Best Cat Food To Prevent Vomiting in 2023

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January 1, 2023

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We all love to see our little furry friend happy and content but whenever you see your cat throwing up after every meal, it becomes concerning for you. Although chronic vomiting is normal, persistent vomiting of your cat can be an area of concern. And that might indicate that you need to find the best cat food to prevent vomiting.

That frequent vomiting could signal that your cat's diet is upsetting its digestive system. And that is especially true if the vomiting occurs after switching to a new cat food. In such cases changing your cats and food can solve the issue. Still, we recommend seeing a veterinarian if your cat's vomiting is severe.

Since several cat food brands could leave you confused about choosing the best one. And some times, you could feel overwhelmed by the variety of ingredients and potential dietary allergies. Therefore, to assist you to make a decision, we reviewed the best cat foods in this post.

We found Smalls human-grade fresh cat food to be the best for cat vomiting during our investigation. Regarding providing quality and human-grade food products for cats, Smalls outranks all the other brands. 

Besides Smalls, this comprehensive guide has other amazing foods to prevent vomiting in your cat. So let's get to it:

our Pick
  • Human grade Ingredients
  • High proteins and low carbohydrate profile
  • Cats love the taste
best cat food to prevent vomiting
  • Protein-rich food
  • Help felines gain muscle strength
  • Rich in nutrients that help digestion
beat cat food for maine coon is purina one
  • Reasonably priced product
  • Highly digestible formula
  • Helps with skin and coat

5 Best Cat Food To Prevent Vomiting in Cats

While occasional vomiting is common in cats, regular or severe vomiting is abnormal and could indicate that your cat has a more serious condition than just an upset stomach. Your feline buddies can experience stomach trouble for a variety of causes, just like humans.

Unhealthy foods, infections, parasites, hairballs, or organ diseases are some of the most frequent reasons for upset stomachs in cats.

best cat food to prevent vomiting in cats

However, changing their diet is worth a shot as undigested food is the primary reason for your cat vomit. Below are some of the best cat food for vomit problems:

Pet owners should be aware that it's time to consult a veterinarian if their cat vomits more frequently than once per month or continue doing so in order to identify the underlying reason for the vomiting.

smalls cat food to prevent vomit in cats

Smalls was started by two New York entrepreneurs in 2017. The company provides human-grade cat food in fresh and freeze-dried variants delivered to your house following personalized meal plans.

Pet nutritionists provide help in the development of Smalls cat food. Whether you select fresh or freeze-dried raw recipes, each is AAFCO-aligned, nutritionally balanced, and healthy.

All of Smalls' products are human-grade, which indicates they were created at a facility that produced food for humans using only USDA-approved items. These ingredients come from Canada and the United States sustainably.

The business also conducts routine spot checks to ensure that the nutritional value of its recipes is appropriate. Smalls offers a variety of meat textures for sensitive cats, including smooth, pulled, and ground. For cats who want a little crunch, you may also choose their freeze-dried raw food or dry food.  

Why Choose Smalls Cat Food?

Our top recommendation for cats who experience vomiting is Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Food, prepared with human-grade proteins and cooked in small amounts.

Any cat would be delighted to eat Smalls fresh food, a premium chow containing natural animal proteins and other organic ingredients.

Moreover, the Smalls cat food is a fantastic option for cats with food intolerances or other digestive disorders because their diets are entirely devoid of artificial ingredients and byproduct meats.

Real turkey is the key ingredient in this specific product, while the chicken liver is included as a boost. The ingredient description also includes kale, green beans, and peas as organic providers of important nutrients.

Don't worry if the turkey isn't your cat's favorite meat; Smalls also has chicken, beef, and fish options. Additionally, all four formulations are available in pate or chopped textures in wet food.

In the end, many cat owners say that since converting to Smalls cat food, their cats have more energy, shinier coats, healthy skin, cleaner breath, less stinking excrement, and less vomiting. If your sick cat needs assistance adjusting to a new diet, it's good enough to justify a chance! 


  • Human-grade wet food
  • Help cat with digestion due to high-quality protein
  • Low carbohydrate profile, limited ingredients
  • Highly nutritious food for cats
  • Most cats love the taste


  • They only send products to the subscribers
  • The products are a bit expensive


Overall, Smalls provides a great selection of foods and product meal programs that respect your cat's demands. There aren't many foods on the market that offer the same degree of nutrients and blend of vitamins for cats, together with great ingredient quality and manufacturing standards.

