Best Cat Food For Hair Loss in 2023

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January 1, 2023

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I would be highly incorrect if I say that as a pet parent you may have not experienced hair loss in your cat. Hair loss is typical when animals lose their winter coats. However, if they experience unnatural hair loss, something may be wrong. Let us look at the reasons and which cat food for hair loss will help in its prevention. 

The most significant reason to consider hair loss in your cat is the food you offer them. But do not have to worry. It is something you can change, isn't it? There are several cat foods for hair loss, but pet owners get confused while buying them. Here is the detailed guide to make your decision easy. Rest is the your choice. 

If you think you're cat is shedding too much, you need to stop immediately.

Cats spend much time grooming themselves—up to 50% of their wake time. Too much might result in skin blisters, infection, and hair loss. A warning sign is when your cat appears to be more preoccupied with licking its fur than playing or eating.

When I thought of suggesting the best cat food product for this health issue, I found several diamonds in the market. However, If we look at a complete solution to fix every problem of your cat, not limiting to only hair but every health aspect, you will be delighted to know Smalls have your back.

5 Best Cat Food to Stop Hair Loss

hair loss problem in cats

Like humans, cats also lose their dead hair. Your cat's undercoat will change twice a year naturally, beginning in spring and fall. However, if you see that they are consistently losing hair, it may be a clue that something is amiss, and more often than not, it is their food.

Let's get to the best products category-wise to help you pick your diamond from the pile. 😉

Your cat might start experiencing hair loss or poor-quality fur if their food isn't giving them the nutrients their skin and coat require to keep them healthy. Thicker, brittle hair and even hair loss can be caused by a person's diet lacking high-quality protein or a protein that is too difficult to digest.

30% of the protein supply is used up by the renewal of skin and hair cells. Therefore, even a minor lack of critical nutrients will impact look and quality.

Hair Care Plus could support maintaining healthy skin and fur. Essential fatty acid-rich oils support the coat's healthy luster. The skin and coat are nourished by a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

smalls cat food for hair loss

Smalls Smooth Bird's formula includes all human-grade ingredients that are carefully boiled and shredded into a smooth texture. This meal features chicken thighs, breasts, and liver.

The chicken thigh is the first ingredient in this recipe. As a result, it contains more fat than most standard cat foods. In addition to the chicken, this meal features a variety of veggies such as green beans and kale.

Chicken is the primary protein source, however, limiting protein sources for cats with sensitive stomachs is frequently advisable. As a result, I also advise this recipe for cats who often have digestive problems.

Like all Smalls' recipes, this dish uses only sustainably sourced and USDA-certified ingredients. Additionally, many believe this meal is healthier for the environment than other alternatives since it only uses responsibly sourced products.

All Smalls dishes are uniquely created in the US and cooked in various American kitchens all around the country. Most likely, this specific brand is produced in Chicago, Illinois, before being sold across the rest of the US. They rigorously test each batch for salmonella and other food-borne infections to guarantee that the food is secure and nutritious for your cat.

Why Choose Smalls Smooth Bird Recipe Among All?

Smalls cat food is the best overall choice for meals that will keep your cat's skin and hair healthy. A wide range of wet food choices is available from this subscription-based product, in addition to several varieties of freeze-dried raw and kibble cat food.

Real muscle meat, organ meat, and nutritious veggies are just a few of the nutrient-dense elements that make up these dishes. They include many omega-fatty acids, which are good for your cat's heart, joints, skin, and coat. In addition, they provide a considerable amount of protein to help the coat develop healthily.

It is a fantastic choice for cats with dietary allergies since each dish only uses one protein source. To ensure that you never run out of food for your cat, you may choose how frequently you'd like to receive food shipments. You can adjust your subscription settings at any time. This brand of cat food is expensive.


