins. They are particularly beneficial for keeping healthy teeth. It is essential to look for the right amount of ingredients while buying. 

Smalls Fresh Cat Food is the best option overall for senior cats or cats with poor dental health. The smooth and ground varieties of Smalls fresh food are safe for cats with poor dental health.

Smalls is somewhat more expensive than conventional brands in terms of price, but with this variation, you get what you pay for. Most of the cat owners find it well worth the extra cost, given its excellent quality and preparation. Fortunately, you may save 25% on your first purchase.

Overall, due to its better quality and variety, Smalls cat food is the finest cat food for elderly cats with bad teeth. Pet nutritionists have contributed to the creation of Smalls cat food. Both fresh and freeze-dried raw recipes are healthful, balanced nutritionally, and AAFCO-aligned. 

Why Choose Smalls Cat Food?

The Smalls Fresh Cat Food is also loaded with animal protein and human-grade food to feed your cat's health. Unlike many other products, the Smalls cat food has at least 80% protein, which is the ideal percentage for your feline's strict carnivorous diet.

While buying Smalls, you do not have to worry about the picky nature of your cat. There are three different protein options: beef, turkey, and chicken. All three flavors are human-grade, all-natural, and suitable for senior cats with compromised dental health. All you have to do is decide which flavor your cat would like the most.

Nothing in this world could outrank the significance of organic nutrients and Smalls provide that for your cat.

Many cat parents reviewed Smalls as a product that improved the energy level of their cats. Worth a try, isn't it?


  • Organic food
  • Human-grade wet food
  • High protein to improve the overall health
  • Available in many flavors
  • Nutritionally balanced to provide oral health
  •  Pleasant odor


  • Expensive product


Smalls provides the best blend of nutritionally balanced feed for your cat, available for any age group. The market nowadays holds a lot of significant products, but your cat needs a well-balanced diet filled with the required vitamins and minerals. Overall, smalls offer you a variety of food to avoid disturbance while selecting what suits your cat most because a cat owner knows that the cat is a picky eater and could have food allergies. Smalls provides extensive ingredient detail to honor the time of their customers.

My top recommendation for wet cat food is this Hills Diet t/d feline dental health formula. Compared to dry food, it has more moisture, which makes it much easier to chew. Veterinarians recommend this diet to keep the cat's teeth healthy while also preserving general dental hygiene. It has been clinically shown to reduce plaque, tartar accumulation, and stains.

Best thing about this product is it specifically target the oral hygiene of your cat and also enhances overall health.

For senior cats with poor teeth, this wet food offers a nutritious diet. Its distinctive kibble size aids in the process of brushing teeth. It contains vitamins and minerals, making it particularly advantageous for enhancing a cat's general health.

Why choose Hills Diet t/d Feline Dental Health Cat food?

Hills Diet t/d Feline Dental Health Cat food product contains a variety of components, including brewers rice, chicken by-product meal, corn gluten meal, powdered cellulose, chicken fat, calcium sulfate, and potassium chloride. It contains a lot of water and doesn't have any artificial ingredients.

It's no surprise that cats with dental concerns may find it difficult to chew the food. The moisture content allows the food to get softer and to be chewed on easily.

Wet food is perfect for elderly cats with dental difficulties since it is simple to eat, but without adequate cleaning, it might make the situation worse. Be cautious while looking for the finest wet cat food for cats with poor dental health. 


  • Easily chewable
  • Easily digestible
  • Have fiber that aids in teeth cleaning
  • Helps in fighting bacteria that causes dental disease
  • Wet food stimulates appetite


  • Expensive
  • Messy
  • Could worsen the present dental issue if brushing is not done regularly


This is the best wet food product to choose if your cat is experiencing harsh painful dental issues like tooth loss or tooth pain or gingivitis. Wet food is easily chewable and does not cause any issue with the ongoing disease. On the contrary, it helps to fight the bacteria causing it. So, a small packet with nutritionally balance ingredients, proper moisture, easy to chew and ability to fight bacteria, sounds like a deal breaker to me. 

best cat food for bad teeth hill's science

Our top-choice soft dry cat food for cats without teeth is Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food Oral Care because it aids in lowering plaque and tartar accumulation in senior cats. 

My cat likes it; therefore, I can confidently say it must taste fantastic.

Your pet's general health will benefit greatly from this diet. This Hill's science dry food has the added benefit of effectively freshening your cat's breath. It is important to mention that this dry food is not suggested for kittens, pregnant, or nursing cats, so if your older cat with bad teeth is
sharing food with other cats in the home, make sure to keep these foods apart.

Because this dry food has no artificial ingredients, it is perfectly safe for your cat. Veterinarians endorse this American-made product.

Why choose Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dry Cat Food?

The Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dry Cat Food is ideal for senior and adult cats, despite having a higher price tag. Soft but dry food is mainly created to assist cats with dental issues, so they shouldn't have trouble swallowing it.

Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dry Cat Food is dry, as the name indicates, but senior cats like it. It is best for senior cats but can be used for other adult cats. If you have multiple aged cats, this might be for you.

