Best Cat Food For Bengals In 2023

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January 1, 2023

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Bengal Cats have somewhat small, round head with large eyes with striking facial marks. They are defined with their strong muscular bodies and a very well streamlined appearance. For more information on cat food for bengals, check out the following post where I have jotted down all the food options for your feline friend. 

Before we start, finding the right cat food as a new Bengal cat owner can sometimes be overwhelming. 

You need to research whether your kitty requires raw feed or human-grade food, if it requires freeze-dried food, or if should you opt for a grain-free option.

Will your kitty like wet cat food or dry food?

The reality is that there is no such thing as the ‘right’ food for your Bengal cat. Bengal cats can thrive on a variety of diets. Conventional commercial cat foods can pack plenty of nutrition and they can help your cat live a long and healthy life.

But there are still numerous cat food formulas to choose from, especially if your cat is a picky eater with special preferences. This is why we’ve created a comprehensive guide on cat food is best suited for your Bengal cat.

Here is a list of the best cat food brands for your Bengal cat.

Our Best High Protein Cat Food For Bengal Cats

Top Best Cat Food For Bengal Cats in 2023

Let us now look at the list of our top picks for the best cat food for bengals this year. I hope you find the information useful for taking an informed decision when it comes to the health and nutrition of your feline friend. 

2. Best Cat Food for Bengals smalls

First founded in 2017, Smalls Cat Food aims to give cats the proper and adequate amount of nutrition that they require. They started as a bunch of people whipping up some healthy and yummy homemade recipes for their friend’s cats, and, after a while, became one of the biggest names in the cat food industry.

Their ‘About Us’ page gives a condensed history of how cat food in the US was made using only the literature available for animals besides cats. Their goal is to change this practice and make refined cat food recipes, including wet kitten and adult cat food, that provide plenty of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and hydration to cats.

Where is Smalls Produced?

Smalls Cat Food is produced in the US and they sustainably source their ingredients from either Canada or the US. They use human-grade meats and vegetables that they cook and package and send their products directly to your home.

Their high-quality food is made with all the specific dietary needs of cats in mind. Their food has been shown to help cats who have gastrointestinal issues since their recipes are home-cooked without any preservatives.

Why Should You Get Smalls Cat Food for Your Bengal Cat?

Smalls Cat Food has a myriad of blends and recipes that have two integral ingredients: real meats and animal organs.

Organ meat is super essential for cats since they are obligate carnivores. Organ meat is packed with a high concentration of Vitamin B and minerals like phosphorus and iron necessary for their healthy growth.

Their chicken recipes combine organ meat, chicken, and bones as the primary ingredients. Their Cow recipes have lean ground beef and cow organs that give cats plenty of proteins if they are unable to eat poultry.

Apart from the real chicken or organ meat, Smalls use peas in their cat food recipes which are being studied for potentially causing heart diseases. If you don’t want to feed peas to your little feline fellow, you can always opt for their wet food options.

Cats who like the crunchy texture of kibble will love Smalls Freeze-Dried Raw Food which contains natural fibers and can help increase your cat’s energy levels.


  • All ingredients are humanely and sustainably sourced
  • All ingredients are sourced from the US and are USDA-certified
  • You have the option to get their products sent directly to your home
  • Made with fresh organ meat and vegetables


  • Contains peas
  • Does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or other regions outside the US
  • Not a budget-friendly option
  • Only available by subscription


All in all, Smalls Cat Food is a wonderful cat food brand. Although established fairly recently, they have built a robust reputation for creating well-balanced cat food recipes with sustainably sourced ingredients. Their homemade recipes are reliable and flavourful, making them a very yummy treat for your feline. Their well-rounded cat food blends are grain-free and filled with meat and moisture. Their price range and subscription model may make you hesitate, but if your Bengal cat is a picky eater, Smalls is the best choice you can make.

bengals cat having earthborn food

Originally founded in 1926, Earthborn Holistic creates wholesome and complete diets for cats with a balanced ratio of proteins and vegetables.

Earthborn Holistic is owned by Midwestern Pet Foods and its headquarters in the US. This company makes holistic and well-rounded cat food recipes in various forms and are all grain-free. They use fresh ingredients for a well-balanced and nutritious diet with all the essential vitamins and amino acids your cat requires to grow.

Where is Earthborn Holistic Cat Food Produced?

All of Earthborn Holistic’s products are manufactured in the company’s manufacturing plant based in Monmouth, Illinois. They source all of their ingredients for dry food recipes from the US, while their wet food ingredients are outsourced to US Pet Nutrition—a part of the Thai Union Group.

Why Should You Get Earthborn Holistic Cat Food for Your Bengal Cat?

cat food for bengals having earthborn

Since cats are obligate carnivores, they naturally crave high protein content in their diets. This is why pet owners need to give their cats food that is packed with necessary proteins to keep them healthy and strong.

Earthborn Holistic cat food is full of such proteins, sourced from chicken, turkey, and fish. While vegetable proteins are not required in large amounts, they are still crucial for your furry friend’s optimum health. This is why Earthborn Holistic cat food consists of pea protein after their chicken and turkey meal.