  • Rice and lamb are the primary components
  • Omega-6 fatty acids abound
  • Available in four bag sizes
  • Rich in fats
  • US-made


  • Expensive
  • Contains gluten


The smartest overall choice for meals for your little paw friend to maintain their health, skin and coat is Smalls cat food. Real muscle meat, organ meat, and nutritious veggies are just a few of the nutrient-dense elements that make up these dishes. They include many omega-fatty acids, which are suitable for your cat's heart, joints, skin, and coat. In addition, they provide a considerable amount of protein to help the coat develop healthily. 

royal canin food pouch for cat food for shedding

Consider Royal Canin Hairball Care Dry Cat Food if budget is not a major constraint. It costs more than many comparable options as it offers nutrients that are superior to many. This one addresses the issue of hairballs and makes them readily digestible with their carefully developed recipes.

A hairball is an accumulation of cat hair that your cat will either vomit up the clump, or it will pass through the digestive tract.

What happens to the hair that cats shave off when they groom themselves? It lands into their stomach! Many breeds, especially those with long hair, are prone to regurgitating hairballs frequently. Although this is common, a balanced diet may help lessen the effects.

In conclusion, this is one of the best cats foods to aid with shedding and hair loss which is my second best recommendation.

Why choose Royal Canin Hairball Care Dry Cat Food?

Royal Canin Hairball Care Dry Cat kibble contains 338 calories per cup. In addition, there is 8% moisture, 13% fat, 8.4% fiber, and 32% protein. Its high fiber and mucilage content facilitate digestion thereby avoiding development of hairballs.

The recipe also calls for psyllium seed husk, which offers additional beneficial insoluble fibers. The nutritional profiles for the primary components are all adequate for general health. If hairballs aren't your major issue, your cat may not gain much out of this.


  • Decreases hairballs and hair loss
  • Encourages healthy skin and fur
  • Provides digestive system support
  • Increases cat's resistance and immunity
  • Aids in keeping a healthy weight
  • Encourages dental health


  • Some cats do not like the recipe


Given that it has all the wholesome components your cat needs in one formulation, Royal Canin is among the finest cat feeds and one of the best cat foods for hair loss. With the help of this item, your indoor cat will be able to keep a healthy weight and stop shedding. It promotes the cat's digestive and immunological systems while promoting general wellness.

Purina on cat food for shedding

As one of our great choices, you might wish to look at Purina ONE Hairball Adult Formula Dry Cat Food if your cat won't stop licking till they develop bald patches. It can provide complete nourishment while assisting with those hairballs. Additionally, it's the most cost-effective cat food for hair loss and shedding.

My cat is prone to plaque buildup in her teeth, and she wouldn't even let the vet check at it, so that I gave this one a go. It appears to be effective in helping some pet owner's maintain their cats' teeth clean with the advantage of shiny hairs.

The main issue I have with dry cat food is that it sometimes is too rough. Senior cats find it challenging to chew correctly because of this. Purina ONE Hairball Adult Formula can be a well-suited choice for your cat if you have the same problem.

Why choose Purina One Hairball Adult Formula Dry Cat Food?

The real chicken was listed as the first component on the label, which I found appealing. Thirty-eight grams of lean protein are present in each cup of this cat food. Your cat's ability to achieve its nutritional demands is ensured by including vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

This dish is loaded with fiber to facilitate easy digestion and prevent hairballs. This kibble has 445 calories in one cup. 14% fat, 34% protein, 12% moisture and 4.5% fiber are all included in this dish.

Purina ONE hairball Adult Recipe may be an excellent option if you're searching for dry cat food that is specially formulated using a formula suggested by veterinarians to help minimize hairballs. It contains a unique combination of dietary fiber to avoid hair buildup in the digestive system. 


  • A fiber mixture to assist in reducing hairballs
  • Authentic chicken is the first component
  • Contains vital nutrients, vitamins, and omega acids


  • Not suitable for senior cats


This meal's Smart blend of nutrients is exclusive to the bag in which it is packaged. Your cat's nutritional needs have been carefully considered, and this product provides natural fiber to satisfy those needs. If you are low on the budget and want to provide a sufficient diet for your cat, you should look at this best-value cat chow that helps minimize shedding.

best cat food for hair loss hills science

If your cat like chicken, we recommend Hill's Science Diet Adult Wet Cat Food with Real Chicken. Hill offers enough omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E in the food, which helps your cat's skin and coat stay healthy.

Veterinarians recommend this American-made food for cats with sensitive tummies who require an easily digestible meal. It has no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The primary ingredient is chicken, which contains 29% protein. Cats allergic to gluten cannot use the formula since it contains corn gluten meal.

