9 Best Cat Food For Shedding in 2023

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January 1, 2023

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It can be very annoying when your cat leaves a load of hair on the couch or bed. Shedding is natural and cannot be stopped completely, but improving your cat's coat and skin condition can help reduce excess shedding. Today, we are going to look at our best picks for cat food for shedding. 

Excessive shedding in cats can be an indication of an underlying health problem, such as stress, allergies, skin problems, or poor nutrition. Going through the process of eliminating the problem can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many foods on the market that are specifically formulated for cat coat problems that cause shedding.

One important reason for cat shedding is unhealthy skin and coat. Proper nutrition is the foundation for healthy skin and coat. So, when your cat suffers from excessive shedding, the first course of action is to change its diet. Make sure you consult your veterinarian before you change your cat diet.

Your cat will probably need a prescription for food from the vet.

You need to find a suitable cat food for your feline pal, which is rich in essential nutrients that improve your cat's coat health and control its excessive shedding problem.

The ideal cat food for shedding should contain a high percentage of animal protein and fat. If you are looking for the top cat food for shedding, look no further, we are here to provide you with the best information on this subject. The following are the best cat foods for shedding in this year. 

cat lying on floor hair shedding

Our favorite choice is Smalls Fresh Cat Food. This is without a doubt one of the best choices available in the market today.

The brand has homemade recipes that do not contain grains, carbs or any other filler. And if you are looking for other options, like a special formula or food for obese cats, we've got you covered, too.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best cat foods for shedding with the features of each of our choices. The details on each product are provided below.

Our 9 Top Cat Food Brands for Shedding – At a Glance

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, our cats start to shed their winter coats. And while shedding is a natural process, it can be frustrating for us when we see all that hair around the house. If you're looking for a way to help your cat shed less, here are some of the best foods to try:

  • Smalls Fresh Ground (Best Overall )
  • Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food (Best Senior Cat Food)
  • Blue Buffalo Hairball Control (Best Indoor Cat Food)
  • Purina One Hairball Formula (Best Dry Cat Food)
  • Wellness CORE(Best Cat Food for Shedding and Urinary Health)
  • Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free (Best Wet Cat Food)
  • Taste of the Wild Cat Food (Best Highly-digestible Cat Food)
  • Dr Elsey Clean Protein (Best Cat Food for Managing Shedding)
  • Royal Canin Hairball Care Dry Cat Food (Best Cat Food for Shedding and hairball)

  • smalls cat food to prevent vomit in cats

    This is our first and overall choice, when it comes to the best cat food for shedding. This cat food is tasty and has the extra fish oil your cat needs for a healthier coat. Some of the other favorite ingredients include turkey organ and fresh turkey; these are the two main sources of protein. 

    It also contains goat's milk, turkey eggs, Smalls vitamin and mineral supplement mix. This natural cat food does not contain flavors, colors, grains or fillers. Human-grade protein is used to make a portion of minced fresh cat food or freeze-dried to create high-quality protein crunchy bites.

    Why Should You Choose Smalls Fresh Ground Cat Food?

    The company uses organ meats that are high in B vitamins and other essential minerals like phosphorous and iron in their cat food recipes to help improve your cat's health. Small cat food recipes usually mix chicken meat, bones and animal organs. They even have a cow recipe for cats that can't eat birds.

    This food is balanced and perfect for improving your cat's health and minimising shedding. It is prepared by certified animal nutritionists and manufactured in a USDA-inspected human food processing plant in Chicago, Illinois.

    They deliver whole, human-grade cat foods to your door when you order so that you can feed your cat fresh food without the stress of making it yourself. Small cat food is perfect for cats who crave the best food possible, and we believe your feline pal will love it.


    • It contains high-quality animal protein
    • Fresh food prepared with human-grade ingredients
    • The carbohydrate content is low
    • Cats enjoy the taste of this food.


