Best Cat Food for Smelly Poop – Ultimate Guide in 2023

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January 1, 2023

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Being pet parents, we all love to play with our little furry friends, but when it comes to their smelly stools, we all hate the smell. And particularly if the smell is so awful that it stays after hours of cleaning the litter box.

But what makes a cat's excrement smelly? Intestinal parasites, bacterial infections, digestive problems, or an unpleasant diet are frequently to blame.

To be sure your cat isn't sick, you should take them to the vet before doing anything else. Altering their food is your greatest option if they're not sick.

But why alter their meal? Your cat may have formed an allergy to specific foods, such as wheat and another protein source like chicken and fish, or it could simply be having difficulties digesting some ingredients. All of these could result in excessively stinking poop.

Which food, though, would be most beneficial?

We've examined some of the most well-liked cat foods for smelly cat poop and created a list that may cover the problem of stinky poop.

girl smelling cat poop

Top Best Cat Food For Smelly Poop in 2023

We reviewed the top cat foods on the market right now for smelly cat poop problems. Here, you can find enough food to feed your little buddies.

2. Best Cat Food for Bengals smalls

Smalls Cat Food, established in 2017, seeks to provide cats with the right kind and quantity of nourishment. They began as a group of individuals preparing some wholesome and delectable homemade recipes for their friends' cats and, through time, grew to become one of the most recognisable brands in the cat food business.

The "About Us" page on the website provides a brief history of how cat food was produced in the US based solely on books for animals other than cats. They want to revolutionise this trend and create cat food recipes well-balanced in vital nutrients, minerals, proteins, and fluids for cats, especially kitten and adult food.

Where is Smalls Human-grade Fresh Cat Food Produced?

The ingredients for Smalls Cat Food are sourced responsibly from either Canada or the US and are manufactured in the US. They prepare and package their foods using human-grade meats and veggies before sending them to your house.

Their premium food is created with all of the unique dietary requirements of cats in consideration. Because their products are home-cooked and free of chemicals, it has been demonstrated that their food can aid cats that have digestive problems or, you can say, stinky stool.

Why Should You Get Smalls Human-grade Fresh Cat Food?

We suggest Smalls Cat Food as the best cat food on our list for stinky poop, considering it is a fresh food composed mostly of ultra-digestible animal proteins. Cats with food intolerances, delicate stomachs, or weight problems should eat this food.

The few ingredients used in Smalls foods ensure high-quality nourishment and facilitate simple digestion. Ultimately, your cat's fecal matter can get smaller, firmer, and odor-free.

The recipes began with the best quality protein and included veggies, vitamins, and minerals that cats require. In short, Smalls is the finest overall cat food for smelly faeces due to the recipes' high animal-based protein and low-fat concentrations and their small number of beneficial ingredients.  


  • Human-grade protein content
  • Full of vitamins, essential amino acids and nutrients
  • Minimum ingredients for easy consumption
  • Reduce fecal odors


  • You have to subscribe first to get the products
  • Some recipes contain vegetable oil
  • Aliqua nulla pariatur elitis


Overall, Smalls Cat Food is a solid option for cat food. Despite being a comparatively new company, they have a solid reputation for developing recipes for cat food that are well-balanced and made with ethically sourced ingredients. Thanks to their dependable and flavourful homemade recipes, they make delicious treats that even picky eaters like. Their grain-free, meat- and moisture-rich cat food compositions are comprehensive and balanced. Moreover, their limited ingredient diets recipes make it easy for your cat to digest food and overcome the foul odor of faeces.

best high protein cat food

The Blue Buffalo was established in 2003 because their dog Blue inspired them to start offering nutritious meals for all animals. The strongest part of Blue Buffalo is that they don't skimp on healthy foods. They only use high-quality animal protein as the main ingredient, excluding any by-products from poultry. Additionally, they don't include maize, wheat, or soy in their goods. Moreover, they carry out stringent six-point quality inspections to guarantee the safety of every Blue Buffalo product.

Where is Blue Buffalo Produced?

Their two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are in Joplin, Missouri, and Richmond, Indiana. To guarantee that they are safe, effective, and adhere to all the nutritional requirements that AAFCO and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association's (WSAVA) Global Nutrition Committee, all goods undergo a thorough formulation, production, and testing process.

Although ingredients undergo rigorous testing before arriving at their facilities, they routinely carry out quality control inspections. At the same time, the products are being made to ensure the best quality.

Why Should You Get Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-free Dry Cat Food?

