Best High Fiber Cat Food For 2023

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January 1, 2023

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Cat’s parents understand the importance of offering diet-specific food to improve the health of their pets where need be. For cats, the best high fiber cat food option is important for cat growth and development benefits.

High-fiber cat food formulas constitute high-fiber ingredients ideal for solving or improving different cat life and health issues. Examples of ingredients used as sources of fiber cat food diets include whole grains and vegetables which are referred to as dietary fiber or prebiotics.

The key benefits of high-fiber-content cat food are reduced digestive issues, improved stool consistency, constipation prevention, eased hairball control, and weight management. Finding the right food product that provides a balance of these benefits depending on your cat's needs is key to exploring the need for high-fiber cat food.

The array of high-fiber cat foods in the market makes picking the best for your fur friend that will meet your preferences and your cat’s taste and nutritional benefits. We have compiled a list of our top picks in different categories to guide you through the best brand products to consider when planning your high-fiber cat diet.

7 Best High Fiber Cat Food For Your Ultra Cool Feline Friend

Here is a review of our top high fiber cat food picks.

natural balance cat food high fiber

The Natural Balance Ultra Dry Cat Food takes up the first spot in being the overall best high-fiber content cat food. The brand offers a well-balanced cat diet for all breeds and ages with a rich blend of fiber types and natural source ingredients.

The expert-developed formula offers fiber at the recommended size of 3% and high-quality animal protein sources at 34%. The flavourful and sweet aroma of chicken or salmon as the primary ingredients will be appetising to your cat and give essential protein sources for body development and fitness. The Omega-6 and Omega-3 rich formulas ensure your cat develops a smooth glossy coat and skin.

Its extra fiber blend is ideal for improving digestion for healthy stool from a well-balanced kibble. The high-quality ingredients are used to provide extra antioxidant vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system's health. The limited ingredient formula makes this food suitable for all breeds and ages' digestive tracts as it minimizes risks like allergies, stomach complications, or irritability from artificial colors or artificial flavors.

Where Is Natural Balance Ultra Dry Cat Food Produced?

Natural Balance Pet Foods is a famous pet food manufacturer based in America that prides itself on creating lifelong balanced food for different pets. The brand was established by Dick Van Patten in 1989 and has over the years grown its team of experts and production technology to offer the best food for pet parents globally.

Why Select Natural Balance Ultra Dry Cat Food?

Built on the aim of providing a natural balance of food for pets, Natural Balance Pet Foods has provided solutions using high-quality ingredients. The brand is centered on providing wholesome ingredients in formulas developed from thorough research and veterinary involvement. The Natural Balance Ultra Dry Cat Food is one of these high-quality solution to high-fiber diet cat needs making it a recommendable product based on pet experts and customer reviews. 


  • Limited ingredients reducing allergy and sensitivity cases
  • High-quality animal protein source for proper body development
  • Expert fiber blend for improved digestion
  • Suitable for all ages and breeds


  • Relatively costly


The Natural Balance Ultra Dry Cat Food takes our top spot in offering high-fiber cat food since it is made for all breeds and ages. Its development as a digestion promoter with a fully balanced cat meal makes it ideal for cat owners having a hard time deciding on their cat’s diet. This expert-endorsed product is ideal for pet parents as they are assured of the research-based solution to providing tasty and nutrient-rich food for their feline companions.

best high fiber cat food with limited ingredient

The Instinct Cat Food Limited Ingredient Diet Real Rabbit comes second in our high-fiber cat food offering a limited ingredient formula for the safety of your cat.

By using one animal as a primary ingredient and a vegetable with real natural ingredients, Instinct Cat Food Limited Ingredient Diet Real Rabbit makes food allergies and sensitivities at a minimum while offering proper energy levels for cats. The rich fiber for cats blend of green peas and mineral supplements makes this food easy to digest while offering essential vitamins and vital nutrients for a healthy companion.

