Best Low Fiber Cat Foods in 2023

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March 19, 2023

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Finding an easily digestible food for your furry companion is a top priority to maintain their health by providing optimal nutrient digestion.

For feline diets, high-fiber is not recommended as they are not adapted to digesting fiber. Their short digestive tracts cannot fully digest huge amounts of fiber and may lead to digestive issues if intake is not regulated.

Ensuring your cat stays healthy and free from digestive complications may require switching to low-fiber cat foods. If your cat has experienced gastrointestinal disorders, stomach upsets, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, or vomiting, going for a low-fiber diet can be recommended action by your vet.

Low fiber cat food diet promotes easy digestion and absorption of other nutrients reducing the cases of digestive sensitivities for your cat.

The pet food industry provides a number of options in the market for your cat, however picking the best option for the taste and preference suited for your pet can be exhausting.

Different brands and products are designed to meet aspects like digestibility, age, nutritional requirements, health conditions, or ingredient attributes.

We have reviewed the best low-fiber cat food available in the market today to give you an in-depth insight into products best suited to your feline diet.

Our reviews consider overall customer acceptance of the product, pricing, nutritional benefits, digestion, age suitability and cat food composition. Read on for an insightful guide on the best products to consider for a low fiber at diet for cats.

The Ultimate Guide To Best Low Fiber Cat Foods In 2023

Fiber is an essential nutrient for cats, but too much or too little fiber can cause digestive issues in cats. The ideal amount of fiber for cats is between 2% to 4% of their diet. Let ustake a look at the best low fiber cat food options available in the market:

low fiber cat foods info

blue wilderness mature chicken recipe pack

The best low-fiber cat food overall is the tasty Blue Wilderness Chicken that caters to your cats’ nutritional needs while minimising fiber components for digestive care. The flavourful chicken will make your cat look forward to this low-fiber diet meal.

The high-quality protein meal features real chicken, chicken broth, and chicken liver for a protein-packed diet for a healthy and active furry companion.

This key ingredient is minced to make it smooth for easy chewing and digestion.

The low crude fiber makes this delicious wet food pate ideal for your adult cats as they can easily digest the food for optimal nutrient absorption.

The Blue Wilderness Chicken formula has DHA and taurine which promotes the cognitive development of a healthy heart for your cat. The additive-free high quality cat food does not have any artificial ingredients that can upset some cat’s digestive systems making it a good low-fiber cat food to introduce to your cat easily.

The natural ingredient formula ensures furry buddy is not exposed to multiple ingredients that cause gastrointestinal disorders or allergic reactions.

Where is Blue Buffalo Wilderness Mature Grain-Free Cat Food Produced?

Blue Buffalo Pet Products Inc is a renowned pet food manufacturer from the United States. This quality brand is based on a thorough six-point check of ingredients and a final product meal review using modern technologies for maximum safety and nutrition benefits.

Why Choose Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Cat Food?

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Mature Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Cat is a low-fiber cat food product of extensive nutritional research. A thorough review of product technologies, ingredients, and final product composition promotes quality food for your product. Backed by nutritional and vet insights, this cat food will provide balance nutrition with low fiber for extra care of the cat.


  • Protein-packed for a healthy and active cat
  • Low crude fiber promotes easy nutrient absorption
  • Wet, smooth and tasty pate for easy chewing and digestion
  • DHA and Taurine to promote healthy cognitive development


  • Wet food may lead to teeth plaque buildup


The low-fiber and nutrient-balanced Blue Buffalo Wilderness Mature Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Cat is an ideal food to introduce your cat to a low-fiber diet. The tasty natural ingredient and human-grade quality of its animal-based protein make this low-fiber content food a top choice for pet parents.

Instinct Original Chicken

The key component of Instinct® Cat Food Original Real Chicken Recipe is cage-free chicken which provides a delicious source of proteins worth our runners-up.

Instinct® Cat Food Original Real Chicken Recipe formula provides a rich blend of antioxidants and natural probiotics that boost the digestive and immune health of your cat.

The low fiber content in this flavourful formula also allows easy digestibility and absorption of essential nutrients. The easy-to-chew and digest kibbles offer a tasty raw flavor that will keep your cat apprized for proper feeding.

This grain-free product focuses on providing high-quality animal-based protein for lean and strong muscles for your cat. This additive-free food product ensures your cat is not exposed to artificial ingredients that can cause digestive disorders or sensitivities in your companion. Coated with tasty raw on every kibble, this cat food will be an appetising addition to the diet plan that your companion will love.