We also suggest Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain-Free Dry Cat Food for stinking cat poop. Sweet potatoes and peas are used in place of grains, including real chicken, for a high protein level that will keep your cat's muscles healthy.

Moreover, it also contains omega fatty acids to maintain the condition of your pet's skin and healthy coat. Additionally, this food includes LifeSource Bits comprising minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, carefully chosen by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists to enhance immunological function. So this food will provide a source of vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and other essential vitamins.

Corn, soy, wheat, chicken by-product meal, and chemical preservatives or flavouring are not included in Blue Buffalo Wilderness.

Although some cat food consumers may think this to be a bit pricey, Blue Buffalo is a protein-rich cat food that will make your cat's poop smell-free. 


  • No meat by-products in the food
  • Support the feline muscles thanks to fatty acids
  • Free from artificial flavors and ingredient
  • Rigorous testing of the product to ensure amazing quality and balanced nutrition


  • Price is at the high end


Overall, Blue Buffalo is a premium cat food brand with premium ingredients that give your cat good amounts of protein. Real chicken and meat from other animals make up their animal protein source; no cheap fillers or grains are included. So the cat's digestion will be at ease and you will have no problem cleaning the litter box.

Kitten having Purina One food

Purina, which also produces cat and dog food, is one of the first pet food producers in the US. This 1894-founded cat food business conducts cutting-edge research to provide the best recipes with high levels of proteins and fats to support your cat's growth.

Although Purina sells a variety of cat foods, Purina is best for the foul smell cat poop. There is pate, wet food, and much more for the cats. Additionally, they give cats food based on their age and nutritional requirements.

Where is Purina One Produced?

Purina One is produced by Nestle Purina Petcare, one of the top pet food manufacturers in the world. Furthermore, Saint Louis, Missouri, is where its production facilities are situated. In the US, Purina Friskies products are widely available.

Why Should You Buy Purina ONE Natural Dry Cat Food?

Purina ONE is one of the most well-known pet food manufacturers in the US because of its wholesome, scientifically supported recipes packed with various proteins.

Salmon or chicken is the primary component in this high-protein meal, so if your cat isn't allergic to them, it should be soothing on their tummy. Purine ONE also contains plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep a healthy coat your cat and provide a balanced diet. Also, veterinarians endorse it.

Reviewers claim that this cat food reduces the foul-smelling stools of cats. And best of all, this cat food is the most reasonably priced on our list.


  • Purina ONE includes high-quality ingredients
  • They are transparent about the animal by-products in the product
  • No artificial ingredients
  • A reasonable budget option


  • It contains chicken by-products


Broadly speaking, the High-quality components in Purina ONE cat food assist your cat's digestive health, among other benefits. So your cat's poop will be mell-free. Moreover, this cat food company has a long history of developing dependable recipes and gets all its components from the US. Even though Purina ONE utilizes meat by-products, their cat food blends are nutritious and tailored to your cat's needs.

cat food for smelly poop royal canin

The reputable pet food company Royal Canin develops unique cat food recipes that satisfy all of your feline friend's special dietary needs and requirements.

To create mixes and recipes that will help your cat attain optimal health, they work with top food scientists, specialists in animal nutrition, and cat behaviorists. Cat food is produced by this company for cats of different kinds, sizes, and ages.

For cats with particular demands or lifestyles, they even develop specialised formulations. For instance, they have a Glyco-balance formula for kitties with diabetics, a Urinary SO recipe for cats with bladder health concerns, a Renal Support blend for cats with kidney troubles, and more.

Where is Royal Canin Digestive Care Dry Cat Food Produced?

Jean Cathary, devoted to feeding cats with a healthy diet, created the Royal Canin firm in 1968. Their business is currently situated in Puy-en-Velay, France, where Jean is primarily hailed.

Despite its headquarters in France, Royal Canin has manufacturing facilities worldwide where they make cat food. Their facilities are located in Missouri, South Dakota, and Canada in North America.

Why Should You Buy Royal Canin Digestive Care Dry Cat Food?

As you are conscious, digestive problems and dietary sensitivities frequently result in stinky poop, which is why Royal Canin Digestive Care can greatly assist you. With healthful, more easily digestible fiber content and prebiotics, it is specifically made for kitties one year of age and older with sensitive stomachs. It also supports overall digestive health.

In addition, this product states that it can significantly enhance stool quality by up to 95% after just 10 days of use. Additionally, the food's form prevents cats from vomiting after eating.

This brand was created by veterinarians and nutritionists to satisfy any unique nutritional requirements that your pet might have.


