Best Cat Food For Constipation in 2023

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January 1, 2023

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If you have a cat, you would know how overwhelming it can get when your cat is constipated. Although, constipation is a relatively common problem experienced by many felines, it can also lead to further problems. This post will help you select the best cat food for constipation. 

Chronic constipation in cats can cause a lot of discomfort and restlessness in your feline friend including lack of appetite, weight loss, an unhealthy gastrointestinal tract, and dry stools.

The most common cause of this condition is dehydration, but it also often happens because of a range of underlying issues like nerve problems, anxiety, electrolyte imbalance, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Nutrition is an important factor to consider when you're noticing constipation symptoms in your kitty. The most important dietary factors to consider are water intake, soluble and insoluble fiber, and diet digestibility

You need to find a suitable cat food for your feline, which is loaded with key nutrients that improve your kitty's digestive health and manages its chronic constipation problem.

The perfect cat food for feline constipation should have increased dietary fibers, a lot of moisture content, beet pulp, and abundant nutrients with a flavored fiber supplements.

I have compiled a list of the top cat food brands that can alleviate your cat's constipation problem. Make sure to visit the vet if your feline feels lethargic and unwell. 

Our favorite option is Smalls Fresh Cat Food

When it comes to taking care of constipation, it is no doubt one of the best options available in the market today. They have homemade recipes that do not contain carbs, grains or any other fillers. 

But, if you're looking for other options, like a specialty formula or food for cats that are obese, we’ve got you covered there too. 

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Top Cat Food Brands for Constipation – At a Glance

7 Best Cat Food for Constipation in Cats Reviewed

The information shared on the following formulas adheres to AAFCO’s nutrient profile guidelines. Please don’t switch your cat's food without consulting with your vet, especially if they’re dealing with acute constipation. 

Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Dry - A Healthy Choice

4. Royal Canin best cat food for constipation

Royal Canin is a reliable cat food brand created by esteemed animal nutrition specialists and veterinary experts. This company manufactures science-backed formulas containing precisely every nutrient to help your feline achieve optimal health.

Royal Canin produces a lot of specialty blends for cats who have specific conditions and characteristics. They manufacture several formulas for different cat breeds, a Renal blend for cats with kidney problems, a Glycobalance formula that is only available by prescription, and a Urinary formula.

This company was first founded in 1968 by Jean Cathary in a small town in France called Puy-en-Velay. Today their company has manufacturing plants located all over the world. Although their headquarters are based in France, they have manufacturing plants in Missouri, South Dakota, and Canada.

Why Should You Choose the Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Dry Cat Food?

Best cat food for constipation

One of Royal Canin's specialty blends is the Gastrointestinal formula for cats who have difficult bowel movement. The Royal Canin gastrointestinal dry kibble is specially designed for cats who are going through constipation. This high-fiber cat food formula contains all the essential prebiotics and vitamins like Vitamin E, B1, and B6, which help balance your feline friend's gut health.

With this blend, symptoms of constipation like vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite will also improve. This formula contains other important ingredients: DHA, a blend of fibers, and omega fatty acids to give your cat proper nutrition and a healthy coat.

This cat food also eliminates the formation of urinary crystals in your kitty's bladder and supports their intestinal movement.

The Royal Canin gastrointestinal wet food is also full of moisture to give your cat proper hydration. This wet canned food is made with a moderate level of calories to calm your kitty's stomach down. This option has been approved by many veterinary experts and also helps your cat maintain weight. This wet cat food has meat by-products, corn flour, 6.5% of crude protein, turkey broth, duck, and small amounts of crude fat.


  • Has a high protein content with protein and different types of fiber from various sources including turkey liver, turkey broth, tuna, etc  
  • Has an abundance of vital nutrients that promote gut health and alleviate digestive issues
  • Contains a low level of calories, so your cat does not gain weight
  • Specialty formula for feline constipation with high water content that improves bowel mobility and improves digestive tract function
  • A high-protein natural treat
  • Canned food is very flavorful and palatable
  • Approved by vets


  • An expensive option of cat food
  • Contains controversial ingredients like animal by-products, corn, and wheat gluten can be unhealthy
  • Contains too much liver, which can lead to vitamin A toxicity


Royal Canin is a premium cat food brand that creates science-backed formulas for felines who need an extra dose of proteins and essential vitamins. Their formulas are specially designed by esteemed animal nutrition specialists and veterinary experts who have extensive knowledge about a cat's specific diet.

