Best Senior Cat Food In 2023

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January 8, 2023

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Aging cats develop different nutritional needs with critical changes in their appetite and energy requirements. For proper care of their diet needs, you will need the best senior cat food available for the healthy aging of your furry friend.

The key difference between senior cat food and regular act food is in the diet nutrient content and health needs of cats in different stages. Senior cat foods target cats above eleven years with special formulae designed to provide optimal essential nutrients and energy levels for an aging cat. They take into consideration the loss of appetite, declining digestion ability and dental issues, and vulnerability to kidney issues in adult cats when creating diet plans for senior cats.

Different cat food brands provide a wide range of product choices for your senior cat which makes picking a suitable option for the needs of your companion challenging. For senior cats, soft, easily digestible food provides extra hydration and cares for kidney health is important. In addition, a good balance o protein and extra nutrients such as high-quality fiber, omega fatty acids, essential vitamins and antioxidants are vital for healthy aging.

As a pet parent, you will be tasked with the responsibility of taking care of your aging cat's diet plan and we are here to guide you. Our team has reviewed the best senior cat food to give you insights on the best options in different categories worth checking out.

7 Best Senior Cat Foods Your Ageing Friend Require Today

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wellness grain free senior cat food

The Wellness® Complete Health™ Grain Free Senior formula is our overall top pick for senior cat food products designed to cater to the energy requirements of aging cats that are less active.

The key ingredient in Wellness® Complete Health™ Grain Free Seniors is deboned fresh chicken which provides a high-quality animal protein source for your aging furry buddy. The omega fatty acids promote skin and coat health. This key ingredient is fortified with chondroitin and glucosamine for the development of healthy joints and hips.

The formula is centered around providing minerals and vitamins from natural ingredients that boost the immune system and a special WelFlex mix for hip and joint health in aging cats. L-Carnitine and healthy fibers promote slow metabolism as the natural ingredient formula offers excellent sources of essential nutrients for senior cats.

Where is Wellness® Complete Health™ Grain Free Senior produced?

The Wellness Pet Company is an American-based company that was founded in Gloucester in 1926. The company has provided renowned cat food products routed in their commitment to providing high-quality pet supply as supported by their vast research over the years.

Why Choose Wellness® Complete Health™ Grain Free Senior?

The Wellness Complete Health Senior Cat Food is t best in overall for providing senior cat interventions for healthy aging senior cats. Its formula is a result of experienced insights into cat life that your cat will benefit from based on long-time research by Wellness Pet Company.


  • Healthy fibers for smooth digestion and slowed metabolism
  • Strong muscles, hip and joint health support from chondroitin and glucosamine
  • High-quality protein source from deboned chicken
  • Essential minerals and vitamins from natural ingredients boost the immune system


  • Relatively pricey 


As your transition to senior cat food, picking an all-purpose and balanced diet product is crucial for a smooth change into a new diet plan. The Wellness Complete Health Senior Cat is our top pick in providing pet parents with food for senior cats with balanced nutrition with special care for aging health complications in most cats.

iams senior cat food

The Iams Proactive Health Healthy Senior formula is our runners-up for the best senior cat foods providing a tasty well-balanced diet for your aging companion.

The filler-free dry food is packed with high-quality animal-based protein from real fresh chicken. This offers your senior cat an excellent source of energy to be active and fit even in their old age. This flavorful cat food has the essential Vitamin E to boost the functioning of your cat’s immune system.

In addition, L-carnitine help regulate your furry friend’s weight as they are not active of the time. High-quality calcium and potassium ingredients boost strong bones and joints in your aging cat to keep them active to meet their daily movement requirements.

The crispy dry kibbles offer oral care by cleaning and removing accumulated plaque on your aging cat teeth helping resolve teeth complications common in senior cats. The flexible and easy-to-chew kibble makes this cat food to introduce to your senior cat making it ideal for your companion’s diet.

Where is Iams Proactive Health Senior Produced?

Founded in 1937, Iams Company is an American pet food brand that deals with pet foods and supplies for all ages. Developed under experienced pet nutritionists and vet experts, Iams has made remarkable pet food inventions through formulas like Proactive Health, Veterinary formulas, Healthy Naturals and Premium protection.

Why Choose Iams Proactive Health Senior?