Where is Instinct® Cat Food Original Real Chicken Recipe Produced?

The Instinct company is located in North America with strong safety and quality procedures internationally. The Instinct is renowned for being the only raw pet food producer in its region to achieve the “Excellent” certification by Safe Quality Food (SQF).

Why Choose Instinct® Cat Food Original Real Chicken Recipe?

The tasty Instinct® Cat Food Original Real Chicken Recipe is a low-fiber cat food that presents your feline friend with a well-balanced diet offering essential nutrients for their cat. Experienced pet nutritionists formulate every Instinct recipe with the highest quality ingredients from trusted sources for a nutrient-packed meal.


  • Offers natural kibble options
  • Grain-free without artificial additives to protect sensitive stomachs
  • Protein-packed to promote lean and strong muscles
  • Coated with tasty raw on every kibble


  • Dry kibbles need extra water for cat hydration


Instinct® Cat Food Original Real Chicken Recipe formula is runners up in the overall quality of low-fiber cat foods or its digestive care and delicious raw coated dry kibble treat. Packed with essential nutrients with low fiber content, this cat food will promote a healthy and fit cat with minimised digestive complications.

purina pro plan Gastroenteric Dry Cat Food

The Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EN Gastroenteric Feline Formulas is a notable low-fiber food that offers premium value for pet parents with an extra budget.

The unique blend of high-quality ingredients with a focus on digestive and urinary tract health makes this product worth its pricing. The energy-dense formula offers your cat recommended nutritional levels in small portions. The low-fiber diet offers high digestibility and absorption to offer essential nutrients to your furry buddy.

The pet nutritionist and vet-formulated food are created to provide ideal gastrointestinal and urinary conditions for a healthy cat. The diet creates a healthy urinary environment by discouraging the development of struvite or calcium oxalate in the system. Developed with your cat's health in mind, this product offers the best premium value meal by offering a nutrient-balanced meal with additional health benefits for a healthy companion.

Where is Purina® Pro Plan EN Gastroenteric® Dry Feline Formula Produced?

The Purina® Pro Plan EN Gastroenteric is produced by Ralston Purina Company, an American pet producer with a variety of pet care solutions well recognized internationally.

Why Choose Purina® Pro Plan EN Gastroenteric® Dry Feline Formula?

The Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EN Gastroenteric Feline Formulas is created by experienced pet vets to offer the best gastrointestinal protection for your cat.

The energy-dense and well-balanced diet offer value for your money making it ideal for pet parents who want premium care for their furry buddy.


  • Has high digestibility that promotes nutrient absorption
  • Offers energy-dense ideal for feeding small portions
  • Special formula to support cats with GI conditions
  • Packed with human-grade protein for healthy muscle 


  • Relatively expensive


Purina® Pro Plan EN Gastroenteric® Dry Feline formula takes the best premium grade low fiber food meal for providing more than a well-balanced diet to cater to your cat's health. The gastrointestinal protection formula ensures your cat's meals do not pose health complications making it an ideal pick if you have an extra budget.

cat standing on smalls food box

The Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Cat Food offers the best value for your money in low-fiber diets supported by the customisable formula for your cat according to your preferences set.

Picking the right ingredients that your cat loves make their meal plan more suitable and this product is designed to meet specific needs.

Offering human-grade ingredients, the Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Cat Food provides essential nutrients to your cat from customer-selected options available.

The product offers a range of flavors from animal protein-packed ingredients to choose from including chicken, turkey, beef, and fish. This low-diet cat food subscription model makes it worth your budget as you can design what best suits your budget and cat preferences.

Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Cat Food is free from artificial additives or fillers reducing the risks of sensitive stomachs or allergic reactions.

The easy-to-chew and digest formula promotes the absorption of essential nutrients for maximum health value from the food. Enjoy a hustle-free meal delivery plan from this subscription service to ensure your cat gets a special customised meal on time that meets the nutritional needs of your companion.

Where is Smalls Fresh Cat Food Produced?

The Smalls Human-Grade is produced in the United States. The producers strictly adhere to certified USDA policies and provide high standards of health and nutrition food for pets under the supervision of approved vets.

Why Choose Smalls Fresh Cat Food?

The unique customer service from Smalls Human-Grade Fresh food is in its customisation and subscription service. This system offers value for money by allowing pet parents to be part of the cat food plan through its customisation features for delivery plans and product compositions. 