Their recipes are grain-free and contain natural and supplementary ingredients for an ample dose of vitamins and minerals.

Supplementary minerals fill all the nutritional gaps lefts by the natural ingredients. Earthborn Holistic uses chelated minerals which bind to protein and help your cat digest its food easily.

Their dry kibble’s crunchy texture is good for your cat’s oral health, and these kibble pieces are full of healthy botanicals like apples, blueberries, cranberries, and spinach.


  • Has an abundance of protein
  • Affordable
  • Has a lot of nutrients which essential for a kitten’s early period of growth and joint development
  • Has chelated minerals
  • Recipes include probiotics


  • Not specifically made for Bengal cats
  • Uses pea ingredients which some cats can be allergic to
  • Contains many species-inappropriate ingredients


Earthborn Holistic is a top-tier cat food brand that offers a limited range of dry cat foods but a wide selection of wet food that Bengal cats love to devour. They use all-natural ingredients ethically sourced from the US, while some of their recipes do include species-inappropriate ingredients. Their reliable cat food contains chelated minerals and probiotics, which are excellent for your cat’s gut health. Many pet owners have written great reviews about Earthborn Holistic, saying their cats love the natural flavor and that all their products are safe and made with superior-quality ingredients.

best high protein cat food

Although Blue Buffalo was started as a pet food company quite recently, they were quick to establish a robust reputation for being a premium-quality cat food brand that is full of protein and other essential nutrients.

Blue Buffalo initiated their pet food brand by creating delicious dog food recipes and gradually expanded its company and started to create cat food as well. They use a similar philosophy for all of their pet food which is to use an abundance of meat in all of their recipes.

Where is Blue Buffalo Cat Food Produced?

What started as a family-owned business is now owned by a corporation called General Mills. Today this family-owned company has manufacturing plants in the US.

Why Should You Get Blue Buffalo For Your Cat?

Blue Buffalo has a refined dietary formula that is suitable for all types of cats. This cat food is a wonderful choice for your Bengal cat since it contains an abundance of proteins from a variety of meat sources. 

The first ingredient they use is real chicken that is initially deboned. Other ingredients they use include fish meal, flaxseed, sweet potatoes, peas, and a unique ingredient called LifeSource Bits.

This blend of ingredients if packed with natural omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids to improve your Bengal cat’s overall health. The special LifeSource Bits are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and proteins to support your feline’s immune system.

This cat food is free of any artificial flavors, ingredients, or any grains and animal byproducts so this is basically the best choice for your kitty. Some cat food buyers might find this a bit expensive but other than the price range, Blue Buffalo is a protein-rich cat food that will keep your kitty healthy and strong. 


  • Made with premium-quality ingredients
  • Has a high protein content
  • Includes proteins from a variety of animal sources
  • Contains essential nutrients and adequate fat content


  • An expensive cat food brand
  • Causes vomiting in cat with sensitive stomachs


All in all, Blue Buffalo is a high-end cat food brand that offers high-quality ingredients that provides an abundance of proteins to your feline. Their first ingredient is real chicken and meat from other animal sources without the addition of any cheap fillers and grains.

best cat food for bengals royal canin

If you want to give your Bengal cat a diet specifically designed for it, Royal Canin Bengal Adult Dry Cat Food is the one for you!

Royal Canin is an esteemed pet food brand that creates special cat food formulas that fulfil all the specific dietary needs and requirements of your feline friend.

They make their blends and recipes in collaboration with leading food scientists, animal nutrition experts, and cat behavioural experts to give your cat a diet that helps it achieve optimal health.

This company makes cat food for cats of all sizes, ages, and breeds.

They even create specialty formulas for cats who have specific needs or have a specific lifestyle. For example, their Urinary SO is for cats with urinary health problems, their Renal Support blend is for cats with kidney issues, and they even have a Glyco-balance formula for cats with diabetes.

Where is Royal Canin Cat Food Produced?

The Royal Canin company was founded in 1968 by Jean Cathary, who was very passionate about providing cats with proper nutrition. Jean was originally from a town in France called Puy-en-Velay, where their company is based today.

Although they are headquartered in France, Royal Canin produces cat food in its manufacturing plants worldwide. In North America, their plants are located in Missouri, South Dakota, and Canada.

Why Should You Get Royal Canin Cat Food for Your Bengal Cat?

Royal Canin produces a Bengal-specific recipe that has the perfect ratio of fats and high-quality proteins for promoting the proper muscle development in your cat.

This cat food recipe contains omega-3 fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to help your cat maintain a shiny and smooth coat and have proper brain development.

Their cat food formula and blends are made with science-backed formulas, so they offer balanced nutrition and lots of protein. Their digestible protein sources are real chicken, salmon, turkey, animal livers (which are loaded with Vitamin A), and other chicken by-products.

Their recipes also include prebiotics to keep your cat’s digestive system in top-notch condition and fish oil for a healthy coat and heart development.