  • Precisely formulated for cats with sensitive stomachs
  • Helps with digestive health
  • Get rid of the foul smell of cat's poop thanks to natural ingredients
  • Decent price range


  • It does not have any meat, so some cats might not like it


To keep your beloved buddy fit and healthy, Royal Canin is a luxury pet food brand that includes high-quality genuine meat and a healthy dose of other necessary nutrients. They have a ton of specialized meals for various breeds and cats with different medical issues, and their compositions are developed using formulas that have been scientifically tested. Royal Canin adheres to strict procedures to ensure high-quality food without artificial additives or tastes. This cat food is suitable for cats one year of age and older. However, since this Royal Canin food doesn't contain meat, many cats might not enjoy it.

cat food for smelly poop original

In Lincoln, Nebraska, a modest pet food firm called Nature's Variety had its start. It is currently owned by the Barcelona-based company Agrilomen.

Nature's Variety is a stand-alone business with its corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. The company specializes in meat-centric meals and stresses the need to use fresh, freeze-dried, and unprocessed foods.

Where is Instinct Original Grain Free Paté Real Duck Recipe Produced?

Nature's Instinct cat food is produced in American facilities that belong to the company. Most components for Nature's Variety come from the United States; however, certain proteins come from France, Italy, New Zealand, and Australia. Although the corporation doesn't specify obtaining additional products from China, it does not indicate sourcing any poultry or meat.

Why Should You Buy Instinct Original Grain Free Paté Real Duck Recipe?

Your cat might enjoy this food from Instinct by Nature's Variety if he likes wet cat foods in the pâté form. Duck, turkey, or chicken liver, which are straightforward for your cat to chew and consume, make up 95% of the protein content of the food.

The dish has some plant elements, such as ground flaxseed, peas, and carrots, despite being largely composed of meat. It's still a low-carbohydrate food, so your cat's body should have no trouble absorbing it and have healthy digestion.

Menhaden fish oils, strong fat sources of omega-3 fatty acids, are present in trace amounts in the food. These fatty acids could aid in reducing stomach discomfort and inflammation that in turn minimizing bad odors of the poop. 


  • Comprise of animal protein
  • It doesn't include any animal by-products
  • Free from artificial additives, colors, flavors, and preservatives
  • Low carbohydrate portion and fish oil to provide omega-3 fatty acids


  • Costly


If you're searching for food that emphasises meat and is dye-free, Nature's Variety cat food is a wonderful choice to take into account. This brand is a good option for cats with allergies and food intolerances because it offers a variety of limited ingredients recipes and formulas focused on new proteins. Moreover, many customers find it effective for the smelly cat poop problem and unpleasant odors as well

cat food for smelly poop wellness core

Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats was the forerunner of WellPet LLC, a pet food manufacturer founded in 1926, and Wellness was born in 1997.

The business describes its canning food production process in detail on the Wellness website. According to its website, to guarantee that all goods are manufactured with top-notch raw ingredients, they only deal with "the most reputable ingredient providers." After that, they produce the foods using a controlled procedure.

In a 2012 webcast, WellPet claims its quality assurance program upholds the industry's strongest requirements for food safety and beyond those set by the FDA and AAFCO.

Where is Wellness CORE Natural Cat Food Produced?

The manufacturer argues that the bulk of the pet food they produce is made at their own plant in Mishawaka, Indiana. All wet foods in packets, including Wellness Signature Selects, Divine Duos, and others, are manufactured in Thailand.

Why Should You Buy Wellness CORE Natural Cat Food?

This food from Wellness CORE is a paté with all the benefits of a diet tailored to cats. Turkey, pork, chicken liver, and duck are the main ingredients in this protein-rich dish.

In addition to ground flaxseed, one fiber-rich component that can improve gastrointestinal motility, it contains several high-fiber binders. Furthermore, it contains chicory root extract, a prebiotic that promotes microbial activity and resolves digestive issues. 


  • Comprise of different fiber-rich ingredients to overcome digestive issues and improve digestive tract health
  • Primarily come from meat ingredients
  • Low carbohydrate profile
  • Resolves most digestion issues of cats


  • Cats with food allergy might not like it


One of the top brands of cat food is Wellness. With a fantastic assortment of high-protein foods mostly manufactured from animal sources, the Wellness CORE brand shines apart. Additionally, their Complete Health range is a great choice, especially if you select canned recipes instead of dry ones. And best of all their food is free from artificial flavors and promotes healthy digestion. 