    • The major source of extra fat is plant-based


    Small cat food is our overall choice for cat shedding because of its premium ingredients that are both reliable and species-appropriate. The ordering process is fantastic, and the customer service is prompt and accommodating. The company's homemade cat food recipes are healthy and rich in protein and nutrients that many other companies cannot compete with. Although Smalls cat food is more expensive than other brands, their high-quality, protein-rich formulas are well worth the cost.

    hills science cat food for shedding

    This cat food is made with all genuine and required ingredients; it is known for helping senior cats maintain healthy kidneys by providing adequate levels of magnesium.

    The use of fiber in it helps in treating the problem of hairballs. It contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which help to improve skin condition

    Since cats are known to have sensitivities to water, keeping them hydrated can be quite difficult, this cat food can work wonders in this area of controlling cat shedding.

    Why Should You Choose the Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food?

    Older cats tend to shed more than younger cats; this is because they groom themselves less. As your cat ages, its hair also undergoes certain changes. This cat food is specially designed to support ageing-related changes like shedding in older and mature cats.

    Every cat owner knows that cat dental care is important to a cat's overall health and well-being. This cat food is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar builds up on your cat's teeth.

    It can be very disturbing to watch your cat eliminate a hairball. This cat food will be the perfect blend of natural fibers to help reduce hairball formation, maintain healthy skin and coat

    Excess weight can affect a cat's health and longevity. This cat food is specially designed to help your cat achieve and maintain a healthy weight for a better quality of life.


    • It is easy to digest
    • It is low in calories
    • Rich in natural fibers
    • Antioxidants are included to support your cat's immune system
    • The natural fibers in it help reduce hairballs
    • It supports healthy skin and a shiny coat
    • It support shiny coat and healthy skin


    • It is a bit expensive


    It appears that Hill's Science Diet took enough care to formulate cat food that would meet the necessary standards. Older cats over the age of eleven may eat it because it has natural fibers that won't disturb their delicate stomachs. It also contains vitamin E and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to maintain healthy hair, coat, and skin.

    blue buffalo cat food for shedding

    This is an excellent food for owners who want to feed their cat a grain and gluten-free diet. The blue is made with the best natural ingredients specially selected to meet the nutritional needs of indoor cats. It has high protein content and contains no fillers that can cause allergic reactions or reduce digestibility.

    From hairball and weight control to sensitive stomach and shedding problems, Blue Buffalo has formulas that suit all of your cat's life stages and lifestyle requirements. This will be a good choice if you feed your cat only natural food. The manufacturer interacts directly with veterinarians and nutritionists to target specific cat health problems, especially hairballs.

    Why Should You Choose Blue Buffalo Hairball Control?

    Blue Buffalo cat foods are packed with real chicken, which gives your cat high-quality nutrition with a lot of healthy insoluble fibers to improve your cat's digestive system.

    This cat food is made of delicious and high-quality chicken with carefully balanced calories that help maintain a healthy weight, as well as a unique blend of natural fiber sources like cellulose and psyllium seeds to reduce hairball formation.

    The main ingredient in this cat food recipe for shedding is real boneless chicken. It contains 397 calories in a serving. These are 32 percent crude protein, 15 percent crude fat, 6 percent crude fiber, and 9 percent moisture, with a lot of fatty acids to keep your cat's skin and coat healthy.

    It takes care of Indoor cats' different dietary needs, as there is a blend of omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to improve your cats' immunity. The fibers help reduces hairballs.


    • The natural chicken flavors have been preserved
    • Supplement with other vitamins, whole grains and vegetables
    • It contains all essential nutrients to meet indoor cat’s nutritional needs
    • Contains real meat and no by-products, fillers or artificial flavors
    • High-quality protein from shredded chicken breast


    • Pickier cats may not like the taste
    • Some owners complain about the greasy residue it leaves


    This is a great low-cost choice for cat owners who wish to manage shedding without compromising too much on ingredients. It provides some of the best recipes featuring an easily digestible diet made from cat food formulas that are high in protein and contain high levels of fiber from real meat sources. With its special combination of cellulose and psyllium seed husks, Blue help reduces cat hairballs naturally.