It provides balanced nourishment in addition to optimum dental hygiene. It is produced from premium, all-natural components. The ideal balance of flavor and crunchiness makes this dry food a favorite among my cat's feline companions. It is also a soft, readily chewable dry cat food
at the same time.


  • Chicken based food
  • Best for senior cats without teeth
  • Works for all adult cats
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Partially soft
  • Have fibers that avoid plaque building


  • Quite expensive
  • Suitable for only adult and senior cats


Pricing is also important when considering buying the best food for your cat. Overall price range is worth bearing when looking at the best product for the cat without teeth. The decision is easier when you have every aspect at your front. This one might taste greasy, but I assure you that cats love it. Speaking of my own experience, my cat and I might not like the same thing, but the main concern is your cat and what they want. 

best cat food for bad teeth

The flavor of Purina Pro Plan with Salmon and Tuna is adored by seniors and older. The box has 24, 3-ounce cans, which is quite economical and within budget for many per lovers. Its also easy for your senior cats to lower through the hatch. The actual salmon and tuna used in the dish provides the adequate moisture required in the appetite.

This dish uses a custom formula to address the unique requirements of older people. Each recipe was created in an American factory that Purina owns. Every component may be tracked back in full.

Why choose Purina's Pro Plan Senior Wet food?

Salmon, liver, and water make up the first three components. This recipe produces meat byproducts. Its composition comprises 78% moisture (indicating wet food), 6% fat, 10% protein and 1.5% fiber. To satisfy all of the AAFCO nutritional profiles, it also contains a ton of
vitamins and minerals, such as taurine and ascorbic acid.

Salmon and tuna are rich in providing calcium to your cat. The best choice if tooth decay is caused by calcium deficiency.

One fantastic feature of this dish is that you can serve a whole Can each day by dividing it into two separate meals.


  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Proportionate as suitable for two times in a day
  •  It comes in two formulations for cats 7+ and cats 11+ and five distinct tastes.
  • Cats enjoy the flavor
  • Designed for older cats 


  • Strong smell
  • Wet food always requires extra care with oral hygiene.


Senior cats are the target market for Purina's Pro Plan Senior wet food. This brand provides a wide range of solutions to meet your cat's needs; in addition to having a variety of tastes, the Pro Plan series also has two distinct formulas for cats older than seven and older than 11 years. Remember that this is wet food rather than kibble. Contrary to what you may believe, senior cats with bad dental hygiene should avoid eating wet food since it can be challenging for your cat to consume and may even lodge in their gums. It contains 78% moisture and less protein but ingredients with tooth problem orientation. It helps your cat to swallow the food quickly and avoid irritation to the mucosa of the mouth. Best sensitive dry food for a cat with bad teeth. 

best cat food for bad teeth blue buffalo

Even though I prefer the finest all-around cat food for adult and senior cats, however, I feel Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging Cat Food is the best cat food for bad teeth when budget food is the priority.

This cat food was developed specifically keeping the older cats in mind. Real deboned chicken and other premium components are offered in this dish at a reasonable cost. Because the kibble is broken up into little pieces, it should be easy for cats that have dental difficulties to chew it.

Though few cat owners claimed that once Blue Buffalo was taken over by General Mills, the recipe and quality of this cat food has altered.

Why choose Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging Cat Food?

This recipe is formulated with probiotics, chelated minerals, and easily digested carbohydrates like brown rice and oats, which are sources of dietary fiber that help digestion. You'll get 32% protein, barely 15% fat, and fewer than 400 calories from one cup. 

Lean muscle mass and healthy body weight are supported by this formula's high protein and l-carnitine content derived from the principal ingredient—chicken.

Additionally, it contains the right quantity of omega-3 & 6 fatty acids for shiny skin and fur and taurine for a healthy heart, teeth and vision. 


  • Designed for older cats
  • The primary component is natural chicken
  • It comes in a variety; two flavors and two sizes
  • Tiny, simple-to-chew kibble size
  • Enhance healthy heart and teeth


  • Different owners complained about product quality been compromised when the company was purchased by General Mills


The Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging cat food is another preferred option among cat owners who are unsure what to feed their feline companions. It features holistic and natural nutrition, making it the ideal choice for senior cats. It will be good to check the ingredients as this product does not suit the best picky eaters. It contains plant-origin ingredients, and not all cats are good with everything. You may also look out for any component that may causes any allergy.

best cat food for dental care

This Royal Canin feline health nutrition oral sensitive feed can be considered if your cat has poor dental health and you're seeking a dry food choice.

Royal Canin feline health nutrition oral sensitive kibbles are crunchy, and while the cat nibbles them, its teeth are being cleaned. The healthful components used to make this dry food care for your cat's general wellness. Teeth cleaning is exceedingly challenging, especially for elderly cats.

So, utilising dry food like this one aids in keeping a cat's dental hygiene in check.

The fact that this Royal Canin Oral Sensitive dry food tastes excellent and cats adore it is one of its benefits. Additionally, it has fiber, which is perfect for digestion.

Why choose Royal Canin feline health nutrition oral sensitive food?

Royal Canin feline health nutrition oral sensitive food is created specifically for cats with poor dental health. It aids in enhancing a cat's general oral health. Clinical studies have shown that it can decrease plaque by 41% in seven days.