Iams Proactive Health Senior Cat food is our second pick as it offers key essential ingredients for your aging companion. Its special oral and digestive care while providing a balanced diet makes this product a good option for most senior cats boosting their energy levels and overall health.


  • High-quality protein source from real chicken without fillers
  • Boosts strong muscles, bones, and joints
  • Offers weight regulation for senior cats for fit bodies and healthy muscle mass
  • Crunchy bites for oral care through the removal of plaque


  • Need to offer proper hydration to avoid constipation cases


The Iams Proactive Health Senior Cat food is our second runner-up for its special formula that considers senior cat needs for all breeds and ages. This cat food offers well-balanced diets that provide vital nutrients to both indoor and outdoor senior cats main it is ideal if you have different cats.

royal canin senior food

The Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Oral Sensitive 30 Dry Cat Food is the best type of food for special care of senior cats that are prone to dental complications.

In their senior years, most cats are likely to develop teeth issues resulting in dental problems that can affect feeding and cause discomfort to your cat. The Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Oral Sensitive 30 formula boosts the removal of plaque through an active dental formula that reduces plaque mineralization to reduce its build-up.

The product offers a well-balanced diet for senior cats with high-quality natural ingredients for a tasty flavor. This product is an excellent source of taurine to regulate eye and heart functioning boosting the eyesight and overall body health for a fit and active feline friend.

Where is Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Oral Sensitive 30 Dry Cat Food produced?

Mars Incorporated has a reputation spanning over 50 years with renowned pet solutions in the pet industry. The Royal Canin is a subsidiary of the company and its exceptional formula for cats of different ages and categories under established international policies for pet food production.

Why Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Oral Sensitive 30 Dry Cat Food Choose?

The Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Oral Sensitive formula is ideal for senior cats developed in state-of-the-art facilities under expert care. With special dental formula care for adult cats, the product offers a solution for pet parents with senior cats with dental problems.


  • Easy to chew kibble
  • Active dental ingredients reduce plaque build-up
  • Has taurine to boost eye health and heart care
  • Special formula for reduced hairball complications


  • This food is relatively expensive compared to other options


Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Oral Sensitive 30 Dry Cat Food is our best pick for oral care providing specialized control and treatment of dental problems in senior cats. If your furry friend is not comfortable processing food this is your best option to provide full nutritional balance with teeth care.

purina one senior cat food

PURINA ONE® 11+ Chicken and Whole Grains is a special diet formula with the best dry cat food that supports healthy body condition maintenance. The tasty easy to chew chicken flavor kibble offers appetizing touch to encourage healthy feed intake in senior cats.

Senior aging cats suffer from body damage at the cellular and organ levels which results in weight loss over time. The PURINA ONE® 11+ Chicken and Whole Grains formula has Vitamin E that actively helps repair cells. The balanced protein-fat ratio promotes energy production with reduced weight loss.

The key ingredient of fresh chicken forms a high-quality source that provides essential proteins that your cats need to maintain its body. The rich blend of minerals and vitamins offers vital immune system support for a healthy cat by promoting healthy bones, joints, and body functioning. The inclusion of beneficial functional bacteria that with proven scientific support to your aging cat's natural defenses further makes this dry food stand out.

Where is PURINA ONE® 11+ Chicken and Whole Grains Produced?

The Ralston Purina Company established in the United States is the manufacturer of PURINA ONE® 11+ Chicken and Whole Grains Dry Cat food. The high-quality ingredients are sourced under strict international pet standards as reviewed by top pet nutrition experts and manufacture in modern technology boosting nutrient retention.

Why Choose PURINA ONE® 11+ Chicken and Whole Grains?

The PURINA ONE® 11+ Chicken and Whole Grains is the ideal dry cat food that provides weight loss and healthy active senior cat care. Ralston Purina Company is an internationally recognized brand with significant strides in pet nutrition solutions making their products the best in the market. This dry cat food formula provides our senior cat with the chance of prolonged life supported by its well-researched and vet-recommended cat food.


  • Has vitamins E & C that assist in cell repair
  • A quality blend of vitamins and minerals to boost immune health
  • No artificial flavors or additives reduce allergic or sensitivity risks
  • Expert balance of protein to fat ratio to reduce rapid weight loss problems


  • Can cause constipation if enough water is not provided


PURINA ONE® 11+ Chicken and Whole Grains is our top pick in dry cat foods as it offers a well-balanced senior cat diet with weight loss regulation solutions. Senior cats are prone to rapid weight loss making this product formula an ideal option for pet parents worried about the steep weight loss in their aging cats.

Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Mature

Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Mature cats are grain-free food that offers delicious wet soft food ideal for a senior diet.

The product is made from high-quality grade chicken ideal for providing an essential protein source to your senior cat. The gluten-free cat food with no artificial additives for a sensitivity-free meal to avoid allergies and reactions.

The Blue Buffalo Freedom Can food is a tasty wet food with wholesome ingredients from a human-grade blend of fruits and vegetables. These provide essential vitamins to boost the immune systems of senior cats with an appetizing touch for proper feeding.

The smooth pate texture of Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Mature cat food promotes easy chewing and digestion. This makes it the most preferred wet food brand for senior aging cats that are prone to developing dental problems.

Where is Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Mature Produced?

Blue Brand offers the best pet solutions based on health-promoting diet plans since. The American brand is reputable for creating premium and high-grade formulas for pets with a recognized presence globally.

Why Choose Blue Buffalo Freedom, Indoor Mature?

Blue Buffalo has an established reputation as a dep because every pet is different, we have formulas made to meet the specific nutritional needs of all pets. No matter the age, breed size, or dietary need, you’ll find a wholesome formula to support your best friend’s healthy lifestyle.


  • Grain-free reducing allergy reaction risks
  • Quality human-grade ingredients with no by-products
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives reduce digestive issues and risks
  • Smooth pate texture for easy chewing and digestion


  • The formula is for indoor cats and not ideal for outdoor cats


The Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Mature is our best pick for wet food for its delicious and appetizing formula for senior cats. The nutritious blend of fruits and high-quality protein ingredients provides a tasty easy-to-digest wet food that catered to your aging feline friend's diet needs.

hills kidney k/d

Senior cats are prone to kidney complications as they age leading to reduced nutrient absorption. Pet parents with such companions need cat food that caters to chronic kidney diseases and Hill's Prescription Diet k/d is our top pick in this category.

Hill's Prescription Diet k/d offers therapeutic kidney care for senior cats by using digestible ingredients and absorbing nutrient sources to reduce the workload on kidneys. The formula allows you to meet senior cats' nutrient needs with kidney issues even when they experience appetite loss through Enhanced Appetite Trigger Technology.

Developed under the guidance of top research scientists and pet experts, Hill's Prescription Diet k/d is a tasty food option for your senior cat with extra kidney care. With chicken as the key ingredient, this flavor-filled food kibble will be your furry companion's favorite in no time with the added advantage of a fully balanced nutrient plan for healthy aging.

Where is Hill's Prescription Diet k/d produced?

Beginning its operation in 1948 in the United States, Hills Pet Nutrition is a renowned brand that offers therapeutic pet nutrition products for different categories and breeds. Their nutrition solutions are based on offering easy-to-digest formula food products through long-term research and modernized technology geared towards the care of pets such as a senior cat.

Why Choose Hill's Prescription Diet k/d?

The Hills Pet Diet is a top nutrition US Veterinary approved product that needs a prescription for access. Its kidney care formula is recommended for senior cats with special technology to ease on their kidney workload.


  • Helps regulate the kidney workload function
  • Has Enhanced Appetite Trigger Technology to stimulate appetite for healthy weight
  • Nutritionally balanced to provide vital nutrients to senior cats
  • High-quality protein source from real fresh chicken 


  • Relatively expensive


Hill's Prescription Diet k/d takes our top spot for kidney care, an attribute highly desired in senior cats as they are prone to kidney damage. The research-backed formula of this food product and the need for a vet prescription for special care of diet concerns make it ideal for your aging seniors’ cat with kidney complications.

purina pro plan for urinary tract

Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Adult Canned Wet Cat Food provides the best value as senior cat food with its special urinary care.

The Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract key ingredient is real meat, poultry, or fish that provide a variety of flavors without the need for additives or artificial flavors. Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract canned food is an expert balance of protein required by your senior cat with extra care for its urinary system.

This moist food is easy to chew and digest and provides hydration to your senior cat. This formula provides an optimized nutrition diet that supports the well-being of senior cats while regulating the pH and magnesium levels to protect urinary systems. This promotes the overall well-being of your senior cat as urinary complications are common in aging cats.

