11 Amazing Homemade Cat Food Recipes That Will Delight Her

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May 22, 2022

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I spent my entire evening researching the best homemade cat food recipes and then I planned the following post especially for you. 

As cat lovers, it is imperative for you to maintain a healthy and conducive environment for your feline friend. You consider them as your family and love spending time with them. 

There's a well known saying that goes, "there's nothing quite like homemade food".

Homemade cat food recipes are simple to prepare and nutritious. Over and above it has their own health benefits and advantages over the regular cat food

You are free to customize the food ingredients to meet the individual needs of your pet. 

The ingredients can address problems pertaining to stomach issues, skin allergies, diarrhoea, intestinal tract issues, chronic kidney disease, food allergy, weight issues, or gastrointestinal tract troubles etc. 

Make your own treats using these simple homemade cat food recipes, which is definitely going to delight your cat.

But before we dig deep on the recipes, let us look at the answer to this common question.  

Can Pet Cats Eat Homemade Food Without Any Issues?

Homemade Cat Food Recipe

For those of you who love experimenting with your homemade cat food recipes, it's important for you to gain a full understanding of the foods that your feline companion can eat and digest.

You must have thought or researched which cat food will be healthy and nutritious for them? 

What type of food does your cat like? Is it homemade meals or commercial cat food? 

Should you feed canned food, commercial cat food, or raw meat diet to your cat?

What is the healthiest cat food and how it will provide ample nutrition? 

Let's see which type of diet is beneficial for your cat:

Beef, whole grains, chicken turkey, cooked eggs, fruits, vegetables, cooked fish, chicken thigh bones, beef bones, ground meat, fresh liver, meat chunks, and cheese.

Chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, garlic, bread dough, macadamia nuts, alcohol, raw bones, iodized salt products, dark meat, and xylitol (sweetener)

Cooked Cat Food Vs. Raw Cat Food

You have an option of preparing either cooked or uncooked food or a combination of both for feline companion. 

No matter what you choose, each of the options will have the following necessary items:

  • Fat
  • Meat
  • Organs
  • Egg Yolks
  • Supplements
  • Bone
  • Water

For raw meat, it should not be subjected to any form of heat processing. 

Raw meat feed is beneficial since it prevents the loss of essential nutrients that may occur when meat is cooked at a very high temperature.

In order to avoid the chances of bacterial infection, it is recommended that you partially boil the meat before serving it to your cat. 

At the time of purchase, you may also want to consider the type of meat and its date of packaging. 

It is advised that rabbit's meat be fed completely raw, while you may partially bake chicken and turkey thighs that have been sliced in half. 

You should never feed chicken in its raw state, regardless of where it comes from as it may be likely to be contaminated with harmful bacteria.

It is important that any product purchased from poultry farms to be properly cooked before serving.

Perks Of Homemade Recipes For Pet Cats

Homemade cat food diet provide a number of advantages over canned or commercial food.

When it comes to the components of your cat's food menu, several commercial diets are formulated with ingredients which are not in line with your cat's essential nutritional requirements.

They may contain vegetables, fruits, and other grains in them, however the quantity may vary.   

While making cat food items at home, you are able to prioritise the quantity of protein, fatty acids, vitamins, amino acid, and nutrients that your feline friend requires.

It is also possible to freeze large quantities of homemade cat food. 

Some experts recommend preparing adequate food for your cat that can last for up to two to three months.

However, please keep in mind that cat raw diet should not be stored in the refrigerator for longer than three months because the nutrients in the food can degrade with time.

As cats are basically carnivores, they heavily rely on foods that are high in animal nutrients and protein which makes the raw diet prepared at home better.  

Raw diets have a low carbohydrate content that may help prevent weight gain and type 2 diabetes in some pet cats.

As raw diet contains a lot of moisture, it helps your cat to remain hydrated which is important when it comes to kidney health. 

Due to the absence of any heat processing in raw cat food, the protein content is extraordinarily high.

Furthermore, this contribute to the prevention of dental health in cats by minimising plaque formation, tooth loss, as well as severe gum disease.

1. Raw Salmon And Chicken Liver

Raw Salmon and Chicken Liver cat food

Your cat will drool over this delectable homemade raw cat food recipe, which contains chicken liver and salmon. 

