Best Cat Food for Ragdolls in 2023

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January 26, 2023

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A big breed cat known as the Ragdoll has beautiful sparkling eyes, pointed coloring, and a calm demeanor. While these cats prefer to stay indoors, many ragdoll parents think what is the best cat food for ragdolls.

These beautiful cats need quality food rich in protein and other nutrients. Moreover, their diet needs a moderate amount of healthy fats and carbohydrates.

But remember that these cats need more calories for their daily activities since they are bigger.

In short, providing a balanced diet food to them is your ground reality if you own a ragdoll. But how do you find the right food for ragdolls?

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After hours of research and sifting through 100s of cat food brands, we came up with the 5 best cat food picks for your Ragdolls.

During our review, we found Weruva Classic cat slide N'serve wet cat food to be the best for several reasons. First, they use real human-grade meat as a primary ingredient. Next, they don't add any filler calories that lead to weight gain.

Besides this, we also found other amazing cat food brands that are offering a balanced diet for your Ragdoll. So let's get it: 

our Pick
weruva food for ragdolls
  • Provides the most balanced nutrition
  • Low in carbs and protein-rich diet
  • Provides better hydration
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Kitten specific formula
  • Enriched with nutrients and vitamins
  • Real chicken is the primary ingredient
  • F.D.A. and USDA-certified product
  • Human-grade Natural Ingredients
  • High proteins and low carbohydrate profile
  • Cats love the taste 
  • Compliance with industry standards

5 Top & Best Cat Food to Provide Your Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats are not just laid-back but also highly intelligent. They make wonderful family pets in any household, even those with kids and other pets. 

Ragdoll cats are friendly and sociable, and they quickly form friendships with anyone who meets them. However, they especially enjoy meeting new people and showing off their skills. 

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Housecat nutrition needs vary from cat to cat, but Ragdolls require additional calories because they're larger than average house cats.

Furthermore, they are often kept indoors, which requires them to be fed a balanced diet to keep their body in good shape. Here are some of the best foods for your Ragdoll:

You should remember that every cat is different, so its better to start low and slow whenever you switch your Ragdoll to a new diet. You should feed them any fresh food in small quantities, in the beginning. 

Weruva Cat Food Reviews

Weruva cat food is made with fresh, human-grade meat and features premium ingredients. Stacie and David Forman launched the company in 2007.

Weruva was founded by the couple because they had trouble finding high-quality cat food for their cats. Weruva developed some of the most nutrient-dense recipes that were painstakingly prepared in their USFDA-approved manufacturing facility because Weruva understands that every pet parent strives to feed their furry friends the finest.

With its headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, this family-run company sells cat food in the European Union, the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Japan.

Why Choose Weruva Classic Cat Slide N' Serve Grain-Free Natural Wet Pate Cat Food Pouches?

The Weruva classic pate is the best wet food for your Ragdoll. It is made with wild-caught salmon, mackerel, and sardines delicately blended to form a pate. Moreover, this cat food's 87% moisture content provides better daily hydration.

Another great thing is that it is a protein-dominant high-quality food with good fats and a low carbohydrate profile. With these all-natural ingredients delicately puréed, your cat will get a well-balanced diet.

In addition, this cat food is low in phosphorus, magnesium, & ash, with appropriate hydration levels that support a healthy urinary tract. Moreover, it is also free of grains, gluten, artificial flavoring, soy, wheat, or corn.

And best of all, the real ingredients, produced in human food facilities to the highest B.R.C. international standards, give this food edge over the others. However, the only drawback of this cat food is the expensive price tag that many cat parents complain about.


  • Provides the most balanced nutrition
  • Low in carbs and protein-rich diet
  • High palatability
  • Provides better hydration
  • Human grade ingredients


  • Price is high


Weruva is a family-owned business that only uses the best resources to provide your cat a nutritious and balanced diet. The company uses real meat from various sources for its proteins, and all its products are safe for consumption. 

Although Weruva's U.S. headquarters are where their processing facilities are also located, this lowers the cost of their high-quality pet food. Even if their cat food is packed with natural fibers, pet owners looking for less expensive solutions will still find it more pricey.

iams cat food for ragdolls

Iams was established in 1946 by Paul Iams, an Ohio native, and self-taught animal dietitian. Iams used to make and sell high-fat, high-protein dog food, and later the company moved into cat food.