The key ingredient is a fresh rabbit which offers a high-quality protein source for your cat’s development of the body and activeness. The rabbits used are farm-raised making this a human-grade ingredient that is easy to digest and has an aroma and flavorful taste. This creates an appetite for your cat and offers essential amino acids for a balanced meal for optimum cat health.

Where Is Instinct Cat Food Limited Ingredient Diet Real Rabbit Produced?

Instincts pet foods are manufactured in the United States facilities in Lincoln Nebraska. With over fifty years of research and technology development, Instincts products are renowned for their involvement with University of Nebraska nutritionists in creating pet food solutions.

The brand is certified as excellent in SQF Quality Certification, a standard used in North America for safety ratings for food products.

Why Select Instinct Cat Food Limited Ingredient Diet Real Rabbit?

Instinct is dedicated to improving the lives of pets by providing products to cater to the different needs of your companion. Focused on providing natural food for cats, Instinct uses years of research to formulate products like Instinct Cat Food Limited Ingredient Diet Real Rabbit with limited ingredients. This makes it the second runner-up for its well-balanced natural raw formula as a quality food that your cat will love as it promotes natural feeding instincts. 


  • Human-grade ingredients for a nutrient-rich formula
  • Limited ingredients reduce allergic and sensitivity risks for cats with food sensitivities
  • Pet experts recommend fiber blend for easy digestion and maximum health boost for healthy stool
  • Flavorful for an appetized cat to promote food intake


  • The small rabbit bits may sometimes get stuck in the teeth of your cat


Using a natural-inspired limited formula makes Instinct Cat Food Limited Ingredient Diet Real Rabbit stand out as a high-fiber cat food. The rawness and human-grade protein source ingredients plus fiber blend make this cat food part of the ultimate excellent source of high-fiber cat food suitable for all ages. The limited ingredient formula also minimizes risks of sensitivities or allergies making it ideal for all cat breeds.

orijen cat food with high fiber

ORIJEN® Dry Original Cat Food Premium is a high-fiber cat food that has an established premium quality that will give you value for your money.

If you have an extra budget for your furry friend and are in need of high-fiber cat food, this 40%protein rich food is the answer to a healthy cat. The ORIJEN® Dry Original Cat Food Premium formula is crafted to meet the biological diet needs of your cat using dehydrated turkey and chicken. The human-grade ingredients with a controlled blend of fiber by experts are air-dried at low temperatures preserving their natural taste and nutrient content for your cat.

The wholesome use of premium quality fresh meat, bones, fish, and free-range eggs sourced from trusted suppliers further makes this food product worth every penny. The blend of freeze-dried liver without artificial colors boosts the flavor and aroma of the food making it highly palatable as it appeals to nature-intended feeding instincts as a natural diet for cats.

Where Is ORIJEN® Dry Original Cat Food Premium Produced?

ORIJEN® is a renowned pet food and supplies brand established in Canada. The manufacturer focuses on creating food products from wholesome natural ingredients to create pet diet formulas that offer natural flavor, taste, and nutrient levels to pets like cats.

The vet-backed production team is at the leading front in providing air dried food at low temperatures making raw premium food for pets a reality.

Why Select ORIJEN® Dry Original Cat Food Premium?

ORIJEN® makes a great offer in providing the raw nature-like feeding experience for your cat by offering wholesome quality ingredients like high fiber and protein as provided for in their natural habitat.

By restricting the application of preservatives or additives to the food, the natural tasty source of food is retained making this product a top-tier health promotion as a premium product.


  • Human-grade animal ingredients for nutrient-rich portions
  • Provides essential proteins for proper growth and body build
  • A controlled blend of fiber in cat food for improved digestion
  • Natural raw production without artificial additives formula retains nutrients, taste, and aroma


  • High cost


ORIJEN® Dry Original Cat Food Premium is arguably the best premium high-fiber cat food in the market. The product offers high-quality, human-grade, state-of-the-art nutrient and aroma preservation technology for cats. This gives them a nature-inspired formula that appeals to their natural feeding routines for a balanced diet of premium quality.

iams high fiber cat food

The IAMS Proactive Health Original Dry Cat Food comes second in our list as a high-fiber dry kibble cat food to consider for a balanced healthy diet for your companion.