Cats love to eat salmon or fish and it is good to make it a part of your cat's regular diet. Salmon can be easily frozen and is free of gluten, dairy, sugar, nuts, and soy. 

Chicken liver has essential nutrients your pet cats require, including high levels of vitamins, soluble fiber, minerals, amino acid, carbs, iron, and protein.

Chicken liver, as well as chicken heart, are also low in fatty acids and high in protein. 

The fact that it contains so many essential nutrients and proteins in a single meal makes it an excellent choice for kitties who are going through an important growth phase! 

However, consuming raw chicken liver by pet cats in large quantities is not recommended as it can cause your cat to have health issues. 

2. Raw Chicken Cat Food 

Chicken cat food

With the addition of scrumptious raw chicken, this homemade raw cat food recipe is packed with all of the required vitamins and nutrients for your feline companion.

In fact, we promise that your cat will not even be aware of the additional nutrients that have been provided.

Raw meat can be beneficial for your cat, however, you must feed raw meat in moderation.

3. Meatloaf For Pet Cats

Did you ever thought that in order to provide essential nutrients and proteins to your cat, the diet needs to be alike the daily diet of stray or wild cats? The meatloaf will be able to address this query. 

Normally, the pet food served should contain comparatively fewer carbohydrates and much more soluble fiber and protein. This takes care of any unforeseen health issue. 

The meatloaf may help to mitigate stomach issues, food allergies, skin problems, as well as other skin sensitivities in your pet cat. It also prevents increased scratching as well as loose stools on a frequent basis. 

This can be readily available in supermarket or any other pet store.

Having said that, this simple recipe, can be prepared at your home as well.

Antibiotics and hormonal chemicals are not used in the preparation of this dish, which is prepared mostly from organic ingredients.

4. Oat Porridge For Cats

In order to keep variety, you may sometime feel challenged on what next to feed your pet cat. 

One of the best things that I have done is to utilise my leftover breakfast oats as it is loved by my cat. 

Further, taking a break will give you ample time to gather your thoughts before rushing out to the pet store to get extra food for your cat. 

Also, as this dish contains wheat flour, it is not suggested for cats that are sensitive to grains.

5. Vegetable Omelet For Cats

In case your cat is living mostly indoors, there is a fair chance that they may not be feeding on any freshly cut green lawn. 

Hence, whenever you get the opportunity, it's good to include some vegetables in your cat's meal. 

Green vegetables help to ensure that your cat receives the nutrients, proteins, and vitamins that he or she requires for good health.

They also include a high amount of soluble fiber as well as moisture and fatty acids, both of which are beneficial to the digestive system.

It is also a good source of calcium and calcium carbonate.

If you use this intriguing veggie omelet food, this may result in the intake of his or her required greens! 

Moreover, if your cat is not fond of meat, vegetables can be used as an alternative to meat with water.

6. Chicken Feet Broth Homemade Cat Food

Do you have an older cat and you're concerned about his/her health?  

Your older pet cat may usually require higher amounts of vitamins, proteins, nutritional supplement, and minerals than younger cats.

Homemade cat food made from this chicken recipe is a wonderful and tasty addition to the diet of felines since it contains essential glucosamine as well as chondroitin, which are vital for joint health.

It is also essential in the preservation of healthy joints of your older cats. 

7. Chicken Soup For Pet Cats

As a, kitty lover, you are well aware of the difficulties in getting your feline companion to drink enough water.  

In case of less intake of water, your pet can may be dehydrated and prone to suffer from urinary tract infections, renal disease, and other health problems. 

Alternatively, if your finicky kitten does not seem to appreciate drinking regular water, soups may be a good option for natural diets for your cat. 

To be on the safe side, I would recommend that soups be served solely to young cats.

This chicken soup for cats, as kitten food, is a delectable and simple replacement for canned cat food for your feline companion.

Using this kitten food will ensure that your cat meets their daily hydration requirements and healthy food sources!

8. Homemade Vegetable And Beef Soup For Pet Cats

A delectable beef and vegetable soup will serve as a great substitute if your pet cat did not like the flavour of chicken soup.

This soup may have a long cooking time, however it has all the nutrients that will improve the overall well being of your pet companion.  

In case there is an issue in consumption, pour some soup over your cat's preferred dry food.

Once your pet cat develops an acclimation to the flavour of this soup, he or she will start enjoying this tasty meal.