In 1999, Procter & Gamble (P&G) bought the company, allowing Iams cat food to be sold in 70 different nations worldwide. Iams has manufacturing facilities in other states: Nebraska, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Iams asserts that their program for guaranteeing food safety is among the strictest in the sector and goes above and above what is required by the F.D.A. and USDA. The company also states that it received top grades from the American Institute of Baking, a recognized certification agency for the human food market.

Iams emphasizes personalized cat nutrition and asserts that its formulations were created for cats of specific ages and activity levels.

Even though the company sells excellent cat food, there have been a few recalls, which may cause people to question.

Why Would You Choose Iams ProActive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food?

For cats, Iams ProActive Health kitten food is specially formulated to provide essential nutrients for healthy muscle development. It includes real poultry meat, which supplies the necessary amino acids for building strong bones and teeth. Additionally, it has prebiotics and fiber that aid in better digestion and nutrient absorption for your cat.

Furthermore, this cat feed is a good source of nutrients, including different vitamins and minerals that support cell regeneration and sensory development. and vitamin E have been added to the recipe to assist brain growth and boost your kitten's immune system. To ensure that your kitten enjoys each meal, all of this is contained in small, readily chewable kibble.


  • Kitten specific formula
  • Enriched with nutrients and vitamins
  • Real chicken is the primary ingredient
  • D.A. and USDA-certified product
  • Reasonable price


  • The product contains chicken byproducts as well


In conclusion, Iams Proactive Health may be the best option for your ragdoll kitten if you want to provide high-quality, moderately priced food. Even with a few recalls, Iams never ceases to astound cat owners with their great quality food. This Iams cat food is made for indoor cats and contains a few extra ingredients to help with better wellness.

blue buffalo cat food for ragdolls

Bill Bishop invented Blue Buffalo in 2002. The business, named Blue after Bishop's 9-year-old Airedale terrier, was all set to dominate the expanding organic pet food market. They initially started as a dog food company but later excelled in cat food.

The business has manufacturing plants in Richmond, Indiana, and Joplin, Missouri.

Blue Buffalo's products all adhere to a natural design, but it doesn't mean there isn't a wide range of options. There are six different cat food and kitten food lines from Blue Buffalo.

The cat food brand Blue Buffalo is well-known and adored. They truly shine in terms of cost and variety. However, the only complaint regarding this food brand is that they rely heavily on plant matter for their products, which is why they are reasonably priced.

Why Choose Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food?

This dry cat food recipe of blue buffalo combines tasty, pure chicken as the primary ingredient and high-quality nutrients can stay content about serving your feline buddy this food as it has no gluten-containing grains.

In addition, to better serve the nutritional requirements of indoor ragdoll cats, this grain-free cat food has organic fiber sources to support digestive health and properly regulated calorie quantities to support healthy body weight maintenance.

This formula contains BLUE's proprietary LifeSource Bits, a specific mix of immune system-supporting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals chosen by veterinarians and pet dietitians. They used only the best natural ingredients supplemented with vitamins and minerals to make BLUE dry cat chow.

And best of all, it never contains byproducts meals as chicken (or poultry), corn, wheat, soy, or dairy products. However, the major issue with this cat food is a little overpricing and having plant matter.


  • Indoor cats specific formula
  • Provide a good balance of nutrients and calories
  • Real chicken is the primary ingredient
  • No chicken by product


  • The price is high for the 5 pounds bag


Nothing compares to BLUE Freedom for cat parents who want to feed their animal friends a diet free of grains. It is free of grains and gluten that some cats may be allergic to. Blue Buffalo's nutrient-dense recipes give cats a healthy coat, heart, digestion, and vision despite lacking the best recall track history.

Although Smalls is a bit new to the cat food market, they have already secured a decent place among cat parents and cats. What was started in 2017 by two business people from New York is now the trademark of quality cat food.

The Smalls cat food company offers fresh and freeze-dried varieties of human-grade cat food. All Smalls' goods are "human-grade," which means they were prepared in a kitchen that used only USDA-approved ingredients to make food for people. These components are sustainably sourced from the U.S. and Canada.

Moreover, pet nutritionists are a major player in creating fresh and freeze-dried raw recipes. All the recipes of Smalls are healthful, balanced nutritionally, and AAFCO-aligned, which makes them best for your Ragdoll.