This tasty cat dry food offers a premium quality nutrient source of different types of fiber-balanced diets with chicken as the main ingredient making this expert-endorsed product ideal for your cat. The high-quality protein content aids in the development of the body's muscles for a fit cat.

The food has premium-quality fibers mixed with pulp and prebiotics are recommended for hairball reduction. Iams Proactive Health Original Dry Cat Food also has taurine and essential nutrients for a fit and active cat. The additional magnesium components help boost urinary health and the formula offers a low-calorie composition offer for weight regulation.

Where Is IAMS Proactive Health Original Dry Cat Food Produced?

Founded in 1946 in America, Iams has become a reputable company in the pet food industry. Its longevity in the market has seen it gain experience, expertise, and faculty development that provide vet and quality-approved products

Why Select Iams Proactive Health Original Dry Cat Food?

The Iams Proactive Health Original Dry cat food formula is a premium solution to your cat's high-fiber diet needs.

The unique blend of high fiber and human-grade chicken ingredients ensure your cat is not only protected from health complication but lives an active life.

The advanced Iams pet food production systems and expertise is also a key driver to this vet-recommended product for your companion. 


  • Premium blend of high fiber for hairball reduction
  • Tasty high protein diet sourced from real chicken without artificial flavors
  • Has antioxidants and vitamins for improved health and the digestive system
  • Has magnesium to promote the health of the urinary systems


  • May cause allergies to some cats as it contains grain wheat and gluten


Iams Proactive Health Original Cat food is an ideal fit for pet parents concerned about weight gain, digestion complications, and hairball conditions Its protein-rich formula offers high fiber content for urinary system protection and is a hairball-reducing promoter for a healthier cat.

high fiber cat food royal canin

Cats with gastrointestinal issues can benefit highly from the Royal Canin Vet Diet Gastrointestinal Cat Food specially formulated for reduced digestive complications.

This product cares about constipation and a sensitive stomach offering a blend of insoluble and soluble fibers sources. The high-quality fiber source reduces hairball development in cats reducing the occurrence and related gastrointestinal tract complications.

The Royal Canin Vet Diet Gastrointestinal Cat food is packed with omega-3 Fatty acids and DHA offering support for the digestive system functioning with rice and, dehydrated poultry protein as key ingredients with no artificial flavors. The formula is also developed to help reduce urinary problems and digestion issues through a mix of quality prebiotics that will be beneficial to your pet friend.

Where Is Royal Canin Vet Diet Gastrointestinal Cat food Produced?

The Royal Canin Brand is a 50-year-old pet producer known for its quality products globally. As a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated, a French company, they have become part of the revolutionary pet food producers with a reputable mark in quality diet solutions.

Why Select Royal Canin Vet Diet Gastrointestinal Cat Food?

The Royal Canin vet Diet Gastrointestinal Cat Food is a product of quality research spanning years of pet expert involvement. The use of modernised research and production system ensures quality control to solve gastrointestinal issues in your cat. 


  • High-quality fiber for reduced hairball conditions
  • Has omega-3 fatty acids and DHA for the improved digestive system
  • Formula designed without artificial additives to avoid digestive issues like stomach sensitivities and constipation
  • Has prebiotics that helps reduce urinary complications


  • Relatively Pricey


Some cats may be sensitive to food ingredients or constipation prone and need specially formulated food even for high fiber diet requirements. The Royal Canin vet Diet Gastrointestinal Cat Food is a top solution in providing a balanced diet for your cat while offering care for digestive, urinary, and overall body health.

blue buffalo high fiber cat food for kittens

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Wet Kitten Food is a flavorful wet cat food product formulated to provide optimum fiber for your kittens.