9. Homemade Cat Catnip Soup 

Despite the fact that your cat is provided with all of the required water supplies, sometimes stubborn or picky felines may still be reluctant to consume the amount of water that is recommended. 

Catnip (a perennial herb from the mint family Lamiaceae) can be used as an ingredient in soup.

Catnip is a great treat your feline friends. This can also substitute chicken broth or chicken soup.

Considering most cats like the scent of catnip, creating a soup out of it is both the quickest and most effective method of adding another source of water in their meal. 

Nonetheless, it is crucial to control your cat's intake of catnip in order to minimise undesirable side effects like nausea and vomiting.

When it comes to catnip, the cats have an inherent tendency of consuming it as per need. They will never over consume it.

10. Catnip And Tuna Treat

Cats love catnips. Catnip along with Tuna may be a good combination. 

As shared earlier, catnip is a plant that belongs to the mint family Labiatae and is a favorite among felines.

The primary ingredient is Nepetalactone which may provide your cat with a 'high' while keeping him or her relaxed. 

If you do give your cat this homemade feline diet, you should keep an eye on how much she consumes as too much catnip may induce sickness in some cats. 

11. Cranberry And Chicken Cat Treats

To lowering the pH levels in the urine to preventing germs and bacteria from disturbing the digestive system, cranberries are believed to help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in cats. 

Not only your pet cat will love the addition of cranberries to his or her treat, but it will also provide support to keep UTIs at bay. 

This recipe for your cat surely does not have any nutritional deficiencies.

Considered as one of the best natural diets, it is also a healthy kitten food with nutrients. 

What Essential Nutrients Do Cats Require?

When it comes to feeding your cat, preparing a balanced homemade cat food is an absolute must.  

Even while cats may swallow their prey in its entirety in the natural environment, modern cats require supplementary vitamins and minerals to keep their health levels in check. 

There will be no difference between the supplements for animals and those intended for humans; only the amounts will be different. 

I am sharing a list of supplements that are required for the preparation of homemade cat food recipes from scratch. In general, grocery stores, health food stores, and online vendors are good places to look for these products.

  • Wild Small Fish Oil
  • Taurine
  • Wild Salmon Oil
  • Vitamin B-Complex
  • Vitamin E
  • Psyllium Husk Powder
  • Lite Salt With Iodine
  • Fat Content

Rather than obtaining water from the environment, cats have evolved to receive it from the prey they ingest, which explains why they do not have a natural tendency to thirst like dogs. 

However, even though raw meat, is an excellent source of hydration, you should always have access to clean drinking water on hand along with the food bowl. 

It is also important to make sure that the meat you use in your homemade cat food recipes is as fresh and of the highest possible quality.

You should avoid eliminating any of the fat from your meat because it is essential for nutrient utilisation, cell integrity, and metabolic control, all of which are compromised if you do not have enough fat in your cat’s diet. 

Do Homemade Raw Diet Alternatives Offer The Same Benefits?

The raw foods, which have been commercially produced, can be bought from pet food stores and can be purchased online as well.

Raw diets provide various advantages over frozen and dried options since they completely eliminate heat-processed foods and contain nutrients that have only been subjected to a small level of heat treatment.

Raw diets are also less expensive than frozen and dried options.

How Should I Let My Cat Eat Raw Food Made At Home?

Because cats are somewhat picky about their food, it is recommended that you make moderate, incremental changes to their diet when adjusting their nutritional requirements.

The crucial thing to remember is to maintain your composure under pressure.

The transition away from processed meals or commercial foods to homemade diets can be started by gradually introducing little quantities of handmade raw food into the diet and progressively increasing it until they have completely eliminated processed foods from their diet.

The Takeaway

Hope that by now you must have got an idea on how to prepare homemade cat food recipes which will be a healthy treat for your cat. 

Being a pet owner comes with its own challenges.

Regardless of whether you have a cat or dog, you may find yourself in a circumstance where you are unsure of what best to feed your pet companion. 

Most significantly, cat owners are frequently perplexed as to what their cats should be eating.

With the current culinary talent or cooking experience, you can make homemade diets that your cat will eat and like no matter how good you are in the kitchen.

All that is required, a basic comprehension of the procedure and the essential resources in order to produce nutritious and a complete meal for your pet cat.

Soon you will discover that homemade diets are far more beneficial as compared to commercial diets.

About the author 

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