To ensure that its dishes' nutritional content is suitable, the company also performs routine spot checks.

Why Choose Smalls Fresh Cat Food?

Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Cat Food is a high-end option for fresh cat food. The company uses High-quality, all-natural components to create its premium products. And best of all, they cook everything fresh and deliver it to your home frozen.

Besides using human-grade ingredients in the cat food, Smalls uses a gentle cooking method, which helps preserve more of the nutritious worth of the raw materials. Moreover, they don't use additives, byproducts, or artificial ingredients in their recipes, so you don't have to be concerned about inferior ingredients destroying your Ragdoll's stomach.

They offer four meat options for fresh food: turkey, chicken, fish, and beef.However, Alaska Pollack is the main ingredient in the Smalls Fresh ground fish formula and includes additional protein derived from mackerel.

Salmon, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contains lots of protein, is one of the main components of this recipe. Other important components include peas, green beans, and parsley.

The most well-balanced food for your Ragdoll is healthy, clean, and nutrient-dense.


  • Human-grade wet food
  • Provide balanced nutrition for the indoor cats
  • Low carbohydrate content and high protein
  • Comes in four different meat options
  • Cats love the taste of this food


  • They only send products to the subscribers
  • The Smalls cat food products are on the expensive end


Ultimately, Smalls offers an excellent range of foods and meal programs that honor the needs of your ragdoll cat. Few foods on the market have the same level of mineral and vitamin combination for cats, with excellent ingredient quality and production regulations.

The velvety, rich feel of their freshly prepared dishes made to human standards will appeal to most cats, including picky eaters. To get the most out of Smalls, you must remember that it is a subscription service. You automatically sign up for recurring meal deliveries when you place your order.

natural balance limited ingredients cat food

After discussing their shared passion for animals, artists Dick Van Patten and Joey Herrick founded Natural Balance Pet Foods in 1989. Natural Balance purchases its ingredients from the US, France, India, New Zealand, and Canada, among other countries.

Their food is produced in the U.S. by several factories, one of which is owned by the corporation and located in Topeka, Kansas. Regarding the manufacturing standards they adhere to, they are quite open. This company tests its products in independent ISO 17025 recognized labs and provides clients with the "Feed With Confidence" guarantee.

Cat food from Natural Balance is available in various wet and dry forms, namely pouches, tubs, and cans. The protein sources employed in Natural Balance foods are very diverse. The protein options offered by Natural Balance include fish, chicken, venison, lamb, bison, buffalo, and duck.

Parents of cats with food intolerances and sensitivities frequently choose Natural Balance since the company offers a wide variety of limited ingredient diets.

Why Choose Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Duck Formula Grain-Free Dry Cat Food?

Deficiencies and poor digestion might affect sensitive ragdoll cats. However, a diet with fewer ingredients, such as Natural Balance Pea & Duck Formula, can aid in improved food digestion and promote greater activity in your cat.

Green peas and duck, which have high nutritional content and are easily digested, make up most of the recipe. However, some of you might give this food a second thought as it contains pea protein, making it a portion of plant-heavy cat food.

In addition, cat food provides omega-6 fatty acids to enhance your Ragdoll's skin and coat condition. This diet also offers various essential nutrients necessary for maintaining a healthy heart and vision health, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and taurine. Furthermore, this recipe is free of additives, wheat, and other solid foods that can cause allergies. 


  • Works best for ragdolls with sensitive stomachs
  • Salmon oil provides plenty of omega-3 fatty acids
  • No fillers and additives, natural diet
  • Reasonably priced


  • The plant-based protein content is high


Natural Balance offers a wide variety of diets with limited ingredients, making it a viable option for certain cats that have trouble digesting nearly everything they're given. The Buy With Confidence pledge offers reassurance for those worried about food safety, yet Natural Balance foods use plants as a source of protein.

What are the various feeding options for my Ragdoll Cat?

Ragdolls are obligate carnivores, the same as other felines, and require a lot of meat and animal protein to flourish.

All amino acids, notably taurine, must be obtained from protein for cats to survive. Many types of cat food advertise high quantities of protein yet employ plant protein, which is hard to process, as a significant source. Pick food that contains a lot of animal protein. 

ragdoll sitting

An obligate carnivore is a term that is frequently misunderstood to suggest that your cats must only consume meat. Carbohydrates, especially dietary fibers, play an important role in your cat's health besides proteins and fats.  