    Purina on cat food for shedding

    This cat food is formulated specifically with a veterinarian-recommended formula to help reduce hairballs. Purina one hairball formula is a great choice for cat shedding. It contains a special blend of dietary fiber to prevent hair from building up in the digestive system. Purina one also aims to improve the cat coat condition to reduce shedding.

    Why Should You Choose Purina One Hairball Formula?

    You can feed your cats with a smart mix of high-quality ingredients that include a natural fiber-rich mix to help reduce and control hairballs. It comes with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support your adult cat’s health with 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition.

    The natural, high-quality ingredients in Purina ONE cat food have extra vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support your cat's overall health. Every formula has just real meat and zero filler, which will entice your cat to come back meal after meal.

    Purina One Hairball Formula has been carefully made to provide natural fibers and meet all of your cat's health needs. If you are on a tight budget and looking to save as much as possible while feeding your cat a proper diet, this is the best value cat food to reduce shedding.


    • It reduces hairballs production
    • It is affordable
    • SmartBlend nutrients
    • It is made of easily digestive ingredients


    • Customers' complaint of damaged can during delivery


    This cat food target hairballs by using fiber that can gather the hair and make it easier for them to release. Purina One Hairball Formula also improves your cat coat condition to minimize shedding. It includes vegetables and fruits to boost vitamins and minerals. Purina One also contains grains, which may not be a problem if your cat is not allergic to them. Some cats are sensitive to grain, so be aware that this can cause an allergic reaction.

    cat food for shedding

    This is a high-protein cat food recipe that cats will love. The delicious taste of chicken, turkey, and liver blended with a nourishing mix of omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and taurine boosts your cat's immunity, skin, and muscle.

    Wellness cat food is made with premium ingredients and is ideal for all life stages, from kittens to adult cats. Even though kitten will need a different product, this cat food is regarded as one of the best foods for cats with dry skin problems.

    Why Should You Choose Wellness CORE Cat Food?

    This is a high-quality cat food brand that offers a natural diet for cats since its main ingredient is real meat. They also include other healthy ingredients such as turkey liver, potatoes, peas, and flax seed that ensure healthy stools.

    Each can of this recipe contain 101 calories, with 12 percent crude protein, 7 percent crude fat, 0.5 percent crude fiber, and 78.0 percent moisture. It's a perfect way to give your cat an extra boost of water and protein at the same time.

    The addition of cranberries also supports urinary tract health and digestion for easy elimination. It contains no harmful fillers, preservatives, and artificial colors. It does contain potatoes, which many cats are known to find irritating.


    • It is free from artificial ingredients
    • Low carbohydrate and plant content
    • Perfect nutritional balance for adult cats
    • Cats seem to enjoy eating this diet


    • It contains cranberry and carrot, neither of which is necessary for cats


    Wellness CORE fits perfectly into our protein and fat target ranges, making it an excellent choice for managing shedding with food. It is one of our best choices because it also features premium ingredients with all six of the main ingredients coming from animal sources. This is one of the most recommended foods for cat shedding.

    instinct original for cat hairballs

    If your cat loves wet food, this cat food from Nature's Variety might just be the perfect choice for cat shedding. Nature’s Variety offers wet food in two different serving sizes, which allow you to choose based on how much your cat eats at each meal. 

    It has no fillers or grains; about ninety-five percent of the diet is made up of protein, which consists of chicken, turkey, and chicken livers. This cat food is made with real meat first, vegetables fruits, and other nutritious ingredients.

    Why Should You Choose Nature’s Variety Instinct Cat Food?

    As the name implies, this wet cat food contains no grains or fillers. It is made with cage-free chicken, turkey and chicken liver, which make up 95 percent of the cat food based on composition.