Most cats, even picky eaters or those with food allergies and dietary intolerance, will be drawn to the velvety, luscious feel of their fresh foods prepared to human standards. But keeping in mind that Smalls is a subscription service is essential to getting the most out of it. You automatically sign up for recurrent meal deliveries when you place your order.

best cat food for vomit blue buffalo

The Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Chicken Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food, another one of our faves, is a great source of protein for your feline's digestive problems. Since its launch in 2003, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness cat food has established a solid standing as one of the highest-quality cat food available on the market.

The business originated as a dog food company before eventually becoming one of the greatest cat food companies with real meat and vitamins. General Mills later purchased this family-owned company, which now operates many cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in the US.

Why Choose Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food?

This Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach cat food is an excellent choice if your cat likes kibble. This food's primary ingredient of this food is pure chicken, which is complemented with proteins from the chicken meal and menhaden fish meal.

Because this recipe is tailored to cats with hypersensitive stomachs and digestive tract problems, it contains a premium ingredient list, including whole grains, lean animal protein, and beneficial animal fats. Prebiotics and probiotics are also encompassed in this cat food. The nutritional content appears to be quite long due to numerous components.

The exclusive LifeSource Bits used by Blue Buffalo give their products a distinctive edge. The "LifeSource" bits offer additional nutrition and essential vitamins to the kibble.

Extremely tasty, these treats encourage your kitty to feed properly. This meal is a good choice for vomiting-prone cats because it doesn't contain wheat, soy, or corn. Additionally, they promote digestion, a robust immune system, and coat health. 


  • Comprise of organic ingredients
  • Nutritionally composed and easy on the stomach
  • LifeSource bits offer extra nutrition
  • Free from corn, wheat, or soy
  • The primary ingredient is raw meat


  • Not suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs
  • Contains a bit of gluten as barley


Blue Buffalo has some of the best recipes with a digestible diet prepared with cat food formulae that are high in protein and have good protein from genuine meat sources. They even offer a lot of fat and nutrients in their cat food that promotes your cat's digestive and immunological systems.

This cat food option is inexpensive and rich in vitamins and nutrients to provide your cat with a balanced diet. Despite not having the best recall track record, Blue Buffalo's nutrient-dense formulations give cats a healthy coat, body, stomach, and vision.

cat food for vomit cure halo indoor

Spot, Andi Brown's cat, was battling several health issues in the 1980s. Although the prescription drugs and luxurious food products did not assist Spot, Andi's acquaintance Voyko Marx prepared a stew that settled health problems of Spot during the first week of eating the stew.

In light of the belief that pets are "our little angels," Andi founded a pet food business named Halo. Halo obtains its beef and poultry from New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and European fruits and vegetables to promote its GMO-free objective.

Halo's OrigiNative® sourcing initiative promotes ecologically friendly, organic, and sustainable farming practices. In place of processed foods, the company is dedicated to employing exclusively fresh animal-based proteins. Foods created by Halo are free of artificial preservatives, tastes, and colors.

Improved digestibility is one of Halo's main characteristics in its marketing efforts.

Both wet and dry food is available in the Halo cat food brand and is divided into categories based on nutritional requirements and life stages.

Why Choose Halo Indoor Dry Cat Food?

Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Dry Cat Food is our top recommendation for elderly cats that vomit. This special diet is designed for grown-up cats. The main ingredient in this meal is real chicken and it has no food additives.

This meal is great for ensuring your cat enjoys the nutrients and high-quality animal proteins required because it is prepared with pure, unprocessed meat.

There are no additives or other materials in the responsibly obtained ingredients that could hurt your cat's stomach.

This premium cat food is guaranteed to be a favorite in many homes because it is easily digestible and contains no processed meat pieces or preservatives.

This food is an excellent choice for older cats whose digestion is decelerating and cats with food allergies. It offers a lot of easily absorbed protein and fiber to promote a healthy digestive system without evacuation of food. The antioxidants your cat requires for best health are also included in it.

Taurine, an additional substance that promotes better cardiovascular health and eye care, is also included.