Although their cat food recipes are not budget-friendly and much costlier than several of their competitors, Royal Canin ensures a protein-rich fiber diet that aids digestion for any cats with digestive issues.

Smalls Fresh Cat Food – Cat Food for Picky Eaters

Smalls cat food is a relatively new cat food brand that specifically makes cat food for finicky eaters.

Established in around 2017, Smalls cat food believes in using only cat-specific ingredients to give cats a proper dose of protein and nutrition they actually require.

Their 'About Us' page gives a complete history of cat food and links it with their mission to find the most specie-appropriate diet for cats.

Smalls cat food likes to have a cat's dietary needs at the forefront of all of its recipes. Many animal nutritionists suggest Smalls cat food for kitties with gastrointestinal issues since they use human-grade meat and other premium-quality ingredients.

Small cat food is manufactured in the US with ingredients sourced from the US and Canada. They use human-grade meat and vegetables cooked to perfection and then shipped directly to their subscriber's homes.

Why Should You Choose Smalls Cat Food for Your Cat?

Smalls cat food is one of the best options when it comes to feline constipation.

Their hearty meals are actually homemade recipes that do not contain carbs, grains, or other inexpensive fillers that can hurt your kitty's sensitive digestive tract or urinary health.

They offer two options for your feline: human-grade fresh food and freeze-dried raw food. Many pet parents have reported that their cats instantly started to get healthier after they fed Smalls to them. 

Their cat's energy levels were more balanced, stool less stinky and hard, and sleeping schedule improved.

Smalls use organ meat in their cat food recipes which are highly concentrated with Vitamin B and other essential minerals like phosphorus and iron that helps to improve your cat's health. Their recipes usually blend chicken meat, bones, and animal organs. They even have a Cow recipe for felines who cannot eat poultry.

Since Smalls is subscription-based pet food, some pet parents find this option a bit on the expensive side. However, when it comes to your feline's health, price does not matter.

This pet food is packed with protein and nutrients that alleviate your cat's constipation issues and helps them feel healthier.

Other than a few controversial ingredients that aren't species-appropriate, like peas and vegetable oil, this cat food ensures a well-balanced diet.


  • Protein-rich cat food that is also a fiber diet  
  • Homemade recipes perfect for an upset stomach
  • Balanced ratio of all nutrients
  • Rich in moisture to help your kitty hydrate and alleviate signs of difficult bowel movements
  • Species-appropriate beneficial ingredients


  • A costlier option
  • Contains peas and vegetable oil
  • Not the best option for felines who have specific chronic conditions


All in all, Smalls cat food remains our top choice for feline constipation because of its top-tier ingredients that are not only species-appropriate but are reliably sourced. Their homemade cat food recipes are wholesome and rich with protein and nutrients that many other companies cannot compete with. Smalls cat food is not a budget-friendly option, but their premium-quality and protein-abundant formulas are worth the price.

Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Grain-Free Canned Cat Food – Optimum Human-Grade Carnivore Diet

weruva best cat food for constipation

Originally founded in 2007 by Stacie and David Forman, Weruva cat food contains high-quality ingredients with fresh-human grade meat.

The couple started Weruva because they were unable to find good quality cat food for their pets. Every pet parent wants to give the best to their furry friends; this is why Weruva created some of the most nutritious recipes meticulously manufactured in their USFDA-approved processing plant.

This family-owned business is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, and supplies its cat food in European Union, the US, UK, Australia, and Japan.

Why Should You Choose Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Grain-Free Canned Cat Food?

Although Weruva makes a variety of cat food recipes that is suitable for all cat breeds and ages, their grain-free canned cat food is a home-cooked hearty meal that is bursting with flavor. The grain-free cat food is entirely free of any grains, cheap fillers, or hard-to-digest ingredients like rice, corn, and wheat  and is the best choice for cats with sensitive stomachs.

This canned food recipe consists primarily of lean chicken breast and has pumpkin to give it additional fibers that ease digestion. Each bite of Weruva's wet cat food is rich in protein and natural soluble fibers to help your kitty maintain optimal health.

The company prides itself on the meat they use in its recipes. Weruva believes that since cats are obligate carnivores, it's best to give them a diet full of meat from different meat varieties that are fit for human consumption.

Even though its manufacturing plants are in Thailand, Weruva meets all the requirements and standards set by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). 


  • Free of grains, GMOs, MSG, or any starches
  • Rich in high-quality protein
  • All ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced
  • Approved by the BRC


  • Not manufactured in the US
  • Primary ingredients are sourced from overseas
  • Wet canned food is costlier than dry kibble


Weruva is a family-owned company that only uses the highest-quality ingredients to give your kitty a balanced and healthy diet. The company uses real meat from various protein sources, and its ingredients are fit for human consumption.