Where is Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Adult Produced?

The Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Adult Cat food is an American manufactured product designed for senior cats by Ralston Purina Company. The brand has built its reputation over the years as a urinary health research facility for pets with proper nutrition benefits.

Why Choose Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Adult?

A healthy urinary tract is crucial to the overall well-being of senior cats making it a key concern for pet parents with aging companions. The Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract canned food provides a solution based on years of research by an established brand to give your senior cat a boost in protecting it from urinary health issues.


  • Flavor varieties for increased appetite depending on the cat's favorite tastes
  • High-quality protein source from wholesome ingredients
  • Special formula for urinary health care
  • Moist food provides extra hydration to your senior cat


  • Not recommended for cats with sensitive stomachs


The Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Adult Cat is a result of long-term research on the functioning of urinary health and is picked as the best in value. The product additionally takes care of your fur buddy from uncanny problems apart from its nutrient-packed ingredients for tasty healthy living food for seniors.

Buyers Guide for Best Senior Cat Food 

Cats will spend almost half of their lives as senior cats in their life stages and making sure the diet plans meet their nutritional needs are met is crucial for longer companionship. Prone to different health complications posed by their aging in different life stages, senior cats will require special food to be healthy. Senior cats are not as active as they were when young implying, they require less energy for exercise and movement.

You will need professional insights on their nutritional needs to avoid overfeeding which may cause obesity or underfeeding causing unhealthy weight loss. Senior cats have problems processing and producing certain types of minerals and electrolytes. This makes it important to feed them food that is fortified with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Senior cats will need food that is packed with natural sources of antioxidants and essential vitamins that are vital in keeping your companion active and healthy in their old age. Senior cats are also prone to developing sensitives when aging and some may have allergic food reactions. Picking a senior cat food that is considerate of allergies or sensitivities and uses natural ingredients for your cat ensures you avoid medical complications.

As age advances, senior cats lose their appetite and their tolerance to different food ingredients. When feeding your furry buddy, observe their reaction to the food provided to understand their preferences and tastes. The diet plan settled on should promote food intake by being appetizing as its crucial in senior cats with decreasing appetite.

Taking your cat to the vet for insights on the best food plan at senior cat life stages is important as each will have varying nutritional and health issues. Taking care of health complications and prolonging the life of your senior cat is the key target and vets can offer professional advice on promoting healthy aging. Using these insights, you can try out different varieties until you settle on the best for your cat's taste and your preferences according to your budget and convene niece.

Are you Interested in more insights and reviews on the best products for your pet? Browse through our team of experts and picks on the best options available for your cat to make the ideal plan for your companion. Get information for informed choices based on your cat's age, nutritional requirements, the product's value, company dedication to pet health and client support reviews to know approved brands that offer the best services in the market.

Peruse our pet food reviews and gain knowledge on tips for fulfilling your responsibility as a pet parent today. Get insights on product ingredients, quality standard approvals, and general guidelines on picking the ideal meal plan for your furry buddy today!

Common FAQs: 

Q.1 At what age is a cat considered a senior cat?

Ans. The Pet Health Network places seniors’ cats as the ones above nine years old depending on your veterinary age timelines. Senior cats range from the ages of nine to thirteen while cats over fourteen years are known to be as geriatric.

Q.2 Why do senior cats need more protein?

Ans. Cats naturally need plenty of protein to maintain their body throughout their lives. Senior cats however do not have the capability of processing protein as they did when young. To compensate for the declining protein digestibility, senior cat diets will require easily digestible high-quality protein to meet their dietary needs.

Q. 3 Does my senior cat require supplements?

Ans. Cat supplements should be given when recommended by veterinarians. Your senior cat will require a proper expert diagnosis to pinpoint the best supplements is need be for your cat based on their needs.

Q.4 Is it normal for cats to develop sensitivity in their old age?

Ans. As cats age, your companion will have a declining ability to digest some food ingredients. This may cause sensitivities in senior cats for food they did not have reactions to when they were young. Food with ingredients from natural sources with no artificial additives is recommended to avoid sensitivities.

Q.5 Do you need veterinary recommendations to change to senior cat food?

Ans. Different senior cats will have varying nutritional requirements based on their health conditions. While there are overall healthy senior cat foods available, getting a vet's insights to take care of issues such as health complications and diet needs.

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