Crunchy kibbles go an extra mile to clear the tartar or plaque in your cat's mouth. To avoid burdening their kidneys, they also reduced the phosphorus content of the dish. This meal makes eating simple and pleasurable for people with sensitive teeth and gums.


  • Easily digestible
  • Rich in protein
  • Recommended by Veterinarian
  • It does not increase the chance of dental disease
  • Do not aggravate the present disease


  • Expensive
  • Kibbles can be challenging for few cats


This product can be the answer if you're unsure what to feed your elderly cat with poor dental health. The delicate beef slices are designed especially for senior cats with sensitive gums and are simple to consume. You'll appreciate the abundance of taste and necessary fatty acids that support healthy joints, teeth, and other bodily functions.

What is the root cause of the dental problem in felines?

Gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth resorption are the three most prevalent dental problems in cats, and the severity of each ailment can differ significantly. Cats with dental illnesses can experience excruciating pain and suffering, lowering their quality of life. 

A cat with dental illness frequently stops eating, resulting in several health issues.

The most common cause is diet. Malnourished cats lose their teeth earlier than those fed with a balanced diet. One of the most important causes is brushing. The best way to stop any dental deterioration in your cat is to brush their teeth as frequently as possible. 

Age can generally weaken your cat's teeth, resulting in structural harm. Starting when your kitten is a baby and continuing into adulthood is an excellent idea for cleaning their teeth. Eliminating plaque from the teeth will stop tartar from forming and lower the chance of developing dental problems. 

How to spot a dental disorder in a cat?

The general health and happiness of your cat depending on their dental health. Your cat needs its mouth, teeth, and gums to eat and purr. As a result, when their oral tissues are unwell or injured and cease working effectively, your cat feels pain and cannot eat or purr regularly.
You can maintain your cat's dental health in fantastic condition by checking out for symptoms like swelling and bleeding gums, foul breath, and changes in feeding patterns. 

How do you avoid the dental issue?

In acute circumstances, severe and even fatal dental disease in cats is possible. The infection brought on by dental problems may spread throughout the body. When your cats are getting older, it is essential to put as many safety precautions as possible since you want to avoid them at all costs.

First and foremost, feeding your cat good foods and maintaining a balanced diet is crucial for preventing cat tooth issues. If your cat isn't eating well, brushing its teeth often won't help much. 

Even though many cats dislike having their teeth handled, you should try to get up to the notion and brush their teeth at least a few times a week. Of course, brushing their teeth as frequently as possible comes second.

Regular vet visits and cat examinations are also essential; you should perform these at least once every six to twelve months. Make sure your veterinarian does an oral examination whenever you visit. It's more prevalent than it looks to have oral issues.

Giving your cat dental treats that help remove tartar and improve breath is one of the simplest methods to maintain dental health. 

Common FAQs:

Q.1 How frequently should I brush my cat's teeth?

Ans. The ideal is to clean your cat's teeth every day. It will minimize plaque buildup and tartar formation and strengthen the link between the you and your pet cat. Brushing is recommended because it's always better to brush and observe an improvement in general dental health.

Q.2 Is dry cat food healthy for my cat's teeth?

Ans. Except in two circumstances, dry meals like kibbles benefit a cat's teeth. One, it may be challenging to digest if they aren't getting enough water for drinking. Another is that ingesting kibble without first digesting it may result in digestive issues. Here are some suggestions on what to do in that situation: first, soften the kibble by combining it with warm water or gravy; second, soak the kibble and combine it with wet food for a time; and third, switch to soft food (but make sure to choose a high-quality product).

Q. 3 Can wet food damage my cat's teeth?

Ans. Wet meals are better for cats when it comes to food for seniors with terrible teeth. Since they have more water intake, it keeps your cat hydrated. It reduces the risk of urinary tract illnesses for your cat. How simple it will be for the cats to grind the food is crucial when selecting food for cats with damaged teeth. Nutrition should also be a key consideration in addition to that. Therefore, bite-sized pieces of food are best. As a result, they won't have any trouble grinding food, encouraging them to consume as much as possible. Cats also tend to drink less water as they age. Hence, it's hydrating them with well-moisturised meals which is good for them. However, as soft meals may exacerbate your cat's dental issues, hence dry diets are preferable. Food in cans is an additional choice and has similar nutritional advantages.

Q.4 What should I feed my cat if they have no teeth?

Ans.  Since they can no longer crush food, cats without teeth may have difficulty finding cat food. You could be tempted to choose liquids, but you need to provide your cat with enough nutrition, and those nutrients can only come from other solid, natural sources. The answer is soft, dry meals. They are the ideal option for cat food for cats without teeth because the meal's texture won't be an issue. These are also nutrient-dense and simple to digest. Soft dry foods also have a long shelf life, so you may buy them in bulk without worrying about expiry dates. Bulk purchases might help you save more money as well.  Although, soft dry meals are perceived as being dry overall, they include a small amount of water that aids digestion. These are preferable to mushy meals, which tend to stick to the gums and are difficult to remove. Such circumstances may impact a cat's food intake and worsen its health.

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