Even though Weruva headquarters are in the US, their processing plants are located in Thailand, lowering the price of their premium-quality pet food. Their cat food is loaded with natural fibers but is still a more expensive option for pet parents searching for budget-friendly options. 

Blue Buffalo Wilderness – Protein-Rich Diet for a Healthy Oxidative Balance

best cat food for constipation

Another one of our favorites, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness cat food, is an outstanding source of protein for your constipated feline. The Blue Buffalo Wilderness cat food was founded in 2003 and has since established a robust reputation for being one of the market's most premium-quality cat food brands.

The company started as a dog food brand but gradually expanded its business and became one of the best cat food brands that feature real meat and essential vitamins. This family-owned business was later acquired by General Mills and currently has numerous state-of-the-art manufacturing plants based in the US.

Why Should You Choose Blue Buffalo for Your Cat?

The Blue Buffalo Grain-Free Dry Cat Food formula has been specifically designed to help cats with constipation reenergize with all-natural ingredients. Their dry cat food blend is claimed to be 'Nature's Evolutionary Diet' because it supplies everything your feline instinctively craves while easing their digestion.

Blue Buffalo’s wet food and dry food are both loaded with real chicken, providing your feline high-end nutrition with many healthy insoluble fibers that improve your cat's digestive system.

Some of their high-fiber ingredients include potatoes and peas. Another revitalising ingredient they add is LifeSource Bits, which are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to boost your cat's energy.


  • Budget-friendly cat food
  • Includes a variety of amino acids and omega fatty acids
  • Has an abundance of proteins and insoluble fiber which promotes regular bowel movements
  • Contains a lot of fat content in the form of omega-3 fatty acids


  • Has a sizeable recall history
  • Less fat than cats require


If you want a budget-friendly option for your little feline, Blue Buffalo Wilderness offers some of the most excellent recipes with a digestible diet made with and cat food formulas that are rich in protein and have high fiber levels from real meat sources. They even have a lot of fat content and antioxidants that support your kitty's immune system and gastrointestinal health

This cat food option is affordable, has plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and DHA, and has a high moisture content to give your cat a healthy and appropriate diet. Although Blue Buffalo does not have the most sterling reputation when it comes to recalls, their nutrition-rich blends give cats a healthy heart, gut, and eyes. 

Nulo Freestyle Recipe Grain-Free Canned Cat Food – Fiber-Filled Cat Food

cat food for constipation

Since fibers are a crucial component that helps your cat's digestive issues, especially feline constipation, it's important to find a cat food that is packed with healthy fibers.

Nulo's Freestyle Recipe is the perfect fiber-packed diet with top-quality ingredients perfect for cats and kittens with sensitive stomachs.

Nulo cat food is a California-based company that sources all of its ingredients from the US. Their cat food recipes come in a range of textures, including dry cat food, wet canned cat food, and freeze-dried toppers.

Why Should You Choose Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Canned Cat Food?

Nulo's grain-free cat food recipe consists of real turkey, chicken, turkey liver, broth, and tuna. These essential ingredients are super beneficial for cats because they are filled with pumpkin fibers and additional vitamins from tomato and dried kelp to promote your cat's gastrointestinal health and heart health.

Nulo's cat food recipes are 83% proteins and full of real fruits and vegetables, including cranberries and chickpeas. They only use natural ingredients, so their cat food has antioxidants and plenty of minerals for a healthy immune system and a healthy intestinal tract.

Nulo's wet cat food is highly palatable and completely grain-free. Although our cats love this cat food for its taste, it does not contain any specialised ingredients that help with symptoms of constipation.


  • Contains premium-quality ingredients
  • Free of grains and starches
  • All ingredients are ethically sourced from the US
  • High-nutritional value
  • Turkey is the first ingredient
  • High fiber-content
  • High moisture content, which is good for hydration


  • Some cats don't like the flavor
  • Not specifically designed for gastrointestinal health
  • Not a budget-friendly option


Nulo's cat food recipes are gaining quick popularity because of their ultimate commitment to pet health and the use of high-quality ingredients. Nulo offers several tasty recipes that are available in dry and canned forms, but their grain-free formula is loaded with natural pumpkin fibers which will improve your cat's gastrointestinal health in no time.