It's a little pricey, but the nutritious value makes up for it. It comes in three sizes: 3.5 pounds bag, 7 pounds bag and 15.5 pounds bag.

Why choose Hill's Science Diet Wet food?

This particular Hill's Science Diet variation was created by adding essential requirements for adult cats. Adult cats typically experience urinary problems and a decline in their fur coats as they age.

This cat chow could be an excellent option if your cat has both shedding and urinary system problems. According to the manufacturer, this product is intended to support healthy renal function in canines as well. 

This senior cat's wet cat food includes antioxidants and vitamin E, which will aid the cat's immune system and its ability to fight off illness. As a result of the large amount of vitamin E that it contains, it also encourages healthy skin and hair.

This best cat food for shedding option provides high-quality lean protein to assist your cuddly kitty in maintaining muscle mass, which I enjoy. Protein and antioxidants aid in the restoration of hair coat that may have been damaged by aging in cats. 


  • Chicken-made
  • US based
  • Veterinary recommended recipe
  • Rich in antioxidants


  • Expensive


Three distinct tastes are available to provide your cat with variety with only natural ingredients. With 90 kcal of calories per can, this cat food will give a senior cat all the energy they need without going overboard. This wet cat food is excellent if you are taking care of an adult cat because it rates highly for nutrition, flavor, and calories. Hill's Science Diet cat owners chose Wet Cat Food because of its reduced phosphorus content, which is advantageous for cats with urinary tract health problems. Some customers mentioned that the texture of the turkey taste was strange and dry.

Iams Proactive Health Turkey Dry Cat Food is nutritious and well-balanced cat food for felines with skin and digestive problems. Iams has been in business since the 1940s and offers formulae suited to your cat's unique needs.

Why choose Iams Proactive Health Dry Cat Food?

The most prominent ingredients is turkey, which contributes 33 percent of the overall protein. It has no harmful chemicals and has an abundance of omega fatty acids, which promote radiant skin, shiny hair and a soft, resilient coat.

It is devoid of soy and wheat and contains prebiotics and beet pulp, which assist with digestion.

Since it does include chicken by-products, not all cats may be able to consume it. Although there are fewer calories in this meal than in some other cat feeds, the three different bag sizes, low cost, and additional nutrients make it the finest cat food for healthy skin and coats.


  • The first component is turkey
  • Affordable
  • Available in 3 bag sizes
  • Has beet pulp in it for simple digestion


  • Uses chicken by-products


If you are looking for food that is affordable and will provide all the essential nutrients to your cat with essential vitamins and omega fatty acids, this is the choice. This product is very reasonable.

best cat food for hair loss purina pro plan

The next item I picked for you is high-grade turkey protein content and digestive system support, making it one of the best cat meals for hair loss you can discover. This cat food is one of the best if your cat has a sensitive stomach and you're seeking the finest diets with sensitive stomachs to assist with hair loss problems. Additionally, this mixture helps to nurture delicate skin.

Purina Pro Plan Adult Formula Dry Cat Food is a fantastic option for cats with skin sensitivities.

Why choose Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Lamb & Rice Formula Dry Cat Food?

You may give your little fur friend this adult dry food from the Purina Pro Plan Brand filling her dish with it. It will provide your cat with a diet that has been carefully crafted to maintain its health.

The first component in this recipe for sensitive stomach is lamb, and each item was carefully selected for a particular function. They use rice and oats as it is soft on your cat's digestive system and easily absorbed by the body. 

Every serving is enhanced with live probiotics that are guaranteed to be active to strengthen your cat's immune and digestive systems. This recipe's omega fatty acids, vitamin A, and other nutrients to nourish your cat's coat and skin.

This ultra-premium dry cat food allows you to provide your adult cat with the nutrition she needs for her healthiest self since it has 100% complete and balanced nutrition.

It is reasonably priced and available in bags of 3.5 pounds, 7 pounds, 16 pounds, or 22 pounds. Due to its nutritious richness and variety of bag sizes, this food is a fantastic option for healthy coats and skin despite the few fillers.