  • Specifically made to support the digestive health of older cats
  • Plenty of vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients
  • Highly digestible
  • No artificial additives


  • It includes a bit of plant-based proteins


Cats requiring dietary support can benefit from the Halo Holistic line of cat foods. It is fully produced from real meat; no byproducts are used. So your cat will get plenty of protein. Even more, this company guarantees that all livestock is antibiotic-free and that animal protein source should be farms rather than factories. Unlike many, Halo is a more pricey cat food company, so keep that in mind.

one of the best cat food for vomit prevention purina one

In 1986, Purina made its first push into the field of ultra-premium pet food with the launch of Purina ONE. It is promoted as an organic brand and contains high-quality ingredients that may promote overall health.

Purina ONE is largely produced in American plants that are owned by Purina. Most of Purina's ingredients come from North America, although the corporation may also use elements from other nations based on supply and where the products are made.

Numerous wet and dry food options from Purina ONE, both grain-free and grain-inclusive. Purina ONE is high in protein and free of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Why Choose Purina One Sensitive Systems Adult Dry Cat Food?

We believe Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Adult Dry Cat Food offers the best price-to-quality ratio. This food is ideal for cats that vomit because it was created particularly for cats with sensitive stomachs.

This dry food formula is prepared with premium protein that is easily absorbed by the stomach. Your cat will start purring immediately, thanks to the delectable high-quality, natural ingredients and crispy texture.

While this cat food supports intestinal health, it also supplies a good range of vitamins and minerals for your cat's bones, coat, and teeth.

Purina One makes several sensitive systems pet foods, but this one targets digestive health.

Purina One food might be the best choice for cats with food sensitivities or digestive issues because it contains a few unfavorable substances.


  • Affordable product
  • Highly digestible formula
  • Helps with skin and coat
  • No artifice ingredients


  • Not provide a lot of proteins


Overall, cat owners enjoy Purina One because it is a cheap option for cat food. They have delicious flavors and are rich in protein and carbohydrates. This cat food is reasonably priced, and its special blend is the best way to safeguard your cat from digestive health issues.

But if you look closely at the quality of the ingredients, you'll see that Purina ONE doesn't utilize the best ones that its competitors use. However, Purina ONE is the ideal cat food for your cat because it will aid in stopping vomit.

prevent vomit in cats with iams cat food

Paul Iams, an Ohio native and self-taught animal nutritionist founded Iams in 1946. Iams used to produce and market dog food that was heavy in fat and protein, and afterward, the business expanded into cat food.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) purchased the business in 1999, enabling Iams cat food to be supplied in 70 countries worldwide. North Carolina, Nebraska, and Ohio are the three states where Iams has manufacturing operations.

Iams claims that its program for ensuring food safety is among the tightest in the industry and exceeds FDA and USDA requirements. The business also mentions that the American Institute of Baking, an accredited certification body for the human food industry, has given them top marks.

Iams strongly emphasises individualised nutrition for cats and claims that its formulations are developed for cats at particular age ranges and activity levels.

While the business provides top-notch cat food, they have been recalled a few times, which might raise customers' eyebrows.

Why Choose Iams Proactive Health Sensitive Digestion and Skin Dry Cat Food?

We recommend Iams Proactive Health Sensitive Digestion & Skin Turkey Dry Cat Food as the top cat food to avoid throwing up. It offers significantly higher protein content than our #1 option, at 34%, to support your cat's ability to put on muscle and have increased vitality and energy levels.

With omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, the Iams recipe encourages the growth of coat health while containing beet pulp to aid with nutritional absorption.

Additionally, many antioxidants support your cat's healthy immune system. Also, it has a unique patented mix of fiber and prebiotics to support the growth of beneficial bacteria and control the water balance in the bowels, which soothes the stomach and prevents diarrhea.

The presence of multiple maize components in Iams Proactive Health was the only aspect we disliked. Corn metabolizes fast, which may cause your cat to feel hungry earlier than necessary and lead to weight gain.


  • Premium animal protein is a primary ingredient with the least grain
  • Comprise of a unique fiber blend to overcome stomach sensitivities
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids make for healthy fur and skin
  • A lot of added nutrients
  • Budget-friendly option 


  • It might make your cat eat frequently
  • Limited flavor options


Overall, Iams Proactive Health may be the ideal food for your cat's upset stomach if you want excellent cat food that won't cost much. While the Iams has been recalled a few times, it does not disappoint cat parents with amazing quality food. Moreover, this Iams food is intended to support cats with digestive problems and contains a variety of additional substances to promote better health. However, the only drawback of this food is that it includes a maize component that makes your cat eat frequently.