Nulo's recipes are formulated to provide your feline with adequate nutrition with a balanced ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets –A Digestible and Tasty Treat

purina pro plan fot cats

Purina Pro Plan cat food offers special recipes and formulas designed to enhance your feline's performance and energy levels and improve any health conditions. The Purina company claims that all of its formulas have been created by a team of food scientists and pet nutritionists to give your cat the perfect diet.

Nestle owns Purina Pro Plan cat food, and they have manufacturing plants all over the US. Although most of the ingredients they use are sourced from the US, they also import a few from around the world.

Why Should You Choose the Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Cat Food?

The Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets is a specialty formula that consists of a blend of premium-quality ingredients that are very beneficial for optimal weight in adult cats. Sometimes cats can have constipation if they have gained a lot of weight.

With this Purina Pro Plan recipe, your cat will receive all the proper nutrients and protein without the extra unhealthy weight gain. This blend has the perfect protein-to-calorie ratio, and balance of moisture which builds muscle without your cat gaining extra pounds.

This cat food recipe includes amino acids like Taurine for eye development, DHA for brain development, and chicken liver for an abundance of protein.

The best part about Purina Pro Plan is that they never use any animal by-products and 60% of their recipes are protein. One of the ingredients that are essential for feline constipation is natural fibers. Purina cat food contains plenty of natural fibers that help keep your cat's systems running smoothly. 


  • Comes in Ingredients sourced from the US
  • Multiple flavors and bag sizes
  • Formulated especially for adult cats to help them maintain optimal weight
  • Contains a lot of natural fibers to alleviate any cat constipation symptoms and improve bowel mobility
  • Affordable option
  • Easily available at the stores


  • Some recipes can have low-quality ingredients
  • Might include artificial flavors and coloring


In conclusion, Purina Pro Plan is an affordable and high-quality cat food option that cats love. Their flavors and textures are super delicious and rich in protein and carbohydrates. This cat food is very easy to find, and its specialty formula is the perfect blend to save your cat from obesity-related health issues.

But if you're careful about the quality of the ingredients, Purina Pro Plan does not use the highest-quality ingredients that other competitors use. But if your feline is gaining extra weight and is experiencing constipation symptoms, Purina Pro Plan is the right cat food to get your cat on a healthy track.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Turkey & Duck Pate Canned Food

Wellness Pet Food is one of the largest pet food brands in the US that creates holistic cat food recipes with high moisture content to mitigate any symptoms of an upset stomach.

This company uses natural ingredients that are carefully selected to prolong your kitty’s life and ensures a healthy stool and regular bowel movements.

None of their recipes have wheat, corn, soy, or any other cheap fillers that upset your cat's stomach.

Wellness Cat Food is made by WellPet LLC, a subsidiary of the Berwind Corporation that is situated in Philadelphia. Their manufacturing plants are based in Indiana and all of their dry cat food is made in the US.

Why Should You Get Wellness Cat Food For your Cat?

Wellness is a premium cat food brand that offers a natural diet for felines since their first ingredient is real meat. You will also find other healthy ingredients like turkey liver, peas, pea protein, potatoes, and flax seed which ensures a healthy stool.

While this cat food might contain more botanicals than other canned cat foods, this is not the best choice everyday feeding. But you can opt for giving this to your feline around two times per day since it is beneficial for constipated cats.

This cat food also contains prebiotics which encourage probiotic activity.


  • Uses natural ingredients to formulate a natural diet for cats
  • Grain-free recipes
  • Includes Taurine for heart health
  • Filled with omega fatty acids
  • Uses real meat as their first ingredient
  • Does not include any artificial flavors, colors, or indigestible matter like cheap fillers


  • Not a budget-friendly option
  • Fat content can be less than what cats require
  • Heavy on botanical ingredients


Wellness cat food provides a high-quality natural diet for your cat is rich in moisture content and emphasizes on using natural ingredients. Their cat food recipes include real meat and a lot of plant-based fibers and proteins that are good for alleviating any signs of constipation in cats.

This cat food brand is a bit expensive and lacks adequate fat content, but their high-quality ingredients and high-fiber content makes it worth it.

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Being a pet parent is no easy job. You need to look beyond your feline's furry little face and pink nose and find out what it specifically requires to stay healthy and strong. But if your cat is having digestive issues, severe constipation, and experiencing signs constipation , it's important to get to the root of the problem and find a diet that will help your feline feel strong and steady again.

Finding the right high-fiber cat food can be a daunting experience. You need to study all the nutritional values and the ingredients listed on the back and perform extensive research. You may even have to go to extreme lengths to find all the specialty formulas and fiber supplements specially designed to help your cat feel better when it's sick.

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