Carbohydrate glucose is necessary for your cat's body because many of its organs, including the brain, are glucose-dependent. This is the sole reason why your cat's diet needs to have a very small quantity of carbohydrates. According to studies, properly prepared and cooked carbohydrates can be digested and absorbed by cats and prevent health issues. Since raw meats are poorly digestible, they shouldn't be supplied.

What To Avoid In Your Ragdoll's Diet?

ragdoll sitting calmly

The ideal choice for your Ragdoll is a premium cat food with natural protein, nutritious animal-based fats, and little to no carbs.

The following foods should not be included in your cat's diet:

  • Synthetic coloring, flavoring, and preservatives
  • Ingredients like corn, wheat, and soy that lack nutrition
  • Meat byproducts
  • Carbohydrate content that is high
  • Pulses and grains (like peas, beans, or chickpeas)

If you're feeding your Ragdoll only dry or canned food, you may be missing out on some important nutrients.

Every cat needs moisture as part of a balanced diet. Still, because Ragdolls are typically kept inside, most of their moisture consumption comes from their food instead of natural supplies). You can also supply hydration to your ragdolls by soaking dry food in water or broth.The Takeaway?

Taking care of a pet is not an easy task. You need to learn what your cat individually needs to stay healthy and strong by looking past its furry little face and pink nose. Moreover, petting a precious creature like a ragdoll needs even more attention to diet.

You need to find the perfect balance of calories and nutrition to give your indoor cats. You must thoroughly research the nutritional information and the ingredients listed on the back of the product to find what is best.

To assist you in selecting the best cat food with the right amount of calories for your feline buddy, Daily Cat Food is entirely committed to easing your workload. We are a group of experts in animal nutrition who have thoroughly investigated the many cat breeds, diets, genetics, anatomies, and life cycles.

We want to assist cat owners in identifying the top cat food brand that their cat needs, thanks to our extensive experience and understanding of cats and their health.

Our cat food guidelines include a variety of topics, such as cat food for hair loss, shedding, bad teeth, vomiting cats, diabetic cats, constipation, Maine coon, feral cats, and more. 

Visit our website for our honest cat food reviews and other useful cat nutrition advice.

Common FAQs

Q1. Is there any special kind of diet for Ragdolls?

Ans. Any high quality cat foods made from real meat and veggies should be enough. Ragdoll cats may be more susceptible to dehydration and hairballs as indoor-only pets due to the absence of water in most conventional foods. For the diet of your Ragdoll, think about fresh, canned, or raw foods.

Q2. Do Ragdolls Eat a Lot?

Ans. Male adult Ragdolls require about 350 calories per day, while females may manage with 250. Your cat must eat protein to keep healthy because cats are obligate carnivores and should derive their nutrition from animal protein. Your Ragdoll don't want to overeat if they consume healthy and protein-rich food.

Q3. Should You Feed a Ragdoll Dry or Wet Food Diet?

Ans. You may feed them with both wet and dry food as it will give them benefit of both the diets. You might think about moving to a wet diet if your cat is a sluggish drinker, but if water is not an issue, you can give a purely dry diet.

Q4. Do Ragdoll Cats Live Indoors?

Ans. Ragdolls are unquestionably an indoor species. They are relatively burrowing owls with a very laid-back disposition. Ragdolls shouldn't be left unattended since they are powerless to defend themselves from any potential danger.

Q5. What are the various food options that I can provide to my Ragdoll Kitten?

Ans. We would like to suggest that you should check with your veterinarian for your kitten's food. Having said that, when you take your newborn Ragdoll kitten home, you must follow the breeder's recommendations because the kitten was fed a particular diet while in the breeder's care. Once your kitten has adapted to its new place, keep it nourished following the breeder's feeding regimen. A kitten that has been nursed no longer needs milk and may risk illness from milk consumption.

Q6. What are the other ways to Introduce new Foods to Your Ragdoll?

Ans. Providing new food for cats can be difficult, but it's crucial to do it gradually over about a week or two to avoid bowel problems and diarrhea. To begin with, mixing a little bit of the new meal with his normal food can be done progressively as time goes on. Soon, your Ragdoll cat will adore a variety of fresh flavors, so be calm!

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