  • Offer a variety of high-quality sources of animal protein
  • Cat food customised according to your cat's needs
  • Human-grade ingredients offer the best nutrient content
  • Easy to chew and digest promoting nutrient absorption


  • The subscription model may not be ideal for all pet parents


The unique customer subscription model of Smalls Human Grade Fresh Cat food makes it a valuable low-fiber food. Its customisable feature allows pet parents to get value for their money by offering the chance to create a unique meal that best suits your plan under the supervision of pet nutritional experts.

wellness core grain free cat food

The Wellness Complete Health™ Grain Free Adult cat food is the best pick for adults designed to meet your aging feline friend's nutritional needs.

This low-fiber cat food is animal protein-packed as deboned chicken, as the key ingredients providing nutrients for the healthy maintenance of the body's muscles.

These key ingredients offer an irresistible flavor and aroma that your cat will develop an appetite for proper feeding. The smooth and soft texture of this product also eases chewing and digestion allowing maximum absorption of nutrients in aging cats that are prone to gastrointestinal disorders when feeding.

Free from artificial ingredients or fillers, the Wellness Complete Health™ Grain Free Adult cat food provides nutrition for a lifetime with minimal sensitives or allergy risks. This adult cat food favorite offers essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, chondroitin and glucosamine that promotes the health of your adult cat by strengthening its immune system and overall body needs.

Where is Wellness Complete Health™ Grain Free Adult Produced?

The Wellness Pet Company is a renowned pet brand name with a variety of products and pet care solutions. The Wellness Core formulas and production is done in North America under international standards to provide quality pet products.

Why Choose Wellness Complete Health™ Grain Free Adult?

The modern production facilities of Wellness Pet Company offer a well-rounded up nutrition product for adult cats. The long-term commitment of Wellness Pet Company in providing quality nutrition makes Wellness Complete Health™ Grain Free Adult a meal to pick for your adult cat.


  • Packed with animal-based protein
  • Additive and filler free to reduce sensitivity risks
  • Smooth texture for easy chewing, digestion, and nutrient absorption
  • Has flavourful formula for increased appetite


  • Provision of water is necessary to avoid cat dehydration


The Wellness Complete Health™ Grain Free Adult is made to meet the adult cat nutrient requirements and takes our top spot for its dedication to maintaining the health of an aging cat. The smooth and essential nutrient-packed food ensures your companion does not develop digestion complications while getting the best nutrient care from high-quality ingredients.

iams kitten dry cat food

The IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Healthy Kitten is our top selection for your kitten that requires low-fiber cat food. The tasty kitten treat is packed with essential nutrients that will help them grow to active and fit cats.

The IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Healthy Kitten is a perfectly sized kibble making it easy to chew and digest for your kitten developing teeth and digestive system. This product provides a protein-packed meal for your kitten from real chicken providing essential muscle growth and maintenance for proper growth. In addition, Vitamin E normally found in their mother’s milk boosts the immune system of your kitten.

This product has Omega-3 DHA ideal for the development of your kitten’s brain for an active and playful cat. The addition of beet pulp and prebiotics in the blended mix promotes a healthy digestive system allowing its growth for proper absorption of nutrients. This makes IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Healthy Kitten a suitable fit for our kitten for proper growth of your kitten to adulthood with minimal growth complications.

Where is IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Healthy Kitten Produced?

IAMS is an American-based pet food brand under Spectrum Brands in Europe and Mars, Incorporated worldwide. The variety of act diet foods provides a range of food for all stages of the cat life formulated by experienced pet nutritionists and veterinarians from 1946.

Why Choose IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Healthy Kitten?

The IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Healthy Kitten provides the essential nutrients required for optimum growth rates making it ideal for a low-fiber kitten food. The well-balanced kitten meal is flavourful and packed with all the requirements for proper transitioning to adulthood for a fit and active cat.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Dry Cat Food (Best for Digestive Care)


  • Has a unique blend of prebiotics and beet for improved digestive systems
  • Packed with Vitamin E to boost your kitten's immune system
  • Has protein-packed quality chicken for muscle development
  • Provide essential nutrients like calcium and potassium for a healthy heart 


  • Water required to avoid dehydration


IAMS™ Proactive Health™ Healthy Kitten is an ideal pick for your kitten providing special care to avoid gastrointestinal disorders for your growing cat. The unique blend of quality ingredients in the formula provides a suitable nutrient balance for the happy, playful, and optimal growth of your kitten to a healthy cat.

royal canin Gastrointestinal Fiber Response Dry Cat Food

The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Dry Cat Food is our pick for digestive care for cats that have developed gastrointestinal issues. When your cat develops gastrointestinal disorders, vomiting, lack of appetite, and diarrhoea, this product can be a good choice to ensure your cat still gets its nutrient requirements as they recover.