Why Cats Vomit—Causes?

cat not well after vomit

Finding the reason for the cat's vomiting might be challenging. Despite special cases, acute or persistent vomiting triggers are frequently the same.

Acute, instead of continuous vomiting, is typically brought on by ingesting harmful or foreign materials.

Generally, there are four different causes of cat vomiting: toxins intake, drugs or medications, sudden diet changes, or any other disease.

Vomiting due to Toxins

Everything from common chemicals to dangerous plants might be considered a toxin. Chemotherapy, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medications all have the potential to make your cat vomit.

Vomiting due to diet Change

One of the most frequent reasons for post-meal vomiting is diet. Since many cats have delicate stomachs, a rapid change in diet may cause an acute episode of vomiting. If you want to switch your cat's food, you should do so gradually.

Vomiting due to Allergies

Eating rotten food, trash, or dead animals can make your cat vomit. It might also be brought on by allergy-inducing ingredients or hypersensitivity.

The following ingredients are among the ones most susceptible to causing a food sensitivity or intolerance:

  • Food supplements such as colors and artificial flavors
  • Artificial preservatives or other additives
  • The high carbohydrate content of food
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Grains such as wheat, barley, and corn

Vomiting due to Disease

If medications, nutrition, and toxins don't seem to be the problem, your cat may have an illness or disorder that is underpinning that is triggering his vomiting.

Regular vomiting has been linked to systemic illnesses such as hyperthyroidism and chronic kidney disease. These ailments are typically rather serious and call for medical attention.

Roundworms are an example of an intestinal parasite that can impair metabolism in cats and result in sickness.

Set up a discussion with your vet if you can't immediately determine the source of your cat's vomiting. Your cat's medical concerns can be resolved and ruled out by your veterinarian. Even if you are aware of why your cat is vomiting, it would be wise to have your vet examine the cat's risk of vomiting.

How Can I Treat Cat Vomiting?

treating a cat who has vomited

The avoidance of any medication in some instances is the greatest option for cats that are vomiting. Chronic nausea and hairballs usually fall within this category. However, if vomiting persists over an extended period, you should work with your vet to determine its cause and adhere to their treatment suggestions.

Your veterinarian could advise feeding your cat a bland diet for a day or two to stop occasional vomiting until it stops. Ensure that fresh water is always accessible to avoid dehydration.

The greatest thing you can do is alter your cat's diet if you believe that vomiting in your cat may be carried on by food sensitivity or spoiled food. In order to avoid upsetting your cat's tummy, look for cat food that is created with high-quality proteins, and organic ingredients. When considering any dietary modifications for your cat, consult your vet.

Your veterinarian will likely recommend medication to control the underlying issue in instances of severe or persistent vomiting.

Want More Comprehensive Reviews of Cat Food?

Taking care of a pet entails a lot of responsibilities, such as looking for their unique needs to stay healthy and strong. But if your cat is experiencing acute vomiting, digestive problems, or other digestion-related symptoms, it's critical to find the basis of the issue and find a diet that will make your feline feel healthy and stable.

Choosing high-quality cat food to overcome the vomiting issue becomes your ground reality. You must thoroughly review all the nutritional information and the components mentioned in cat food to ensure it's free from harmful ingredients.

To support you in selecting the best cat food with healthy and easy-on-stomach ingredients for your furry buddy, Daily Cat Food is entirely devoted to easing your workload.

We are a group of experts in animal nutrition who have thoroughly investigated the many cat breeds, diets, genetics, anatomies, and life cycles. We want to assist cat owners in identifying the top cat food brand that their feline friend needs, thanks to our extensive experience and understanding of cats and their health.

Our in-depth cat food reviews and diet tips are written with top-notch material to assist you in correctly understanding your cat's diet.

Our cat food guides include a variety of topics, such as cat food for hair loss, shedding, bad teeth, vomiting cats, diabetic cats, feral cats, and more.

Visit our resources to see our honest cat food evaluations and a variety of other useful cat nutrition advice.

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