This product's key ingredient is real chicken without byproducts and gluten-free which provides essential proteins for kitten growth and development. Other ingredients include chicken liver, potatoes, and flaxseed which offer omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to your kitten for proper growth. The presence of taurine further aids in eye and heart health which is important in growing kittens.

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Wet Kitten Food also contains DHA similar to cat milk that offers nutrients needed for cognitive development-boosting healthy brain and eye functions in kittens. As a wet food, promote hydration in your kittens by offering high moisture content.

Where Is Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Wet Kitten Food Produced?

Produced by Blue Buffalo Pet Products, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Wet Kitten Food is an American-based product developed in state-of-the-art facilities.

The production centers adhere to a thorough six-point standard check by pet experts. 

Blue Buffalo Pet Products has grown over the years to become a well-known pet food producer with an array of positively reviewed products making it a brand to consider for your furry friend's needs.

Why Select Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Wet Kitten Food?

The dedication of Blue Buffalo Pet Products to offering quality solutions through an array of international standard products that are accepted globally. 

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Wet Food is one of the best well-balanced, expertly developed high fiber cat food. This food will ensure your kitten gets proper growth and additional health benefits from the fiber-rich quality ingredients used. 


  • It contains DHA important for the proper development of the eye and brain
  • Highly moisturised providing hydration to your kitten
  • Human-grade ingredient sources for a nutrient-rich feeding session without artificial flavors
  • Has taurine to promote eye and brain health development


  • Limited flavors and tastes available


The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Wet Kitten Food is an ideal product when fiber-rich food is recommended for your growing kittens. Offering proper hydration to your kitten as a wet cat food, an essential protein for body development, and fiber for proper digestion is a notable benefit desired by cat owners. The further addition of brain, eye, heart, and cognitive abilities promotes the brand as a kitten-friendly product that you should try for your young furry friends.

instinct high fiber cat food

The Instinct® Cat Food Raw Boost Mixers Digestive Health is the best in raw high-fiber cat food offering a tasty nutrient-packed food for a healthy active lifestyle.

The product uses raw quality ingredients under top quality standard care and inspection that are freeze-dried. The key ingredient in the formula is free-range chickens and does not include GMO ingredients offering a nature-oriented diet. These raw wholesome ingredients are freeze-dried to avoid tempering of the nutrients or tasty flavor of the quality protein nutrient sources.

Raw boost mixers and fiber-rich ingredients are used to boost healthy digestion and smooth skin coat. The product is grain free and does not contain potatoes, wheat, by-products, and artificial flavors that can cause digestive issues. The uncooked raw food further preserves the nutrient quality and raw taste for an appetizing food prompting the natural behavior of cat feeding.

Where Is Instinct® Cat Food Raw Boost Mixers Digestive Health Produced?

Instincts pet foods is a reputable United States product produced in facilities located in Lincoln Nebraska.

The company has over fifty years in the research and technology development of pet foods making revolutionary formulas in the industry. Partnering with the University of Nebraska, Instincts has offered client and vet-trusted products under the SQF Quality Certification protecting pet health globally.

Why Select Instinct® Cat Food Raw Boost Mixers Digestive Health?

Instinct has been at the forefront of pet invention and innovation that shaped the industry's understanding of raw food formulas.

Tapping into the natural instincts of pets, the experts at Instincts create food formulas that draw out the best pet feeding and digestion solutions.

The Instinct® Cat Food Raw Boost Mixers Digestive Health is an example of their quality products that offer a balanced high-fiber food with a raw taste that cats will love.