    Cat owners, who bought this cat food from Nature's Variety, say even their fussy cat loved it. This definitely looks delicious. The fact that it has a pate texture and is grain-free, with no fillers makes it one of the favorite wet cat food choices for shedding.

    The good thing about Nature's Variety Instinct cat food is that the brand specifically ensures that the high-quality protein content comes from a responsibly sourced chicken. So, if you are looking for complete, well-balanced cat food for shedding, you can try Instinct.

    It is available in multiple tastes and you can choose from duck, beef, lamb, fish, rabbit, and venison flavors for your fussy cat. All of these options are high in protein and are naturally favorite food choices for cats and are best served to reduce cat shedding. 


    • It contains a mixture of muscle meat and organs
    • Made mostly from animal protein sources
    • It doesn’t contain any animal by-products
    • It has low carbohydrate content
    • It relies on animal-sourced fat


    • A little expensive


    If you are looking for meat-centric and color-free cat food, then this cat food is the perfect choice to consider. With the choice of limited-ingredient recipes and formulas that focused on novel proteins, this food is a promising choice for cats with shedding problem.

    Taste of the Wild food for hairballs

    This cat food may not have the same ingredients quality level as the other dry foods on this list, but it still meets the minimum protein requirements and is high in fat. This makes it the perfect affordable cat food choice for shedding. It is good for sensitive cats because it uses fresh protein and no grains.

    Protein sources include venison, salmon, and trout. Vegetables are included to provide vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. There are wet canned food and dry kibble formulas, with high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 to improve your cat coat condition. Many cat parents report good results using this food to minimize shedding.

    Why Should You Choose Taste of the Wild Cat Food food?

    Taste of the Wild offers protein as the primary ingredient, which creates solid muscle and healthy hair growth. There are 350 calories in each cup. It has 10 percent moisture, 3 percent crude fiber, 16 percent crude fat, and 32 percent crude protein.

    Another advantage of this diet is that it contains live probiotics that are guaranteed to help with gut health. It also contains tons of minerals, and healthy fatty acids to give your cat the nutrition she needs. It's also a low-calorie food, so it works well for indoor cats with shedding problems.

    Taste of the Wild includes novel protein sources, such as smoked salmon and roasted venison. All ingredients are easy to digest and provide enough energy to keep cats active. 


    • It Promotes hair growth
    • It is grain free
    • Live probiotics to aid digestion
    • Excellent for domestic cats
    • It contains viable probiotics
    • It includes several meat proteins
    • It is not expensive


    • It is high in carbs


    As you can see, this is a little above-average cat food. If you are looking for an economical brand that produces meat-centric, grain-free foods, then taste of the Wild can be a perfect choice for you. It mostly targets dry food consumers. Its protein and fat content make it a great choice for cat shedding.

    cat food for shedding dr elsey

    This is one of the best cat foods on the market, it is the best rated by many cat owners. It contains ninety-five percent proteins and does not include grains or gluten. It has everything you would expect to see in a cat food made to reduce and control shedding.

    The protein quality is high standard; this makes it a very delicious and nutritious diet for cats and will go a long way in reducing shedding. Though vegetables like peas and carrots are very popular these days, especially in grain-free foods, this is one of the few vegetable-free recipes.

    Why Should You Choose Dr Elsey Clean Protein Cat Food?

    If you are looking for a high protein and low in carbohydrates cat food, this cat food is for you. Also, you can avoid a variety of inflammatory ingredients known to cause allergic reactions in cats.

    It is ideal cat food for any cat with a sensitive stomach because the recipe contains all-natural ingredients, with no artificial colors or major allergens.

    Dr Elsey Clean Protein is one of the few gluten-free formulas that don’t contain controversial or questionable ingredients. The five main ingredients are all animal-based sources, chicken and eggs offer animal protein and help keep the cat's coat shiny.