Points to Ponder When Buying the Best Cat Food for Smelly Poop

The first thing you should consider when selecting a new food for your cat is the ingredients list. The following ingredients should always be present in food:

1. Balanced Nutrition:

A good supply of animal protein since cats are carnivores and need protein to meet a significant portion of their nutritional demands. In reality, no less than 26% of their meals should contain protein as a minimum. This protein should be the first food item and should come from a high-quality animal source, like fish, chicken, turkey, etc. Moreover, you should also look for farm-raised chicken as a source of protein in the food.

2. Limited Ingredients Food:

Allergies in cats or digestive problems will do better if their chow contains fewer components. Cat foods with limited ingredient cat food typically have fewer components than usual. And that can help to avoid the unneeded substances that lead to allergic response.

3. Healthy fats:

Cats require a diet high in good fats (about 20–24%) such as omega-6 fatty acids and high protein levels. You would believe that eating foods with more fatty acids will make cats gain weight, but in reality, if a food doesn't satisfy your pet's needs for omega fatty acids, they will consume more than they should. Additionally, animal-based fats like salmon oil and chicken fat must be consumed. Moreover, such fats can be supplemented with plant fats as well. In fact, you should give your cat quality nutrition.

4. Increased moisture:

Cats usually don't drink as much water as they ought to. Some believe this is a holdover from felines' primal habits when they would obtain most of the water they required from prey. However, a cat's body is largely composed of water, just like ours, so they must get what they need. They can achieve their goal by eating more moisture-rich foods, and drinking more water will also aid digestion.

5. Healthy fibers:

A cat food's fiber level need not be very substantial, but it should come from a reliable source, such as beet pulp or pea protein. Like humans, a source of fiber in food can improve your cat's digestion and produce less foul-smelling stools.

6. Carbohydrates that are simple to digest

Digestion is frequently a factor in the problem of getting rid of foul-smelling stools. It will help greatly if you feed your cat food that is simple to digest and have limited ingredient diets. Choose a meal containing carbs from sources other than whole grains because some cats may have no trouble digesting them while others may struggle greatly.

Why Does the Cat Poop Stinks?

The following factors can make your cat's poop smell highly awful:

1. Diet

Your cat may have unpleasant-smelling feces if its diet is unbalanced or difficult for them to digest.

2. Bowel inflammation disease

Food allergies frequently contribute to such health issues. Beef, fish, and chicken sensitivities are the most prevalent. Sometimes cats experience intestinal inflammation without being allergic, resulting in problems with stool in cats.

3. Parasites

Roundworms and coccidia are just two of the many parasites that are typical to outdoor-living adult cats and kittens. Giardia species and Tritrichomonas species are the parasites most likely to disturb a cat's digestive system. To eradicate these parasites, specialized testing and protracted treatment regimens are necessary.

4. Diseases of the liver or gallbladder

The liver produces bile and nutrients and filters toxins as a digestive system component. The gallbladder is crucial for assisting with meal fat digestion. A cat's excrement may smell foul if it has liver or gallbladder illness.

5. Pancreatic illness

The digestive system includes the pancreas, which supplies the enzymes required to break down food and absorb nutrients. Some cats get pancreatitis or persistent pancreatic inflammation. Rarely a cat's pancreas may become so scarred that it is completely useless.

6. Medications

Antibiotics, for example, can disturb healthy intestinal bacteria. The intestinal health of cats is impacted when aberrant bacteria take control after the usual bacteria are eliminated. This may result in unpleasant cat feces.

7. Stress

Because a cat's hormones vary under stress, stress can upset the stomach. Stress can alter a cat's intestinal health if it is a one-time occurrence (like moving to a new house) or ongoing stress (such as being picked on by a second cat).

8. Other ailments

Any sickness causes stress in cats because it causes them pain or suffering. Although some ailments are not necessarily related to the health of the cat's stomach, being ill generally might impact the gut.


There are numerous alternatives available for cats with sensitive stomachs and foul-smelling stools. Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Food is the greatest choice for smelly cat poop. Your cat is less inclined to react because it is produced using unique proteins.

We suggest Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Dry Cat Food as a less expensive choice. Even though it is far less costly than other possibilities, the initial component is still chicken. It is tasty. Therefore fussy cats might be able to eat it.

After reading this post, choosing the best food for your cat should now be a little simpler. Our reviews make it simpler for you to decide which meal would be ideal for you, and our buyer's guide ought to make it easier for you to sort through the multitude of characteristics.

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