  • Rich in fiber sources and natural probiotics to boost digestive health
  • Made with free-range chicken for quality source of protein and whole-food ingredients for packed nutrient
  • Free from grains, artificial flavors, or preservatives that may cause food sensitivities
  • Freeze-dried to retain ingredient taste and nutrients


  • Limited flavor varieties


Instinct® Cat Food Raw Boost Mixers Digestive Health is our op pick for raw high-fiber foods promoted by its dedication to triggering cat feeding instinct using raw ingredients. The expert-researched formula ensures cats are healthy in overall while enjoying meals that have the natural raw taste they crave instinctively. The expert retention of nutrients, flavor, and aroma through freeze-drying technology makes the food ideal for maximum nutrient benefits.

High Fiber Cat Food Buyers Guide

The short digestive tract of cats does not promote the digestion of high amounts of fiber. This makes processing fiber benefits in cats challenging that needs proper vet insights or products to add digestible fiber for different health benefits.

The key tip is identifying the type of fiber that you feed your cat.

Fiber-rich food will contain crude fiber or dietary fiber and picking the latter is a crucial addition to your cat’s diet if you want to rip the benefit of fiber.

Crude fiber refers to indigestible carbohydrates and you will need dietary fiber from special ingredients as designed by vets and nutrient experts for cats.

Consulting your vet is ideal for feeding instructions pinpointing the need for fiber-rich cat food and the amount needed.

High fiber cat food is meant for different diet corrections, cats with sensitivities, or additions to boost the cat’s health, and finding the corresponding diet goal will require a suitable pick.

The following are some of the benefits to check for as recommended by the vet for your cat when purchasing high-fiber cat food.

Digestion improvement is the biggest benefit to check out for in high-fiber food. A good pick will ensure that the soluble fibers attract water to create a gel-like paste in the stomach for improved food breakdown by bacteria.

Stool consistency is a problem that high-fiber food solves by preventing constipation or diarrhoea problems in cats. Insoluble fibers make the cat's stool hard while soluble fibers make the stool soft to create stool consistency. Good high-fiber cat foods should be able to solve consistency issues if it is the proper fit for your cat's digestive system.

Suitable high-fiber cat food should also be able to reduce hairball problems for cats. High-fiber foods are designed to help eliminate hairballs from the gut of your cats. In addition, proper weight management in cats is another sign of an effect high fiber has in improving weight loss. Following these benefits, check out the best fit that your cat needs and go through our review to get an insight into top high fiber cat food.

Our reviews outline the best-performing cat food quality with different benefits for both the pet parent and the pet as reviewed by our team of experts. We have reviewed the common categories of interest for high fiber cat food to inform you of the best-performing brands in the market suitable for your cat.

Feel free to go through other pet food reviews for key information and guidance on selecting the best pet food and supplies. Gain pet insights from our trusted and experienced expert team for ideal diet plans that suit your pet's needs and preferences.

Common FAQs

Q.1 Do cats require high-fiber Food?

Ans. Cats are carnivores and generally need high-protein food as the key nutrient source. However, the development of certain health conditions raises the need for high-fiber diets.

Q.2 What are some of the benefits of high-fiber cat food?

Ans. Benefits range from improved stool consistency, reduced hairball problems, weight regulation, and ease of food digestion for reduced intestinal tract problems.

Q. 3 How is high-fiber food suitable for cats?

Ans. Fiber improves the digestion process as Soluble fiber absorbs moisture reducing the incidents of diarrhoea. In addition, since cats are obligate carnivores, the use of food high in dietary fiber promotes lean and healthy weight as cats will mainly feed on protein and rich fat-content food.

Q.4 What are some signs of the need for a high-fiber cat diet?

Ans. Your vet can best asses the need for adding high-fiber diets to your cat. Common digestion problems like diarrhoea, a cat with constipation, hairballs, and unhealthy weight gain should promote you to seek advice on high-fiber cat food.

Q.5 How does fiber regulate digestion and solve stool inconsistencies?

Ans. Insoluble fibers are not well digested making the stool hard avoiding diarrhoea while soluble fibers make the stool soft by attracting water and creating an easily digestible stool preventing complication for cats with constipation.

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