    • This is one of the few available cat foods in the market that contains no vegetables, fruits or grains
    • It contains no inflammatory ingredients that can cause allergic reactions
    • It has low carbohydrate content
    • It contains animal-sourced fats
    • It is a high protein and low carbohydrate diet
    • It has a perfect recall history of ZERO recalls


    • It is expensive


    Dr Elsey's Clean Protein Formula is not just a good cat food for shedding. It is one of the best cat foods on the market regarding high-quality ingredients. This is one reason I can recommend it to cat owners who want to reduce shedding and improve their cat's coats.

    royal canin food pouch for cat food for shedding

    Royal Canin was developed by renowned veterinary professionals and experts in animal nutrition. The company produces nutrient-specific solutions backed by science to help your cat's attaining optimal health.

    It contains a lot of protein and fat and is a complete and balanced meal. It also includes important proteins, vitamin B, and omega oils for a healthy coat.

    Why Should You Choose the Royal Canin Hairball Care Dry Cat Food?

    This cat food contains 338 calories, with 32 percent crude protein, 13 percent crude fat, 8.4 percent crude fiber, and 8 percent moisture. It's high fiber and mucilage content aid digestion, and prevent the development of hairballs.

    Additionally, this recipe contains psyllium seed husk, which also has insoluble fiber to help. All of the primary ingredients also meet the nutritional specifications required for cat overall health.

    For adult cats, Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Hairball Care Dry Cat Food is designed to provide a balanced diet that is nutritionally complete and can help avoid the formation of hairballs.


    • The Ingredients are rich in fiber
    • It meets all nutritional profiles
    • It is from a reliable company


    • An expensive choice of cat food


    If money is not the problem, consider Royal Canin Hairball Care Dry Cat Food. It costs more than many comparable choices, yet it offers nutrients that are better than many. With its well-prepared recipes, this cat food addresses the problem of too many hairballs, making it easy to digest. This is one of the best cat foods to help with cat shedding problem.

    Our Final Thought

    Choosing the best food for shedding can be complicated, but having a few guidelines helps you make the right decision. I really research the market to come out with the best cat foods for shedding.

    In fact, I have researched a lot of brands and hundreds of recipes to narrow down to these nine. You are free to choose any of the diets mentioned above if you want to reduce shedding. It is best to check whether or not the diet is the best choice for your cat. For this, consult your veterinarian. 

    Common FAQs:

    Q.1 Is Fish Oil Good for Cat’s Health?

    Ans. Your cats can benefit greatly from fish oil. It is a useful ingredient that can ease joint pain, heart disease, and kidney disease in cats. Also, feeding your cat fish oil can reduce shedding and improve hair shine and density and makes it smoother.

    Q.2 What breed of cat sheds the most?

    Ans. Most cats shed, but because of genes, some bred like Himalayans and Bengals are more likely to shed excessively. In addition, some varieties, like Sphynx, have been developed to be hairless. While the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex will experience limited shedding.

    Q. 3 What causes cat alopecia?

    Ans. Alopecia refers to hair loss; it is a common problem among younger furry animals or those who have health issues. Cats can have alopecia due to parasites, skin allergies, or fungal problems like ringworm. Other causes include excessive thyroid, hormone imbalance, or high amounts of steroids in their body.

    Q.4 How to Reduce Shedding In cats?

    Ans. The following are some of the ways you can reduce shedding in your feline pal:

    • Frequent grooming and brushing your cat’s hair
    • Feeding your cat special diets or dietary changes
    • Periodic bath times
    • Keep the cat hydrated

    Q.5 What is the best food to help my cat’s shedding?

    Ans. For normal shedding, your feline pal will need foods rich in minerals, nutrients, and omega-3s. This protects your cat's hair from shedding excessively and gives it a smoother appearance. Cats don't shed hair at the root, but only shed dead hair from their skin during grooming.

    Q.6 What can I do if my cat shed so much and have dandruff?

    Ans. You must first have it checked by a veterinarian before determining whether they are experiencing a hormonal imbalance. Most cats naturally shed on a daily basis during the summer and winter months, but if they also have dandruff, they may be getting the wrong kind of food.

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