  • A recipe that is specifically made for Bengal cats
  • Has essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy and shiny coat
  • Helps to promote good digestive health
  • Cats love their dry kibble’s texture
  • Includes a wide variety of protein sources without any animal by-products
  • A Good option for picky eaters


  • A costlier option
  • Animal by-products can be unreliable
  • Too much liver and vitamin A content can cause toxicity


Royal Canin is a premium-quality pet food brand that uses high-quality real meat and a healthy dose of other essential nutrients to keep your furry friend fit and healthy. Their recipes are created with verified science-backed formulas and have plenty of specific feeds for different breeds and cats with specific health conditions. This cat food is good for cats of all ages, and Royal Canin follows strict protocols to ensure high-quality food without artificial colors and flavors. 

Although, Royal Canin is a costlier option for many pet parents, this brand is healthy and packed with protein for ample muscle development for your Bengal cat.

Purina Pro for Bengals

Purina cat food is one of the oldest pet food manufacturing companies in the US. Originally founded in 1894, this cat food brand conducts leading-edge research to create the healthiest cat food recipes that are rich with proteins and fat content to support your kitty’s development.

Purina has two main recipes: Purina Pro Plan and Purina ONE. Both of these blends are made with specific ingredients for different cat breeds and different life stages. The primary difference is that Purina Pro Plan features a larger range of recipes for cats with specific health conditions.

Where is Purina ONE Produced?

Purina ONE is manufactured by Nestle Purina Petcare which is one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world. Their manufacturing plants are currently present in St. Louis, Missouri. Purina ONE supplies their products all over the US.

Why Should I Get Purina ONE For My Cat?

Purina ONE is one of the most infamous pet food brands in the US because of its healthy science-backed recipes jam-packed with a variety of proteins.

This company acquires proteins from high-quality ingredients like fish, chicken, and animal liver. Their recipes are also loaded with an essential amino acid called Taurine which supports your feline’s eye health and heart health.

Purina ONE uses chicken as their first ingredient.

Controversial ingredients like flour, wheat gluten, soy, and other artificial flavors are also added in Purina ONE cat food, which can potentially harm your kitty’s digestive tract. Apart from that, their dry food is highly digestible and made with plenty of chicken to keep your kitty full of energy.


  • Sources high-quality ingredients from the US
  • They are transparent about the animal by-products that they use
  • Contains Taurine
  • Has a high protein level of 40%
  • Has added antioxidants, DHA, minerals, and vitamins


  • Contains questionable ingredients like soy and flour
  • Has chicken by-products


Purina ONE cat food consists of high-quality ingredients that support your feline’s immune system, digestive health, muscle development, and even eye development. This cat food brand sources all of their ingredients from the US and have decades of experience in creating reliable cat food recipes. Although Purina ONE  uses a few allergy-inducing ingredients like soy, their cat food blends are healthy and specifically designed to suit your cat.

feline natural for bengals cat

Every cat owner knows how picky cats can be when it comes to food. But when it comes to Feline Natural’s cat food recipes, they’re bursting with delicious natural flavors your feline is going to want again and again.

Feline Natural was originally a dog food company founded in 2006 by Geoff Bowers. Later, they decided to expand their business and became an infamous pet food brand that uses sustainably-harvested ingredients from the US.

Where is Feline Natural Produced?

Feline Natural is produced in their manufacturing plants based in New Zealand. Since New Zealand has an established reputation for raising healthy livestock and a clean supply chain, any ingredients sourced from their farms are completely reliable.

Feline Natural produces various forms of cat food, ranging from dry kibble to wet cat foods. Their products have both grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes, and they include proteins from multiple sources of protein. They believe in using named cuts of meat instead of by-products, and they avoid using artificial flavors or fillers.

Why Should You Get Feline Natural For Your Bengal Cat?

Feline Natural cat food contains real chicken, hearts, kidneys, liver, and blood from lamb, flaxseed flakes, Taurine, Folic Acid, Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Proteinate, and several other Vitamin supplements.

Their cat food is loaded with proteins, and all their formulas include omega-3 fatty acids, chondroitin, and glucosamine. Their cat food recipes can be fed to cats at any life stage, even if they’re lactating or pregnant.


  • They have grain-free recipes
  • Free of artificial flavors and additives
  • Perfect for cats at any life stage
  • A good option for cats with sensitive stomachs


  • Not a Bengal-specific formula
  • Expensive option compared to other cat foods


Feline Naturals is one of the most expensive cat food brands in the market, but has premium-quality recipes with naturally-sourced ingredients and natural flavors. Their formulas focus on providing cats with a meat-packed diet with plenty of protein and limited plant-based proteins, making it a good option for cats with additional nutrition requirements due to a specific condition. Their carnivore-appropriate cat food recipes are extremely flavourful, and many finicky eaters love to indulge in Feline Natural.

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best cat food for bengals

Every cat owner goes through an overwhelming period of searching for the best cat food that is not only nutritious but also appeals to their furry little friends. While the process may be extensive and daunting, searching for the right cat food is the least we can do for our feline friends, who give us nothing but unconditional love and plenty of cuddles.

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You can make an informed decision with our unbiased cat food reviews and several nifty cat nutrition tips and tricks. Let us ease your mind with our well-rounded guides and help you find out your cat’s specific nutritional needs and requirements according to their age and preferences.

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