The highly palatable Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Dry Cat Food offers a tasty blend of ingredients with densely packed calorie content. This allows you to meet your cat’s nutrient needs through smaller potions to ease the work of their recovering stomach complications. The high fat and calorie also boost the weight of cats that have undergone weight loss.

With an expert blend of prebiotic and dietary fibers, the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Dry Cat Food fosters the health of the digestive system for proper nutrient access and stool quality. The Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA from fish oil further promote optimal gastrointestinal health for your cat. In addition, the well-balanced S/O index promotes unfavourable conditions or crystal formation in the bladder to reduce urinary tract issues.

Where is Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Dry Cat Food Produced?

The Royal Canin company is the producer of Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Dry Cat Food is and is a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated. The company based in France has built a reputable brand for being a trusted pet food supplier for over 50 years in the industry.

Why Choose Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Dry Cat Food?

The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Kitten is your best vet-formulated wet kitten food. It is designed for pet parents who struggle with fur friends with allergies or sensitivity to particular ingredients. The ever-developing research interventions by Royal Canin over the past decades make it a well-established pet food company whose solutions are groundbreaking. 


  • Has a prebiotic and fiber blend for digestive system health
  • Densely packed fat and calorie content for small portions
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA for improved gastrointestinal health
  • Expertly balanced S/O index to promote urinary health


  • May lead to teeth plaque buildup


The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Dry Cat Food is our top pick for digestive care developed by vet-backed expertise focused on cats with digestion complications. The densely packed high fat and calorie content plus prebiotics, fiber, and essential nutrients make it ideal for digestive care and diet component.

Low Fiber Cat Food Buyers Guide

Picking the best low-fiber cat food can be a challenging task considering the variety of brands and products available in the market.

When selecting the best low-fiber cat food to use in your furry buddy’s diet, consider your vet's insights to get a suitable pick based on nutritional needs.

Low fiber content is recommended in most cases if your cat has developed digestive issues, stomach sensitivities, diarrhoea, or vomiting.

When selecting low-fiber cat food, checking if the fiber percentage is below eight percent as a higher composition lead to more digestive disorders.

Picking cat food products that are grain free reduces fiber content making them ideal for low-fiber cat diets. While expertly mixed blends of vegetables and fruits provide essential, nutrients to your cat, ensuring their quantities are minimal and do not add to the dietary fiber is crucial.

Avoid food products with artificially made or highly processed cat foods as they may pose or worsen health complications for your cat. Products with additional probiotics that promote the gastrointestinal care of your cat are recommendable to promote healthy digestion and recovery of cats with complications

Ensuring your foods have essential nutrients such as Omega fats can further promote the overall health of your cats like brain development, shining coats, and eyesight health.

To learn more about cat diet plans, go through our insights and reviews on food products to get an insightful view of the best brands or products to consider. Our reviews focus on attributes like nutritional components, the value of cat foods, age, company production policies for pet health, and client support reviews to offer recommendations on the best brands that offer value for money in the market.

Focusing on aspects like affordability, nutritional balance, ingredient sourcing, customer reception, overall health effect on the pet, and diet categories, our reviews provide insightful pet parent tips. Go through our food reviews to be informed on different pet food to make a suitable choice for your cat's diet today!

Common FAQs: 

Q.1 How much fiber does your cat need?

Ans. Cats are carnivorous by nature and the recommended nutrition is mainly made up of animal-based ingredients as they cannot digest high fiber amounts. Food with a high fiber percentage higher than eight percent is considered to be high in fiber content.

Q.2 When do I need to change to low-fiber cat food?

Ans. If your cat has developed diarrhoea, inflammatory bowel disease, or vomiting, it may be caused by high-fiber diets. Switching to low-fiber cat diets is recommended to ease the strain on the digestive system caused by the high amount of fiber.

Q. 3 Will you need a prescription to get low-fiber cat food for your cat?

Ans. Most low-fiber diet foods are available in the market with exception of a few that need vet approval. It is advised, however, to visit your pet for a guide on the suitable nutrient balance to provide when switching to low-fiber diet food.

Q.4 Which types of cat food have low fiber content?

Ans. Cat foods with less than 8% fiber content are considered low-fiber cat foods and the lower the percentage the less the fiber content in your furry companion's diet.

Q.5 What is the importance of low-fiber cat diets?

Ans. Your feline buddy's digestive system is not designed to handle large amounts of fiber. Low-fiber diets protect your cat from digestive complications to fully absorb the nutrients provided in a diet.

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