  • Rice and lamb are the primary components.
  • Omega-6 fatty acids abound
  • Available in four bag sizes


  • Contains gluten


This meal's primary ingredients are lamb and rice, which are necessary for healthy skin, hair and coats. Not only rice and oats supports not only your cat's healthy coat but also benefits digestion. For cats that are allergic to peas, it is also pea-free. If your cat has a gluten allergy, avoid this food since it includes a corn gluten meal.

What Leads Cats to Shed?

In most cases, a cat's shedding is not harmful. And your veterinarian can help you treat it for the most part. What are the typical causes of cats' excessive hair loss, then? Here are the prime reasons:-

cat lying on floor hair shedding

1. Poor Dietary Choices

Because each cat is unique, what works for one cat may not work for another. Nevertheless, some commercial cat feeds don't offer enough nutrients to satisfy all of your cat's daily needs. It's critical to select one that provides sustenance from head to tail.

A cat needs a lot of protein for its skin and hair to develop and function properly; over 30% of its daily protein consumption goes into repairing and regenerating its skin. Thicker, brittle hair and even hair loss can be caused by a diet lacking in high-quality protein or a protein that is too difficult to digest.

Cheap cat food with insufficient nourishment might dull your cat's hair and increase her natural shedding.

2. Allergy

A common cause of hair loss in cats is nutritional intolerance. Food allergies vary widely from one another. You may need to conduct food trials and testing if your cat has an allergy which is difficult to identify.

A protein source frequently causes cat food allergies; however, it can also be caused by grains or synthetic substances in the formula.

Cats sweat a lot because of excessive scratching and sensitivities to things like cat food (including its ingredients), the environment, or other pollutants. An allergy is typically a chronic illness that may be controlled with proper diet and medications.

3. External Parasites

Your cat may experience severe itching and scratching from parasites, including fleas, lice, ticks, and mites which may result in hair loss.

Every cat owner understands the need to treat external parasites as these tend to suck our pet's blood. They may take over in no time and are irritating. Cats might be allergic to flea bites even though they are tiny parasites.

4. Medical Problems

Several illnesses might make cats shed excessively. These include renal disease and metabolic problems.

With hypothyroidism, your cat's thyroid generates insufficient hormones, which underlies the gland's reduced activity. There are many possible signs, but brittle hair and hair loss are two of the more prevalent ones.

Ringworm and other fungal skin diseases can irritate the region and result in areas of hair loss. Additionally, it could result in severe itching, which might prompt biting, scratching, and hair pulling.

5. Anxiety or stress

Cats, like us, may also experience stress. Numerous factors might cause cats to feel agitated, frequently leading to excessive self-grooming and hair loss. 

6. Aging

Older cats could find it more difficult to groom themselves than younger cats, resulting in matted fur or more shedding. Contrarily, pregnant cats shed due to hormonal changes.

Common FAQs:

Q.1 Why does my indoor cat have so much shedding?

Ans. Cats shed their hair, just like we people do. Cats typically shed more hair as the temperature warms up in the spring. However, cats also lose hair due to health problems, including stress, poor diet, allergies, medicines, infection and sunburn. Regularly brush and groom your cat.

Q.2 Are indoor cats seasonal shedders?

Ans. Not all cats lose their dry hair in the fall, creating a place for a thicker winter coat or heavy winter undercoats in the spring. Cats who live inside all year round may shed consistently.

Q.3 Can I shave my cat?

Ans. Yes, it is OK to shave your cat's fur during the summer to help it cool off and somewhat minimize shedding. Make sure to read a guide to understand how to do this if you are a newbie or get expert assistance from those with more experience. Instead of using haphazard scissors, see a professional groomer and make sure to leave at least half of your cat's fur. You can cut a little in winter as mother nature has provided your cat with a natural way to keep them warm and shed their coat in summer to cool them.

Final say

You want the best cat food for your pet, whether you've always loved cats or are a new cat owner. The information on the label is crucial. Real healthy cat food will include elements that speak for themselves.

Many cat food recipes as being intended to reduce shedding will nevertheless work (and function spectacularly) if they contain all the necessary nutrients and ingredients for your cat.

Most of the time, the shedding will cease if you can correctly control your cat's food.

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